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Web development with Python is prominent because of the quick development of web applications using Django. The training will let you learn learn to get up and running with Django and you will walk through creating a brand-new Django project, defining a data model and fields, querying the database, and using the framework's built-in URL handlers, views, and templates to structure the rest of the back end. Django training at Codegnan will help you learn valuable skills to build your resume or advance in your existing job. Web Development with Python Certification

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Codegnan Certification for Django

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Django training is ideal for all those who have some basic programming knowledge. The web development training will help all those web developers looking to expand their current set of skills, for those pursuing to be a web developer and even those who wish to change their career path. As web development with Python is on the rise, and this field is booming, many people are opting to change their profession to achieve more success. With Natural Language Processing, you can become a Data Scientist, Natural Language Journalist, Machine Learning Consultant, Artificial Intelligence expert, Software Engineer, Business intelligence Professional, or much more.

Web Development With Python Certification Overview

Web development with Python and Django training prepares you for all that you need to develop web applications from scratch to the finish in the least possible time. The training is ideal for all those who have foundation-level knowledge of programming. We’ll walk through the concepts from installation of Python, selection and looping statements, OOPs, installation of Django, Django models, forms, CRUD application, Django REST framework, Django deployment on the cloud, Django DIV application, etc. As web development with Python is on the rise, and this field is booming, many people are opting to change their profession to achieve more success.

Web Development With Python Certification Curriculum
  • Introduction to Architecture
  • Introduction to Web Development with Python
  • Using pip 
  • Creating a Virtual Environment 
  • Activating Virtual Environment 
  • Starting Django project 
  • Creating an app 
  • Django Project Structure and File Structure
  • Creating a setup in settings.py
  • What is a route?
  • HttpRequest and HttpResponse in Django
  • Building a normal route with HttpResponse
  • What is a Dynamic routing?
  • Dynamic url building


Hands on: Creting virtual environment and Django packages installation.

Creating an Project and application using Django. Creating the routes and Dynamic routes for different functions using views.py and urls.py.

  • What is ORM? Why we need ORM?
  • Different Model Fields 
  • Giving tables created in models in admin.py
  • Making migrations 
  • Creating a superuser

Django into to jinja

Rendering Html pages with render using request or response in function.

Integrating Css with Django

More about url usage in jinja

  • More on render and its syntax
  • Jinja2 outputing values in template
  • Introduction to jinja inheritance
  • Defining inheritance blocks using jinja2
  • Inheriting parent contents and child template with jinja ‘extends’
  • Introduction to jinja2 statements
  • If statement in jinja2
  • Nested if, if else statements
  • For loop in jinja2

Hands on:Experince on ORM in Django.Render Dynamic web pages and Linking block content to one page to another page by performing conditional statements in jinja2.

  • Using Django Inbuilt Forms in forms.py
  • Using views and bringing forms to templates
  • Form rendering options usage in templates 
  • Introduction to django request object
  • Request handling in Django
  • How to use request handling in forms
  • Using forms to send data given by user
  • Using POST METHOD AND GET METHOD using request.method and form validation.
  • Saving the form in views
  • What is sessions
  • Enabling sessions
  • Using sessions
  • Saving session data
  • Using Django packages.org bringing the registration system to your project
  • Changing the settings.py by giving the email authentication details
  • Using sessions if statement in login and linking registration system for login and logout.


Hands on: Using Forms and real experience on User authentication and Permissions in Django. Experience the Custom Authentication with Email in Django.

1. Models
2. In-built Model Fields
3. External Model-Fields
4. Custom Model-Fields
5. Models API for queries

User be able to deploy every project in Amazon Web Services

Capstone Projects :

Admin Dashboard
  • Signup, Signin
  • Forgot Password
  • Add and Update Delete Items
  • Items Dashboard
  • Signin, Signup
  • Search bar
  • Shopping Cart
  • Detailed view items
  • Buy now
  • Paypal Payment Gateway Integration with Django
  • Order Section
  • User Signup
  • Admin Panel
  • Dashboard
  • Rooms and Booking Management
  • User Handling
  • Room and Booking Search
  • Notification App
  • User Authentication
  • Dashboard
  • Create New Leads
  • Change and Delete Leads
  • Convert Leads to Clients
  • Change and Delete Clients
  • Implement Solution For Teams
  • Implement Payment Solution/Monthly Recurring Payments

