Data Structures and Algorithms course training in Vijayawada

Data structures and algorithms are the foundation of computer science. Whether you are trying to accomplish basic tasks like searching, sorting, and graph traversals or more advanced concepts, you have to have knowledge of these. 

If you are looking for a comprehensive C and Data Structures course in Vijayawada, you have come to the right place.

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Become a Data Structures and Algorithms developer

Talk to our expert Data Structures and Algorithms  mentors and learn how our training programs in Vijayawada can help you become a Data structures and algorithms  developer and get a high-paying job.

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Data Structure course overview in Vijayawada


As mentioned earlier, data sources and algorithms are the fundamentals of data science. Whether you plan to become a programmer, innovate scalable solutions, or open better scopes in your coding job, you need to have an understanding of these topics. 

This three-month-long data structure course in Vijayawada is designed to give you hands-on learning of basic programming through which you’ll be able to solve real-world problems. 

Here’s the course at a glance for you.

Career Scope for Data Structures Jobs in Vijayawada


In case you are skeptical about how a data structure course will benefit your career, here’s your answer. Knowing data structures and algorithms can help you land jobs in the role of data scientist, and here are some benefits of it. 

1. In-demand job

Data science-related jobs are considered to be highly sought-after. Most companies these days believe in making data-driven decisions, for which data scientists are crucial.


2. Higher than average salary

Since the demand for data scientists is higher than the available candidates, the pay for the data scientist role is higher than average.  After completing data structures and algorithms salary for beginners can be anywhere between ₹ 3.6 to ₹25 LPA.


3. Great scope of improvement

Data scientists can move into leadership roles and easily climb to the top of the corporate ladder. 


4. Variety in roles

There are multiple niched-down job roles under the term data scientist. For example, lead data scientist, decision scientist, data analyst, data architect, business intelligence analyst and many more.


Data Structures and Algorithms course Curriculum in Vijayawada

● Introduction to C 
● History of C 
● Features of C 
● Application Areas of C 
● Execution flow of c program 
● Other translators 
● Structure of C Program with Example 
● Keywords 

Hands-On – Installations of compilers, IDES.

● Tokens 
● identifiers 
● constants 
● variables 
● Data Types
● input and output functions 
● Qualifiers 
● Modifiers 
● Escape sequences

Hands-On -Execution of Basic Programs with different data types , i/o functions and other concepts. 

● Arithmetic operators 
● Relational operators 
● Logical operators 
● Assignment operators
● Increment & decrement operators 
● Conditional/ternary operator 
● Bitwise operator 
● Size of operator 
● Comma operator 
● Operators Precedence and Associativity 
● Expressions 
● Evaluation of Expressions 

Hands-On Execution of all types operators and explain how expressions are simplified . 

● Simple if 
● if..else 
● Nested if 
● if..else ladder 
● Switch..Case statement 

Hands-On -Observation of above control flow statements with following suitable Examples.

● While 
● For 
● Do..While 
● Goto Statement
● Break and Continue Statement 

Hands-On – usage of Control Structures with different scenarios.

● abs(int x) 
● floor() 
● ceil() 
● sqrt() 
● pow() 
● exp() 
● log() and etc…… 

Hands-On – practice various built in functions of Math Library. 

● Introduction to arrays 
● Types of arrays 
● 1d array 
● 2d array (matrix)
● find max element from array 
● find 2 max element from array 
● sort array elements by general approach 
● bubble sort 
● selection sort 
● insertion sort 
● searching an element 
● linear search 
● binary search 
● trace & difference of sum of 2 opposite diagonals. 
● Decimal to Binary conversion 
● Repeated element and count 
● Rotate the array elements k times(left & right)

Hands-On – Observation of sorting,searching and rotating array.

● String declaration and initialization 
string.h library 
● strlen(str) 
● strcpy(des_str,src_st r) 
● strcat(desc_str,src_str) 
● strrev(str) 
● strcmp(str1,str2) 
● strlwr() 
● strupr() 

● function types 
● built in functions 
● user defined functions 
● Recursive functions 
● call by value and call by reference

● auto 
● static
 ● extern 
● register 
Command Line Arguments const preprocessor directive statements 

Hands-On -Observes the storage classes Behaviour.

● Structure 
● Union 
● enum 
● typedef 

Hands-On – Observe the differences of Struct and Union with different examples. 

● Pointer types 
● Void Pointer 
● Null Pointer 
● Wild Pointer 
● Dangling Pointer 
● Array of Pointers 
● Pointer to Pointer

Hands-On -practice various pointer types.

● malloc() 
● calloc() 
● realloc() 
● free() 

Hands-On – usage of above functions.

● Concept of a file 
● Streams 
● Text File and Binary Files 
● Opening and Closing Files 
● File Input / Output Functions 
● Formatted Input-Output Functions 
● Character Input-Output Functions 

Hands-On -Working with different file modes and file related functions.

Hands-on : Project Implementation from scratch.  

  • Implementation of Stack using Arrays.
  • Implementation of Stack using Linked List
  • Implementation of Queue using Arrays
  • Implementation of Queue using Linked List
  • Implementation of Queue using Stack
  • Implementation of Circular Queue
  • Double Ended Queue
  • Min Heap
  • Max Heap
  • Types of Linked List
  • Insertion Operation.
  • Deletion Operation
  • Search Operation
  • Sorting Operation
  • Reverse Operation
  • Cloning a Linked List
  • Tree Traversals
  • Height and Depth of Tree
  • CBT and FBT
  • Insertion Operation
  • Deletion Operation
  • Search Operation
  • Problems on BST

Hands-On -Observes the storage classes Behaviour.

