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Python software developers are in huge demand today. You can also grab that opportunity by taking up a Python course that covers the basic fundamentals of Python, from learning to set up the development environment to understanding its syntax, operations, data structures, and directories.  It is an easy-to-understand language that uses a syntax similar to the English language.

Being one of the top Python training centres in Hyderabad, Codegnan promises to make you  job-ready with high-quality education and hands-on learning.

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Become a Python developer

Talk to our expert Python mentors and learn how our training programs in Hyderabad  can help you become a  Python developer and get a high-paying job.

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Python Course Overview and Key Features


Python is a user-friendly language with modest syntax, and you can code them on any platform, including Windows, Linux, MAC, etc. With knowledge of Python, you can do web development, audio and image processing, data analysis, and so on. We provide theoretical knowledge classes and hands-on learning on real-time projects for beginners and experienced coders.

Why Learn Python in Hyderabad? Benefits and Career Scope


According to research by Statista, Python ranks third after JavaScript and HTML/CSS, among the most used programming languages among developers globally. Nearly 49.28% of developers are working on Python, and this demand will keep increasing in the coming years. Moreover, Python is a beginner-friendly programming language that, even with basic to no coding language knowledge, you can learn and implement Python into app and web development, artificial intelligence, and data analysis.

1. Job availability

Job availability for Python developers is at an all time high in India, particularly in machine learning, data science, software and web development. You can find 1000+  Python development jobs in Hyderabad on LinkedIn and 13000+ Python jobs in the Greater Hyderabad Area.


2. High salary

As per Ambition Box, the salary of a Python developer in Hyderabad ranges between ₹1.8 lakhs to ₹8.0 lakhs with an average salary of around ₹6.0 lakhs annually. It means you can take home ₹29,531 to ₹30,852 per month being a Python developer.


3. Career scope

Python developers have a huge career prospect as it is one of the significant programming languages used globally, and the demand for Python programmers is increasing year after year. One can apply for multiple job roles with proper knowledge of Python, including Machine Learning/AI Engineer, Data Analyst, App developer, software developer, system engineer, and more. 


4. Easy to code

Python eliminates the struggle that aspiring coders face while learning a new language. It features English syntax which is easy to read, understand, and write. Moreover, with Python being an interpreted programming language, you can run each line of code after finishing them and make changes immediately. 

5. Demand for Python developers

The demand for Python learners is always high as major companies like Facebook, Netflix, and DropBox use Python to develop their applications. Python developer jobs are comparatively lucrative because of their high salary ranges and low experience. Some of the top companies hiring for Python developers are Microsoft, IBM, Mindtree, etc.


Python Training course curriculum in Hyderabad

• Introduction to programming
• R or Python?
• Why Python for Data Science?
• Different job roles with Python
• Different Python IDEs
• Downloading and setting up python environment
Hands-On – Installing Python – IDLE

• Python input and output operations.
• Comments
• Variables, rules for naming variables
• Basic Data Types in Python
• Typecasting in python
Hands-On – Using comments, variables, data types, and typecasting in python program

● Arithmetic operators
● Assignment operators
● Comparison operators
● Logical operators
● Identity operators
● Membership Operators
● Bitwise Operators
Hands-On – Working with different data types in a program

• Creating strings
• String formatting
• Indexing
• Slicing
• String methods
Hands-On – Performing string operations

● Creating lists
● Properties of lists
● List indexing
● List slicing
● List of lists
● List Methods
● Adding, Updating & removing elements from lists
Hands-On – Slicing, Indexing, and using methods on lists

• Syntax to create tuples
• Tuple properties
• Indexing on tuples
• Slicing on tuples
• Tuple methods
Hands-On – Working with tuples

• Syntax for creating sets
• Updating sets
• Set operations and methods
• Difference between sets, lists and tuples
Hands-On – Performing set operations in a program

• Syntax for creating Dictionaries
• Storing data in dictionaries
• Dictionaries keys and values
• Accessing the elements of dictionaries
• Dictionary methods
Hands-On – Creating dictionaries and using dictionaries methods

• Setting logic with conditional statements
• If statements
• If -else statements
• If-elif-else statements
Hands-On – Setting logic in programs using conditional statements

• Iterating with python loops
• while loop
• for loop
• range
• break
• continue
• pass
• enumerate
• zip
• assert
Hands-On – Iterating with loops in python

● Solving Level by Level Challenges
● Assignments to acquire Bronze and Silver Level badges

• Why List comprehension
• Syntax for list comprehension
• Syntax for dict comprehension
Hands-On – Using List and Dictionary comprehension

