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Whether you are a beginner or a professional who already has learned a few programming languages, you will agree that learning a new language is challenging. Understanding technicality of a new programming language requires the right guidance and helpful resources.

Codegnan helps you in all aspects by taking you closer to your dream job with one of our Python full stack training centres in Hyderabad.

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Become a Full Stack Python developer

Talk to our expert Python mentors and learn how our training programs in Hyderabad can help you become a full stack Python developer and get a high-paying job.

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Python course overview and key features


Python is considered among the prominent players in the era of the IT industry because of its usability in trending fields like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Data Science. If you are looking for a career transition in any of these technologies, getting your hands wet in Python is the ideal solution, and the first step towards career progression would be Python training.

Why learn Python in Hyderabad? Benefits and Career Scope


Here are some key reasons why should learn Python in Hyderabad, with a brief idea of the career scopes you can expect. 

Hyderabad ranks second just after Bangalore in terms of how many IT operating companies it is fostering.  The ITes and IT exports from Telangana have increased with a massive CAGR of 11.32% from FY 2013-14 to FY2021. Thus, it is evident that aligning your career path with this will be the right choice. 

Also, the salaries are also very good. Freshly graduated full-stack developers can expect to earn an average annual salary of ₹8.5 LPA. Which is on the higher end if we compare across India, just like the average salary of a software engineer, which is ₹7.4 LPA

1. Demanding careers

Learning Python is a first step towards the pioneer careers in the fields like Artificial Intelligence, Data Analytics, Data Science, Machine Learning, Web Development, etc.


2. Good start

Learning Python is easy because of its English-like syntax. This makes it easy to learn the basics of programming language within a shorter span.


3. Salary

Python developer salary in Hyderabad ranges between 1.8 LPA to 5.5 LPA. Whereas, the average annual salary of a Python developer is 3 Lakhs.



4. Job support

Expert-led learning with our industry-proven curriculum helps you create your portfolio to accelerate your career in the tech industry.


5. 1-on-1 mentorship

We understand that not everyone learns the best in a group setting and you might want the undivided attention of your mentor. So to solve that, we also provide 1-on-1 mentorship for you to get the maximum learning experience.


Python Full stack development Training curriculum in Hyderabad

• Introduction to programming
• R or Python?
• Why Python for Data Science?
• Different job roles with Python
• Different Python IDEs
• Downloading and setting up python environment
Hands-On – Installing Python – IDLE

• Python input and output operations.
• Comments
• Variables, rules for naming variables
• Basic Data Types in Python
• Typecasting in python
Hands-On – Using comments, variables, data types, and typecasting in python program

● Arithmetic operators
● Assignment operators
● Comparison operators
● Logical operators
● Identity operators
● Membership Operators
● Bitwise Operators
Hands-On – Working with different data types in a program

• Creating strings
• String formatting
• Indexing
• Slicing
• String methods
Hands-On – Performing string operations

● Creating lists
● Properties of lists
● List indexing
● List slicing
● List of lists
● List Methods
● Adding, Updating & removing elements from lists
Hands-On – Slicing, Indexing, and using methods on lists

• Syntax to create tuples
• Tuple properties
• Indexing on tuples
• Slicing on tuples
• Tuple methods
Hands-On – Working with tuples

• Syntax for creating sets
• Updating sets
• Set operations and methods
• Difference between sets, lists and tuples
Hands-On – Performing set operations in a program

• Syntax for creating Dictionaries
• Storing data in dictionaries
• Dictionaries keys and values
• Accessing the elements of dictionaries
• Dictionary methods
Hands-On – Creating dictionaries and using dictionaries methods

• Setting logic with conditional statements
• If statements
• If -else statements
• If-elif-else statements
Hands-On – Setting logic in programs using conditional statements

• Iterating with python loops
• while loop
• for loop
• range
• break
• continue
• pass
• enumerate
• zip
• assert
Hands-On – Iterating with loops in python

● Solving Level by Level Challenges
● Assignments to acquire Bronze and Silver Level badges

• Why List comprehension
• Syntax for list comprehension
• Syntax for dict comprehension
Hands-On – Using List and Dictionary comprehension