  • Dictionary
  • Prefix matching
  • Bit manipulation with Trie

Hands-on Implementation for every concept

  • Bubble Sort
  • Insertion Sort
  • Selection Sort
  • Shell Sort
  • Merge Sort
  • Quick Sort
  • Radix Sort
  • Linear Search
  • Binanry Search
  • Lower Bound and Upper Bound
  • Finding Frequency
  • Optimization Problems
  • Why Hashing
  • Hashing Techniques
  • Collision Resolution Techniques
  • Linear Probing
  • Quadratic Probing
  • Double Hashing
  • Rehashing
  • Two Pointer Techniques
  • Master’s Theorem
  • strlen(str)
  • strcpy(des_str,src_st r)
  • strcat (desc_str,src_str)
  • strrev(str)
  • ✔strcmp(str1,str2)
  • ✓strlwr()
  • strupr()
  • Syntax of Maps
  • Usages of Maps
  • Time Complexities
  • Syntax of Sets
  • Usages of Sets
  • Time Complexities

Hands-on Implementation for every concept

  • Memoization
  • Tabulation
  • Applications of Fibonacci

Hands-On -practice various pointer types.

  • Maximum Sub array sum
  • Non Adjacent Subsequence
  • Longest Increasing Subsequence
  • Definition of Graph
  • Graph Representation

Learning outcomes of our Data Science and Algorithms course in Vijayawada

Wondering what you will learn from Codegnan’s C & data structures and algorithms course? Here’s a glimpse of it.

Fundamentals of C language.

Basic concepts like Tokens, Constants, Variables, Data types, Escape sequences and so on.

All types of operators and how expressions are simplified.

Usage of control structures with different scenarios.

Control/decision-making statements.

Performing the set operations in a program.

Hands-on practice of different Math Library and string.h Library.

Storage classes and their behaviour.

User-defined data types.

Become a Data Structures and Algorithms developer

Talk to our expert Data structures and algorithms  mentors and learn how our training programs in Vijayawada can help you become a Data structures and algorithms  developer and get a high-paying job.

Data Structures and Algorithms projects you will work on


Codegnan is all about practical learning and implementation. This is why, apart from the live project, you get assignments to work on for each of the modules. 

As for the live project, you will be working on a banking management system that uses functionalities like menu(), new acc(), view list(), and so on, which will help you get real-life working experience.

Who should take this Data Structures Training in Vijayawada?


If you are still in a dilemma about whether you are the right fit for this course or not, then this should answer your query. The course is suitable for:

  • Computer science students
  • Software developers
  • Web developers
  • Game developers
  • Data scientists and analysts
  • System administrators
  • Algorithm enthusiasts
  • Anyone interested in programming

Get Data Structures course Certification in Vijayawada


If you are looking to take a data structure course that provides certification and post-course placement support, then codegnan has brought everything you want and more. 

The course teaches you the basics of data structures and algorithms, so it is best suited for beginners who are trying to enter the field of data science. 

The certification is an added bonus that’ll help you prove your merit while applying for data science jobs.


Meet Your Data Structures and Algorithms course trainer


Babu Bulla

Meet our distinguished mentor, Babu Bulla, a seasoned professional with an illustrious background in the tech domain. Armed with an M.Tech and actively pursuing a Ph.D. in Intrusion Detection Systems using Machine Learning, he brings over 13 years of extensive teaching experience as a technical trainer.

Babu Bulla’s expertise extends across a spectrum of programming languages, notably C, Java, object-oriented programming, and data structures in ‘C.’ His commitment to empowering the next generation of programmers is evident through the guidance of 700 students who have benefitted from his rich insights and mentorship.

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Data Structures and Algorithm training fees in Vijayawada


The cost of data structures and algorithm training fees in Vijaywada is ₹ 30,000 for both online and offline courses. Which is very lucrative if you look at the value you are getting out of it. 

A good Data structures and algorithm course in India with lifelong resource support and job assistance can cost you lakhs. Whereas you get the same for just a fraction of the price. 

However, if it still seems out of budget, you can contact the helpline and check your eligibility for up to a 50% discount.

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+91 98887 58888


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Data Structures and Algorithm course in
Vijayawada FAQs


The course fee for the Data Structures and Algorithms course in Vijayawada is ₹30,000 for both online and offline courses. But eligible candidates can avail up to 50% discount on that price.

The course duration for the Data Structures and Algorithm course is 3 months.

Yes, you will receive an authorized certification upon completing the course. To get the certificate, you need to pass a test that we would arrange on our Coding and Hackerrank Platforms.  

Yes, you will have the option of choosing between offline (in-person) and online classes for the Data Structures and Algorithms course in Vijayawada. 

There are no such eligibility criteria for pursuing the course. However, we recommend this to postgraduates or students who are in their final semesters.

Yes, job assistance will be provided by codegnan upon successfully completing the course. But you can also opt for their 100-Day Job Accelerator Program (JAP), which so far has helped over 20,000 students get placed around the world.


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