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Codegnan’s IT training centre in Vijayawada offers top-rated IT and technical skills training courses such as data science, Python Java (full-stack), C, React JS, Software testing and more in Vijayawada. Our tech training program includes placement assistance with the job acceleration program (JAP) in Vijayawada.

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Our IT training programs in Vijayawada


Our expert trainers offer tech courses and skill development programs that will help you get your first high-paying jobs. Check out our training programs in Vijayawada.

1. Python course training in Vijayawada

Course duration: 1 month

Course fees: ₹10,000

Our 300-hour program, available both online and offline, ensures a strong foundation with Python basics, data handling, web development, and more. Gain real-world experience through projects like Dynamic Website Scraping and Automated Email Sending.

Get career benefits with a broad scope, 1-on-1 mentorship, and a Microsoft certification. Suitable for freshers, final-year students, and enthusiasts.

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2. Java full stack course training in Vijayawada

Course duration: 100 days

Course fees: ₹50,000

Start your journey as a full stack java developer with codegnan's Training in Vijayawada. Led by experts with 8+ years of experience, the 3-4 month course covers front-end, back-end, and middleware using Java. Gain 1-on-1 mentorship, technical skills, and job assurance. Java developers earn 3-6 LPA, making it a smart career choice.

Tools include Oracle, SQL, Angular JS, and more. Projects include Hospital Management and Online Banking. Ideal for final year students, fresh graduates, and IT professionals. Get certified and join a global network of successful Java developers.

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3. Machine learning course training in Vijayawada

Course duration: 1 month

Course fees: ₹10,000

As a leading IT training institute, we have a proven track record with 1.2k+ students successfully placed and trusted by 4k+ students across India. Our 60-hour certification covers machine learning algorithms, Python, and real-time projects, equipping you to build, evaluate, and deploy ML models in corporate settings.

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4. Data science training in Vijayawada

Course duration: 6 months

Course fees: ₹75,000

Designed for beginners, this six-month program covers the essentials of data science, including Python, data analytics, machine learning, and NLP projects. Led by experienced ex-IITian instructors, the course offers offline training in Vijayawada, Hyderabad, and Bangalore, as well as online training across India. The curriculum spans from Python basics to advanced topics, ensuring you are well-equipped for a high-paying job in the thriving field of data science. 

👉 Enroll in data science classroom training in Vijayawada.


5. React JS course training in Vijayawada

Course duration: 1 month

Course fees: ₹10,000

Start your journey to becoming a skilled React JS developer with Codegnan's comprehensive React JS Training in Vijayawada. Designed for learners aspiring to design complex components, this course covers everything from basic concepts to advanced topics. 

Benefit from flexible schedules, lifetime access, and placement assistance. The course includes a Microsoft certification, live projects, and a job assurance program. Explore demanding careers like web development, UI/UX design, and full-stack development. Start your React JS career in Vijayawada with Codegnan's expert mentorship and hands-on learning.

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6. C programming course training in Vijayawada

Course duration: 1 month

Course fees: ₹5,000

Kickstart your coding journey in Vijayawada with Codegnan's C Programming Language Course. Perfect for beginners, this course offers flexibility with both offline and online classes. Learn from industry experts, work on live projects, and receive placement assistance. 

Enhance your problem-solving skills, work on a live banking management project, and earn an authorized certification. 

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7. Data structures and algorithms training in Vijayawada

Course duration: 3 months

Course fees: ₹30,000

Whether you're a computer science student, developer, or college fresher, our 3-month program covers everything from basic concepts to advanced topics like dynamic programming and graph theory.

Learn from experienced mentors, work on live projects, and enhance your career opportunities. Gain practical skills for real-world problem-solving and receive certification for your achievements.

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8. Software testing training in Vijayawada

Course duration: 100 days

Course fees: ₹50,000

Take your career to the next level with our software testing training course in Vijayawada. Get in-depth knowledge on manual testing, Selenium, Java, HTML, and CSS through 100 days of instruction by experts.

Work on live projects with mentorship. The beginner-friendly syllabus leads to an authorized certification. Enjoy flexible scheduling, lifetime access, 24/7 support and 100% job assistance.

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Codegnan Learners success

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To ensure providing the best IT classes and training programs codegnan have mentors and trainers from the alumni of world’s tech companies and universities such as IIT Delhi, Stanford University IIT Bombay, Google, Amazon, Microsoft and many more..

Start your tech career in Vijayawada


Embark on a dynamic tech journey in Vijayawada, where opportunities flourish for college students and IT professionals alike.

Codegnan offers specialized training programs to prepare you for success in the tech field. Learn from industry experts, gain hands-on experience, and position yourself for opportunities with the leading names in tech. Join our Vijayawada training centre, where top-tier companies hire, and start your tech career with confidence.

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