• What are Functions
• Modularity and code reusability
• Creating functions
• Calling functions
• Passing Arguments
• Positional Arguments
• Keyword Arguments
• Variable length arguments (*args)
• Variable Keyword length arguments (**kargs)
• Return keyword in python
• Passing function as argument
• Passing function in return
• Global and local variables
• Recursion
Hands-On – Creating our own functions,passing arguments and performing operations

• Lambda
• Lambda with filter
• Lambda with map
• Lambda with reduce
Hands-On – Working with lambda, filter,map and reduce in python

● Creating and using generators
Hands-On – Creating and using generators

• Creating modules
• Importing functions from different module
• Importing Variables from different modules
• Python builtin modules
Hands-On – Creating and importing Modules

• Creating packages
• Importing modules from package
• Different ways of importing modules and packages
• Working on Numpy,Pandas and Matplotlib
Hands-On – Creating and importing packages

• Syntax errors
• Logical errors
• Handling errors using try,except and finally
Hands-On – Handling Errors with try and except

• Creating classes & Objects
• Attributes and methods
• Understanding __init__ constructor method
• Class and instance attributes
• Different types of of methods
• Instance methods
• Class methods
• Static methods
• Inheritance
• Creating child and parent class
• Overriding parent methods
• The super() function
• Understanding Types of inheritance
• Single inheritance
• Multiple inheritance
• Multilevel inheritance
• Polymorphism
• Operator overloading
Hands-On – Creating classes, objects. Creating methods and attributes. Working with different methods. Using inheritance and polymorphism.

• date module
• time module
• datetime module
• time delta
• formatting date and time
• strftime()
• striptime()
Hands-On – working with date and time

• Understanding the use of regex
• re.compile()
• re.find()
• re.split()
• re.sub()
• Meta characters and their use
Hands-On – using a regular expression to search patterns

• Opening file
• Opening different file types
• Read,write,close files
• Opening files in different modes
Hands-On – Reading, Writing, Appending, opening and closing files.

• Installing BeautifulSoup
• Understanding web structures
• Chrome devtools
• request
• Scraping data from web using beautifulsoup
• scraping static websites
• Scraping dynamic websites using beautiful soup.
Hands-On – Scraping static and dynamic websites using beautifulsoup and selenium

● Accessing Database using sqlite3 and MySql
● Creating tables
● Insert Values
● Commit changes
● Query
● Update and Delete
Hands-on – Connecting and Querying the database

● Introduction to APIs
● Accessing Public APIs
Hands-on – Accessing Public Weather APIs and People in Space API

● Introduction to Python Web Framework Flask
● Installing Flask
● Working on GET, POST, PUT, METHODS using Python FlaskFramework
● Working on Templates, render_template function

Python Skills Covered in Hyderabad

You can use Python to develop workflows and improve data analysis rather than only for software development like most other programming languages. Anyone willing to start as a coder can learn Python as it is easy to grasp its simple English syntax. Once you complete Codegnan’s Python course, you will gain multiple skills including

Learn how to install Python and set up the development environment.

Basic understanding of Python, its syntax, operators, data structures (strings, lists, loops, conditional statements, etc.) and directories.

Hands-on training with three live projects

Familiarity with Object Oriented Programming

Gain expertise in web development with Python Flask framework and template

Understanding of HackerRank use cases and working

Exploring lambda and anonymous functions

Gain an understanding of File Handling in Python and Collections in Python.

Upskill yourself with Python and prepare for advanced technologies like Machine Learning.

Build a strong portfolio comprising three live project experiences

Become a Python developer

Talk to our expert Python mentors and learn how our training programs in Hyderabad  can help you become a Python developer and get a high-paying job.

Python Projects you will work on


At Codegnan, you will not only gain theoretical knowledge of Python, but we will also provide three practical projects where you can get hands-on learning with three live projects. These projects are specially designed to improve your knowledge and skills in implementing Python in real-time and allow you to learn from your mistakes. 

You can also get the opportunity to work with the trending Python technologies with us, which will enhance your work portfolio.

1. Web Scraping Dynamic Website with Multiple Pages Along With Data Analysis

The web Scraping tool is a trending software that can automate ways to scrape data from a website with multiple pages. With Codegnan's Python hands-on learning, you will learn web scraping and data analysis, Scraping dynamic websites using beautifulsoup, and more. This allows you to extract data and analyse them effectively for better market research and decision-making.


