Best C Programming Language Course Training in Vijayawada

Codegnan offers C programming language training in Vijayawada, a 1-month beginner-friendly course. It covers fundamentals such as data types, control structures, arrays, functions, pointers, and file handling.

It includes hands-on coding, live project experience, certification, job assistance, and flexible online or offline learning options.

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Become a C Programming developer

Talk to our expert C Programming mentors and learn how our training programs in Vijayawada can help you become a C Programming developer and get a high-paying job.

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Overview and Key Features of C Language Training in Vijayawada


This C language training in Vijayawada is a beginner-friendly course that anyone can enrol on. You don’t have to have any prior knowledge of coding 

Besides that here are some factors that make this course worth your money.

1. Choose Between Offline or Online Classes

You can pick the way you want to learn, either in a physical classroom or from the comfort of your home via the Internet, making it flexible to fit your schedule and preferences.


2. Learn from IITans and Industry Experts

Get your knowledge directly from top-notch instructors who have strong academic backgrounds and real-world industry experience, ensuring you receive a high-quality education.


3. Placement Assistance

The course provides help in finding job opportunities, guiding you towards a successful career start once you've mastered C programming.


4. Work on Live Projects

Gain practical skills by working on real-world projects, allowing you to apply what you've learned in a hands-on way.


5. Receive Authorized Certification

At the end of the course, you'll get an official certificate that verifies your skills and can enhance your resume, making you more appealing to potential employers.


Career Scope and Job Opportunities in Vijayawada for C Language Programmers


The average salary of a C language programmer in Vijayawada is around ₹5.4 LPA. However, depending on various factors, it can range anywhere between 1.8 to ₹8.0 LPA. But besides the lucrative pay, C programming can also open doors for a range of job opportunities, like-

1. Software Developer Intern

Many companies offer internships for those with basic programming skills. If you are a fresh graduate with C programming knowledge, this can help you gain practical experience while working on real projects, and you can work your way up from there. 


2. Quality Assurance Tester

Entry-level QA roles involve testing software and ensuring it functions correctly. C language knowledge can be valuable for creating test scripts and understanding system-level issues.


3. Technical Support Specialist:

Basic programming skills can help in troubleshooting software and providing technical support to end-users.


4. Embedded Systems Intern

Basic programming knowledge can be an advantage in data analysis, where data manipulation and cleaning are essential skills.


5. Data Analyst Intern

 Some industries, like electronics or automotive, may hire interns with C language skills to work on embedded systems development.


6. System Administrator Assistant

Understanding C basics can help in managing and maintaining computer systems, especially in roles related to Linux and Unix environments.


7. Freelance Programme

As a fresh graduate, you can explore freelance opportunities to build simple software or offer programming services to clients.

Remember that the opportunities listed here are for beginners and non-IT people with just the knowledge gained from this C programming course. 

For those who are already into programming, learning C language will be a way of upskilling.

C Programming Course Curriculum in Vijayawada

● Introduction to C 
● History of C 
● Features of C 
● Application Areas of C 
● Execution flow of c program 
● Other translators 
● Structure of C Program with Example 
● Keywords 

Hands-On – Installations of compilers, IDES.

● Tokens 
● identifiers 
● constants 
● variables 
● Data Types
● input and output functions 
● Qualifiers 
● Modifiers 
● Escape sequences

Hands-On -Execution of Basic Programs with different data types , i/o functions and other concepts. 

● Arithmetic operators 
● Relational operators 
● Logical operators 
● Assignment operators
● Increment & decrement operators 
● Conditional/ternary operator 
● Bitwise operator 
● Size of operator 
● Comma operator 
● Operators Precedence and Associativity 
● Expressions 
● Evaluation of Expressions 

Hands-On Execution of all types operators and explain how expressions are simplified . 

● Simple if 
● if..else 
● Nested if 
● if..else ladder 
● Switch..Case statement 

Hands-On -Observation of above control flow statements with following suitable Examples.

● While 
● For 
● Do..While 
● Goto Statement
● Break and Continue Statement 

Hands-On – usage of Control Structures with different scenarios.

● abs(int x) 
● floor() 
● ceil() 
● sqrt() 
● pow() 
● exp() 
● log() and etc…… 

Hands-On – practice various built in functions of Math Library. 

● Introduction to arrays 
● Types of arrays 
● 1d array 
● 2d array (matrix)
● find max element from array 
● find 2 max element from array 
● sort array elements by general approach 
● bubble sort 
● selection sort 
● insertion sort 
● searching an element 
● linear search 
● binary search 
● trace & difference of sum of 2 opposite diagonals. 
● Decimal to Binary conversion 
● Repeated element and count 
● Rotate the array elements k times(left & right)

Hands-On – Observation of sorting,searching and rotating array.

● String declaration and initialization 
string.h library 
● strlen(str) 
● strcpy(des_str,src_st r) 
● strcat(desc_str,src_str) 
● strrev(str) 
● strcmp(str1,str2) 
● strlwr() 
● strupr() 

● function types 
● built in functions 
● user defined functions 
● Recursive functions 
● call by value and call by reference

● auto 
● static
 ● extern 
● register 
Command Line Arguments const preprocessor directive statements 

Hands-On -Observes the storage classes Behaviour.

● Structure 
● Union 
● enum 
● typedef 

Hands-On – Observe the differences of Struct and Union with different examples. 

● Pointer types 
● Void Pointer 
● Null Pointer 
● Wild Pointer 
● Dangling Pointer 
● Array of Pointers 
● Pointer to Pointer

Hands-On -practice various pointer types.

● malloc() 
● calloc() 
● realloc() 
● free() 

Hands-On – usage of above functions.