Admin Dashboard

  • User Authentication
  • View Blogs Written By Community
  • Admin Panel
  • Write your own Blog by creating an account
  • View Update your profile
  • Upload Profile Picture
Admin Dashboard
  • Signup
  • Forgot Password
  • Add and Delete View Items
  • Signin Signup
  • Search Bar
  • Books management
  • Detailed view Status
  • Payment for Book
  • Order Section
1. Basic Syntax for variables
2. Datatypes
3. Indentation
4. If-Else conditional statements
1. If-Else conditional statements
2. For
3. While loops
1. Functions
2. Lambda
3. Sorting
4. Errors and Exceptions
5. Custom Module
1. Decorators
2. Database Connection (sqlite3, mysql, postgres)
3. OOPs (objects and classes)
1. Usage of pip for package installation
2. Virtual Environment
3. Creating Base Project
4. Django Web Server
1. MTV Controller
2. Bare Bones WebApp
3. Homepage
1. Mapping URLs and Routing
2. Simple Views using HTTP Request
3. HTTP Response
2. CSS
1. Template Settings
2. Rendering
3. Base Directory
4. Static Files, Extensions
5. Template Inheritation
6. Template Tags
1. Models
2. In-built Model Fields
3. External Model-Fields
4. Custom Model-Fields
5. Models API for queries
1. Models
2. In-built Model Fields
3. External Model-Fields
4. Custom Model-Fields
5. Models API for queries
1. Basic Forms
2. Model Forms
3. Multiple Forms
4. Forms API
1. Basic Forms
2. Model Forms
3. Multiple Forms
4. Forms API
1. Using In-built Views and Django Template Language
1. Email
2. Like Button
3. Notifications
1. API
2. Serialization
3. Deserialization
Introduction & Installation of git, Pythonanywhere/ Heroku
Usage of External Libraries, Final hands-on web-app
Web Development With Python Certification Objective

The objective of web development is to create functional, user-friendly, and visually appealing websites or web applications that meet specific goals and requirements. Web development aims to implement specific features and functionalities that cater to the needs of the target audience.

Why Web Development With Python Certification Is Required?
Wide reach: The internet has a global reach, allowing web developers to create applications and websites that can be accessed by users worldwide. This accessibility makes it easier for users to interact with your content or services on their preferred devices.

Learn the best from the alumni of premium companies

Web Development with Python Certification Trainer/s



10 Years Experience in Data Science, Certified Azure Data Scientist – Founder & CEO of CODEGNAN IT SOLUTIONS

A Tech-expert with a 10-year industrial experience with 360-degree expertise in Python, Data Analysis, Big Data, Machine Learning and NLP, Data Science Consultant for Andhra Pradesh State Skill Development Corporation(APSSDC) and also BOS Member for P.B.Siddhartha College of Arts and Sciences, Vijayawada and KITS Warangal(M.Tech-Data Science). Highly appreciated for his great interest in helping, he always believes in a practical approach to different real-time industrial problems which helps students reach their true potential and scale towards greater heights. Believing in Problem-based teaching pedagogies, he left his job as a data engineer in Malaysia and came back to the newly born state to fill voids between students and the industry

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Questions Generally
Asked About Selection Procedure

Some preferable knowledge of Python is required. If you don’t know Python, then you can get our Python training first.
The future of Django is good. Django probably fits into the needs of a developer both from a goal setting and cultural point of view. Django is in fact a great open source framework written in Python language that is time tested. The growth of Django development can be successfully seen in industries like Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Statistics and Analysis, Big Data. Networking, and so on.
After the successful completion of your Django Certification Course, you will be a Django Python developer in a real manner and a quick job is what you need the most.
The web development with Python-based Django covers all aspects of web development. The web development training ensures that the candidates are ready for professional web development in leading IT organizations. Django training covers detailed aspects of all programming related aspects.
1. Web Development
2. The most demanding job
3. Multiple job titles
4. High standard application process
5. Daily refreshing projects
6. Versatile use of Data Science
7. A prestigious job
8. Trending field of Artificial Intelligence
9. Make smarter products And much more…Education at Codegnan will assure you the ability to code application by the end of the Django development training.
You will get 24*7 support and lifetime access to the LMS where course material like presentations, installation guides & class recordings are available.
Web development using Python training will be conducted online. No need to pay for hotel rooms or sitting places, you can take this training in an easy online mode. You can start the training immediately after you are sure about your joining.
Aspirants who have the urge to learn web development using Python or Django framework can avail of this opportunity. Other than this – Entrepreneurs, Designopreneurs, Students, web design/development aspirants, Looking to build their own business may join the training.
Currently, the mode of training is online. After the successful registration, you will be provided an URL that you can use to access the online training module/lecture.
The sessions will be recorded and can be accessed anytime and anywhere when you want and any number of times.
You get lifetime access to all the course material you’re provided. You can use them any time as per your convenience, any number of times.
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