Best React JS Training Course in Vijayawada

The React JS course in Vijayawada is designed meticulously for learners who want to learn how to design complex components. With React JS, you can create a single-page application, build a simple UI, or work on both front-end and back-end and level up your technical skills. This is not a surprise that the demand for React JS has been multiplying in recent years.

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Become a React JS developer

Talk to our expert React JS mentors and learn how our training programs in Vijayawada can help you become a React JS developer and get a high-paying job.

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React JS course overview and key features


Codegnan It Solutions is the best place to learn Java course in Vijayawada. This course aims to train students from basic concepts to advanced concepts.

By learning our Java full stack course, you will master key concepts like Core Java, J2EE, along with popular frameworks like Hibernate, Spring, and Reactjs. Currently, there are many active job openings for Java.

The world’s best companies are looking for certified Java professionals. Enroll in our best Java Training in Vijayawada and learn real-time application scenarios.


Codegnan IT Solutions is one of the best Java training institutes in Vijayawada, which provides both theoretical and practical knowledge through training on live projects and a dedicated placement cell for all of our students. The course curriculum is designed in such a way that every student gets an in-depth understanding of Java, covering all modules from fundamental to advanced levels.

This training is conducted by industrial experts with more than 8 years of experience in handling live projects. We have well-experienced trainers and provide both offline and online training classes to students, which enables them to handle any difficulties they may face when entering the IT sector.

Additionally, we provide training with placement solutions to our students, and our placement team schedules drives and conducts mock interviews during the training to help with career opportunities. We have already kept a moderate training fee to support students coming from all sections of society.

Top highlights

Why learn React JS in Vijayawada? Benefits and Career Scope


React JS follows a declarative statement structure which makes it easy to develop web applications and there is no margin for human error. Likewise other apps, React is device device-friendly framework that follows the learn once, write anywhere approach. With such capabilities, the web apps that are designed using React are SEO-friendly. Yes! Google crawler welcomes React-based apps as they are easy to crawl.

Training highlights

1. Demanding careers

 Learning React JS is a first step towards pioneer careers like web developer, UI/IUX developer, UI/UX designer, full stack developer, etc.


2. 1-on-1 mentorship

When in doubt, you have access to your mentor until you achieve your career aspirations.


3. Good start

React JS saves development time and helps you publish your apps faster. This facilitates learning React JS fundamentals in a shorter amount of time.


4. Job types availability

As a React developer, you'll create interactive UI components, predict and debug code, and optimize efficiency with JSX. For MERN developers, mastering MongoDB, Express, React, and Node opens doors to full-stack expertise, including architecture design, API creation, and data security.


5. Salary

With React JS, you increase your earning power. The React JS developer's salary in Vijayawada ranges between 2.5 LPA to 5.8 LPA. Whereas, the average annual salary of a React JS developer is 3 Lakhs.


6. Job support

Expert-led learning with our industry-proven curriculum helps you create your portfolio to accelerate your career in the tech industry.


React JS Training course curriculum in Vijayawada

1. Overview of ReactJs
2. Scope of ReactJs
3. Props & Cons of ReactJs
1. Regarding Nodejs
2. Npm and Setting Environment for ReactJS projects.
1. Types of Components Functional
2. Class Components & difference between those two components.
1. What is a state
2. How to use state
3. What’s the role of the state in ReactJs projects.
1. What are props
2. Props validation
3. Passing data to multiple components
Types of lifecycle methods in ReactJs.
1. Form validation
2. Preventing data submission while page refresh also.
Using refs concept for pausing and playing videos in ReactJs.
1. How to store data in one order
2. How to pass data in a loop using ES6 concepts.
Connecting from one page to other pages to react without using a tag.
Using Flux and the difference between the flux and normal MVC.
How to use Redux in ReactJs.using of react-redux package.
1. Connecting the front-end ReactJs application with server like Express.js
2. Firebase
3. MySql.

React JS skills covered in Vijayawada

By enrolling yourself in the React JS training program in Vijayawada, you create your ladder. The members of our team will help you get all of your course-related questions answered. Additionally, you will gain full access to all of the course materials for React, which will be very helpful for going over particular subjects. We do this to get you ready for the most crucial skills that a React JS developer must possess.

Learning outcome of this React JS course training:

Understand the fundamentals of ReactJS and its role in web development.

Set up a ReactJS development environment efficiently.

Create and manage ReactJS components to build dynamic web applications.

Grasp the concept of state in React and use it to manage component data.

Effectively pass and handle props between React components.

Gain insight into the lifecycle of React components for better control and optimization.

Develop forms and handle events in React applications.

Utilize React refs and fragments for fine-grained control over the DOM.

Master the concepts of lists and keys in React to efficiently render dynamic data.