● Concept of a file 
● Streams 
● Text File and Binary Files 
● Opening and Closing Files 
● File Input / Output Functions 
● Formatted Input-Output Functions 
● Character Input-Output Functions 

Hands-On -Working with different file modes and file related functions.

Hands-on : Project Implementation from scratch.  

  • menu() – This function shows a menu or welcome screen that allows you to execute the various banking tasks listed below.
  • new acc() – Creates a new customer account using this function. It requests the customer’s name, date of birth, citizenship number, address, and phone number, among other personal and financial information.
  • view list() – Displays a list of items. This feature allows you to access the customer’s banking information, including the account number, name, address, and phone number supplied when the account was created.
  • edit() – This method has been used to update the address and phone number associated with a specific customer account.
  • transact() – This method allows you to deposit and withdraw funds from a specific client account.

Tools You Will Learn in this C Language Training

Students will get problem solving approach as we provide our own coding platform to crack any Competitive Coding Interview. Also, our students train on Hackerrank coding platform along with a real Project.

Become a C Programming developer

Talk to our expert C Programming mentors and learn how our training programs in Vijayawada can help you become a C Programming developer and get a high-paying job.

C Language Project you will work on


Yes, even in such a short span, codegnan won’t let you go away without testing your learnings on a live project.  For the C language course in Vijayawada, the project that you’ll be working on is building a banking management system. 

Under this project, you’ll learn how you can add functionalities like menu(), new acc(), view list(), edit(), and transact() to build a fully functioning banking management system.

Who Should Take this C Language Training?


You might feel hesitant if this course is the right fit for you or not. Then, don’t worry, let us break that down for you. Here are our audience profiles for better understanding. 

1. Any Graduate

Learning C can provide a fundamental understanding of computer programming, enabling you to explore various tech-related careers and potentially kickstart a new journey in technology. Plus, since there are no requirements of knowing coding any graduate can pursue this course as long as they are willing to learn.


2. Computer science engineers who are looking to shift roles

Acquiring C programming skills can open doors to diverse roles such as system administrators, cybersecurity specialists, or software quality assurance, enhancing career flexibility. So if you have proficiency in other programming languages and want to switch, this course will be of use to you.


3. Beginner developers/programmers

 C is an excellent starting point, as it lays a strong foundation for coding principles, making it easier to learn other programming languages and broadening job prospects.


4. IT professionals

Even if you work a no-code IT job understanding C can help you troubleshoot and maintain software and systems more effectively, boosting your problem-solving abilities and career advancement.


5. Anybody who takes an interest in the C Language

For enthusiasts, C offers a deep understanding of how computers work, making it an enjoyable and educational hobby with the potential to lead to personal coding projects or even career changes.


Get C Programming Course Completion Certification in Vijayawada


While there are hundreds if not thousands of C programming courses available online, they might not turn out to be the most credible ones. They can be good for learning a thing or two on your own, but neither are organized nor authorized. 

At codegnan you not only get organized learning from experts but you also get an authorised certification to prove your expertise in C programming language.


Meet Your C Programming Course Trainer


Babu Bulla

Meet our distinguished mentor, Babu Bulla, a seasoned professional with an illustrious background in the tech domain. Armed with an M.Tech and actively pursuing a Ph.D. in Intrusion Detection Systems using Machine Learning, he brings over 13 years of extensive teaching experience as a technical trainer.

Babu Bulla’s expertise extends across a spectrum of programming languages, notably C, Java, object-oriented programming, and data structures in ‘C.’ His commitment to empowering the next generation of programmers is evident through the guidance of 700 students who have benefitted from his rich insights and mentorship.

Codegnan Learners success

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C Language Training Course Fees in Vijayawada — Get 30% off


In India, the price of a C language training course can vary anywhere between ₹4000 to ₹60,000. And it is usually on the higher end if it is offline, comes with authorised certification, gives you lifetime access to the learning material and most importantly, has post-course job placement assistance. 

But at codegnan you get all that and more at just ₹5000 for both online and offline classes. Shocked? Then wait for the offer price. 

Eligible people can even avail of a 30% discount and get the course at only ₹3500. 

Phone Number

+91 98887 58888


40-5-19/16, Prasad Naidu Complex, P.B.Siddhartha Busstop, Moghalrajpuram, Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh 520010

C Language Training in Vijayawada FAQs


While the internet is filled with free resources for you to start learning, the best C language course is the one that has everything in an organised manner. Like codegnan’s C programming course is extremely beginner-friendly, where you only enrol and leave the planning and rest to the experts. Learn through live one-on-one expert sessions that ensure the best learning experience.

The course duration of codegnan’s C language programming course is 30 days.

You can start learning C programming at codegnan with almost no prerequisites. If you are a school graduate, you are eligible to enrol for this course.

Yes, you can learn C programming even in less time than that. codegnan’s C programming curriculum is designed in a way that can help any beginner learn C programming in 30 days. 

The fee to learn C language in Viajawada at codegnan is only ₹5000 for both online and offline classes. But with a discount, you can get for even cheaper at ₹3500.

Yes C language programming is good for freshers due to its easy nature. This is why even if you don’t have any prior coding experience learning C programming language will not be very difficult.

Upon completion of the course, you will get an authorized certification from codegnan.

After a C language training from codegnan you expect to land a job in roles like software developer, web developer, database administrator, network administrator, system administrator and so on.

Yes, codegnan does offer both online and offline classes for C language training in Vijayawada. Apart from Vijayawada, their offline classes are also available in Banglore and Hyderabad, but their online classes are available globally.

So whether you are from those regions or someplace else, you can access this course.

We will assist you in case of any queries, even after the completion of your Java online training. You are always welcome to reach through our customer care number or email us your query. We would love to assist you.

You will get 24*7 support and lifetime access to the LMS, where course material like presentations, installation guides & class recordings are available. Email support will always be there to clear your doubts. 


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