• What are Functions
• Modularity and code reusability
• Creating functions
• Calling functions
• Passing Arguments
• Positional Arguments
• Keyword Arguments
• Variable length arguments (*args)
• Variable Keyword length arguments (**kargs)
• Return keyword in python
• Passing function as argument
• Passing function in return
• Global and local variables
• Recursion
Hands-On – Creating our own functions,passing arguments and performing operations

• Lambda
• Lambda with filter
• Lambda with map
• Lambda with reduce
Hands-On – Working with lambda, filter,map and reduce in python

● Creating and using generators
Hands-On – Creating and using generators

• Creating modules
• Importing functions from different module
• Importing Variables from different modules
• Python builtin modules
Hands-On – Creating and importing Modules

• Creating packages
• Importing modules from package
• Different ways of importing modules and packages
• Working on Numpy,Pandas and Matplotlib
Hands-On – Creating and importing packages

• Syntax errors
• Logical errors
• Handling errors using try,except and finally
Hands-On – Handling Errors with try and except

• Creating classes & Objects
• Attributes and methods
• Understanding __init__ constructor method
• Class and instance attributes
• Different types of of methods
• Instance methods
• Class methods
• Static methods
• Inheritance
• Creating child and parent class
• Overriding parent methods
• The super() function
• Understanding Types of inheritance
• Single inheritance
• Multiple inheritance
• Multilevel inheritance
• Polymorphism
• Operator overloading
Hands-On – Creating classes, objects. Creating methods and attributes. Working with different methods. Using inheritance and polymorphism.

• date module
• time module
• datetime module
• time delta
• formatting date and time
• strftime()
• striptime()
Hands-On – working with date and time

• Understanding the use of regex
• re.search()
• re.compile()
• re.find()
• re.split()
• re.sub()
• Meta characters and their use
Hands-On – using a regular expression to search patterns

• Opening file
• Opening different file types
• Read,write,close files
• Opening files in different modes
Hands-On – Reading, Writing, Appending, opening and closing files.

• Installing BeautifulSoup
• Understanding web structures
• Chrome devtools
• request
• Scraping data from web using beautifulsoup
• scraping static websites
• Scraping dynamic websites using beautiful soup.
Hands-On – Scraping static and dynamic websites using beautifulsoup and selenium

● Accessing Database using sqlite3 and MySql
● Creating tables
● Insert Values
● Commit changes
● Query
● Update and Delete
Hands-on – Connecting and Querying the database

● Introduction to APIs
● Accessing Public APIs
Hands-on – Accessing Public Weather APIs and People in Space API

● Introduction to Python Web Framework Flask
● Installing Flask
● Working on GET, POST, PUT, METHODS using Python FlaskFramework
● Working on Templates, render_template function

Python full stack developer skills

By enrolling in the Python training program in Hyderabad, you take your first step in lightening up your career path in various fields like web development, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, etc. While pursuing the training, you get to work with data scientists to get insights into real-time data. That is how we prepare you for the top skills that a Python developer should possess.

Training outcomes:

  • Build an end-to-end project including deployment in cloud learner that helps you build a strong portfolio for 7 different job roles like Python developer, backend developer, etc.

Become a Python Full Stack developer

Talk to our expert Python mentors and learn how our training programs in Hyderabad can help you become a Full Stack Python developer and get a high-paying job.

Three Python Projects you will work on


At codegnan, we help students to get practical learning experience by integrating real-world Python projects in Hyderabad. Here are three primary Python projects that you will work on:

1. Fully Functional Ecommerce Application

Students will learn how to build a fully functional e-commerce application that has all the functionalities of top e-commerce platforms. Such as an admin dashboard, user dashboard, payment gateway, generating an invoice for an order, and an orders section.


2. Custom DevBlog Application

Learn how to build your own DevBlog application where users can sign up, sign in and out, reset passwords if they have forgotten, create, share, update, and delete blogs, search for blogs, and have social media integration.


3. Discussion Board Application

Create your very own discussion board application also known as a web- forum where virtual communities can have peer-to-peer discussions at any time. Apart from the basic user sign-up/ in and sign-out, learn how to add the feature of adding comments, replies, and share discussions.


Who is this Python Training classes for?


Codegnan provides complete assistance to Python learners and IT enthusiasts to enjoy programming like you play games on your phone. Sounds interesting, right? That’s how we teach our students to follow the path of professionalism and make them job-ready.