Implement routing in React applications using React Router.

Understand the Flux architecture pattern and its role in React application development.

Learn the principles of Redux and apply it to manage the state in complex React applications.

Connect ReactJS applications to databases, enabling data storage and retrieval.

Become a React JS developer

Talk to our expert React JS mentors and learn how our training programs in Vijayawada can help you become a React JS developer and get a high-paying job.

React JS Projects you will work on


We promise professionalism and expertise to you after the completion of the React JS training. An individual who is looking forward to career choices such as front-end developer, full stack developer, or web developer must learn and develop projects such as a ToDo list app, a chatting app, a react-based form, and many more. After making changes, try to create your own React applications, which you can then showcase in your portfolio.

Who is this React JS training classes for?


Learners of React JS and IT enthusiasts can enjoy programming in the same way that you enjoy playing video games on your phone with the help of Codegnan. Sounds intriguing, doesn’t it? In this way, we prepare our students for the workforce by teaching them to walk the professional path.

React JS training training in Vijayawada is for:

  • Final year students
  • Fresh graduates
  • Beginners who want to become React JS professional
  • IT Professionals
  • Automation enthusiasts
  • Data Science enthusiasts

React JS course certification in Vijayawada


All of the fundamental React JS concepts are covered in this course. You will work on a number of industry-based projects in this certification program to help you obtain practical experience. By assisting you with the preparation of your resume and holding multiple practice interviews, Codegnan strives to prepare you for the workforce.

Additionally, after completing all of the tasks and projects, you will receive a React training completion certificate from Codegnan, which is recognized by multinational companies worldwide.


Meet Your React JS course Trainer


Ravi Siva Ram Teja Nagulavancha

Ravi Siva Ram Teja is a seasoned IT professional with a computer science background and over 4+ years of experience in this domain.

He is committed to extending his knowledge and enhancing his expertise through continuous learning. In addition, using creative thinking, he educated more than a thousand people on frontend and backend technologies.

Beyond everything, his primary talents lie in his skills in MERN Stack, HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, JavaScript, MySQL, and other programming languages and frameworks.

Codegnan Learners success

1250+ Companies Have Hired Codegnan Learners


React JS course fees in Vijayawada


The cost of overall React JS training in Vijayawada with a job accelerated program is ₹10,000. We understand the effort of students, thus, as a token of motivation, we are offering our React JS training only for ₹7,999 for a limited time.

Phone Number

+91 98887 58888


40-5-19/16, Prasad Naidu Complex, P.B.Siddhartha Busstop, Moghalrajpuram, Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh 520010

React JS certification course in Vijayawada FAQs


React JS is the most loved JavaScript library used by developers worldwide. With React JS, you can create cross-platform applications that are consistent in behavior, easy to test, and deploy. This means React JS opens up thousands of jobs in the market.

Apart from the libraries of React JS, it is worth investing your time because you will ultimately be getting a 6-figure salary as a web developer.

In order to enroll for React JS training, you should know the fundamentals of web programming including HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. You do not need to be an expert in implementing these concepts but familiarity will help.

The Reach JS course fee at codegnan starts from ₹10,000 whether you choose online or offline training classes(currently the course is priced at only ₹7,999) for a limited time. Contact our experts or fill in the above form to get discount as a student.

Once you complete your React JS training with Codegnan, you get training enrollment certification by Codegnan which is recognized by MNCs worldwide.

In short, yes! Codegnan has a job assurance program that helps you accelerate your career in software. Our 3000+ students are placed in top MNCs till date with the highest salary package of 18.2 LPA and an average salary package of 3-5 LPA.

With the prerequisites clear and an understanding of the core concepts of React JS will help you with one of the following career paths:

  • JavaScript Developer 
  • UI/UX Developer
  • Web Developer
  • Software Developer
  • Developers upgrading from Angular, Vue, and other similar UI JavaScript Frameworks

React JS is a collection and usage of JavaScript libraries. Also, React JS is a beginner-friendly language to jump in.

The course duration for our React JS course training program is 1 month. Also, you can choose your preferred timing to attend the live classes or visit our classroom facility in Vijayawada.

Yes, codegnan provides online and offline React JS training in Vijayawada. Contact our experts to book your timing.

We’ll be providing an approx. 10% discount on the courses. You can check discounts and other offers from our student counselors. Kindly request for the call back by filling our contact us form or simply drop us an email. We’ll get back to you within 24 hours of the span.

We will assist you in case of any queries, even after the completion of your Java online training. You are always welcome to reach through our customer care number or email us your query. We would love to assist you.

You will get 24*7 support and lifetime access to the LMS, where course material like presentations, installation guides & class recordings are available. Email support will always be there to clear your doubts.


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