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Codegnan is a leading IT training institute in india, trusted by 24,000+ students and rated as 4.8/5 by more than 2,100 students. At codegnan, we not only focus on delivering quality education and practical learning to our students but also help them get placed in jobs or internships.

In fact, there are 1250+ companies (including Google, Bosch, nvidia, etc.) have hired codegnan learners.

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1250+ Companies Have Hired Codegnan Learners


To ensure providing the best IT classes and training programs, codegnan have mentors and trainers from the alumni of world’s tech companies and universities such as IIT Delhi, Stanford university, IIT Bombay, Google, Amazon, Microsoft and many more.

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Sairam Uppugundla is the founder and CEO of codegnan, started in 2018. As the proud CEO of Codegnan, his mission is to build a strong foundation for young minds to unlock their true potential and contribute to the future of tech career.

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Notable councils & associations, as an empowering community of individuals who strive to create fulfilling careers. We thrive in an environment that inspires growth and cultivates success, deriving immense satisfaction from your achievements. Together, we impact the communities we serve, igniting positive change wherever we go.


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