Python full stack developer training course in Hyderabad is for:

  • Final year students
  • Fresh graduates
  • Beginners who want to become Python professional
  • IT Professionals
  • Automation enthusiasts
  • Data Science enthusiasts

Python course certification in Hyderabad


To increase the chances of success in your career development in aspiring professions, we, at Codegnan, are committed to quality training models for all our training programs. We provide classroom blend training for both online and offline learners so that there is no barrier between you and your career.

By the end of this full-stack Python training with Codegnan, you’ll be heading home with Bronze and Silver Level Badges of HackerRank.

Once you complete your Python training with Codegnan, you become eligible for the Python certification exam through Microsoft. We have trained more than 30,000 students worldwide.


Meet your Python course trainers


Saketh Kallepu

Saketh Kallepu is a Data science professional in the IT field with a background in Computational Intelligence. Having 7+ years of experience in this field, he is an outstanding Data Science Mentor and trainer.

Saketh Kallepu believes, “Don’t work hard, just work with heart.” With this belief, he joined as Co-Founder, mentor, and trainer at Codegnan to change the education platform and build a new technical arena for passionate learners.

Sai Vardhan

As a Full Stack Python Trainer and Developer who is passionate about empowering learners and driving technical excellence. I deliver dynamic technical training sessions and create customized learning materials for diverse audiences, from students to professionals

With 4 years of experience as a Technical Trainer, I have worked with various clients such as Talentio, Bytexl, Pyramid, and Campus Connect, to provide company recruitment, product-based, and service-based training. I have developed and designed content and curriculum that reflect the latest industry trends and best practices, using various teaching methodologies and technologies. Some of my notable achievements include increasing the user retention rate by 25%, securing a large contract with a Fortune 500 company, and publishing multiple articles on Python and Full-Stack Development.

Full-stack Python course Fees in Hyderabad


The cost of overall Python Full Stack developer course training in Hyderabad is ₹50,000. We understand the effort of students, thus, as a token of motivation, we provide a discount on a first come first serve basis. Reserve your seat now!

Our students are placed in top tech companies such as Google, Amazon, nVidia, Accenture, Bosch, Deloitte, Sonata, and Bank of America. You can also be one of those!

Our other full-stack Python training location(s)

codegnan's other training courses in Hyderabad

Phone Number

+91 98887 48888


Kothwal Madhava Reddy Plaza, Beside Indian Oil Petrol Bunk, JNTUH Metro Station, Nizampet X Roads, Hyderabad - 500072

Python full stack certification in Hyderabad FAQs


The usability of Python has been increased in various domains, such as scientific computing, analytics, robotics, web development, data science, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and so on. The impact of Python has been particularly scrutinized in modern disciplines in the world of AI which makes it a must-know skill in today’s world.

You can enroll in Python training without having any basic understanding of programming or OOPs. In another sense, you particularly need no fundamentals to get started with Python programming.

Our Full stack python development training course will cost you ₹50,000 for students. However, we are currently running a special offer for students with a course fee of only ₹50,000.

After the completion of the Python training program, you will be awarded a training enrollment certification which is considered by organizations worldwide. Also, students/learners will be able to crack Hackerrank Certification in Python

In order to become a professional in any domain practice and portfolio are the secrets. Enrolling yourself in Python training alone cannot help in increasing your salary but it can help you choose an appropriate path towards your career growth. With practice, you become open to choose among various career paths like Data Scientist, Data Analyst, Gaming, Web Developer, Machine Learning Engineer, Software Engineer, etc.

A period of one month or 4 weeks is sufficient to learn the concepts of Python programming from fundamentals to advanced it is written in merely plain English.

Python has now become a prerequisite in the curriculum of sixth-grade students which makes clear that it is a go-to and beginner-friendly language to jump in. In contrast, Python is considered as a simple programming language because of its syntax and the pre-existing libraries. Therefore, if you are planning to learn Python as your first or second programming language, you should learn it carefree.

The course duration for our python full stack developer classroom training is 100 days with flexible timing options for students.

The training at Codegnan includes both online and offline classes. In addition to the modes of training, the classes are not recorded, rather, you are taught in person by various industry experts which clears your doubts right there in the classroom environment.


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