2. Sending automated emails

You will have experience in sending automated emails along with text messages, images, documents, and other essential items using Python. Our course will provide hands-on training on file handling, database accessibility, file manipulation and other Python functions that will help you increase personalised emails in bulk and improve your customer engagement.


3. Building a Virtual Assistance with Frontend Interface

Our course will train you on building a virtual assistant like Siri and Alexa using Python Flask, where our expert faculty will cover all major Python functions, including GET, POST, PUT, and more, that can ease your process.


Who is this Python Training Course for?


If you are wondering who Codegnan’s Python training course is for, check your eligibility here.

1. College Student or Fresher Graduate

College students and recently graduated people can enrol for the Python course right at the beginning of their career so that they can bag a good job after completing the course. Python learning can add an extra jewel to your resume and open doors to new opportunities in the IT sector.


2. Beginners Who Want to Become Python Experts

If you have little to no knowledge of coding and are willing to start as a coder, Codegnan's Python course is for you. This curriculum is perfect for beginners to knowledgeable coders and provides theoretical knowledge with practical experience with industry experts.


3. IT Professionals

IT professionals looking for ways to upscale their careers can take this course and gain a HackerRank certificate to bag high-paying jobs. You can get assistance from experienced Python developers and clear all your queries that otherwise can be difficult.


4. Anyone Interested In Automation

If you have a knack for learning automation processes, Codegnan's course can offer you all-around training in sending automated emails, building virtual assistants, web scraping, web development, and Python functions that can automate your processes. 


Python Course Certification in Hyderabad


Once you successfully complete the Python course from Codegnan, you will receive an industry-recognised certificate that can help you bag high-paying Python development jobs. Plus, you also get an opportunity to earn HackerRank certification, which will be your ultimate push to a coding career.


Meet your Python course Trainers


Sairam Uppugundla

Sairam Uppugundla is the CEO and founder of Codegnan IT Solutions. With a strong background in Computer Science and over 10 years of experience, he is committed to bridging the gap between academia and industry.

Sairam Uppugundla is a dedicated IT professional with a Bachelor’s in Technology and Computer science with 10+ years of experience in this field.

To achieve his mission, Sairam Uppugundla decided to leave his position as a Data Engineer in Malaysia, returned to Andhra Pradesh, and established Codegnan. 

In 2018, his deep-rooted interest in teaching led him to change his career, shifting his focus to bring up the next generation of engineers. 

Python Course Fees in Hyderabad


At Codegnan, the Python course fee is ₹18,000, and you are not just getting in-depth theoretical knowledge from industry experts but also implementing your knowledge into three live projects under the mentorship of top Python developers. You can avail of classroom training or one-on-one online classes with real-time doubt clearance.

Presently, you can avail the discounted course fee of ₹15,000 for a limited time, but the benefits remain the same.

Python Course Training Options (Learning Mode)


You can enroll in our Python training program via online and offline classroom classes in hyderabad. Visit our Hyderabad IT training centre and get one-on-one Python training from our experts:


Python classroom training in Hyderabad (offline)

Codegnan’s Hyderabad campus location: Kothwal Madhava Reddy Plaza, Beside Indian Oil Petrol Bunk, Near JNTUH Metro Station, Nizampet X Roads, Hyderabad, 500072


Our other Python training location(s)

codegnan's other training courses in Hyderabad

Phone Number

+91 98887 48888


Kothwal Madhava Reddy Plaza, Beside Indian Oil Petrol Bunk, JNTUH Metro Station, Nizampet X Roads, Hyderabad - 500072

Python Certification Course in Hyderabad FAQs


Python is an easy-to-code language that can allow you to go beyond website development, unlike HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Its demand is constantly rising globally due to its advantages in the IT sector, and it is likely to rank among the highest-paying jobs with less experience requirements.

At Codegnan, you can enroll for a Python course if you are a college student or fresh graduate, a coding beginner, an IT professional, or someone interested in automation.

Codegnan charges ₹10,000 for the Python course, where industry experts and professional Python developers train students thoroughly and provide them with hands-on knowledge with three live projects. You can also avail the course at a discounted price of ₹8,000.

After completing the course, you will receive an industry-recognised certificate from Codegnan and an opportunity to win HackerRank certification.

Codegnan will make you job-ready with quality education and hands-on learning of live projects that will help you land jobs and internships in Python smoothly.

Yes, Python can be a great add-on to your CV and help you get high-paying jobs with less experience, as the demand for Python learners is rapidly growing throughout the country.

Yes, you can learn the basics of Python within 4 weeks. At Codegnan, you can also gain hands-on experience with three live projects, which will help you land a high-paying job.

No, Python is an easy-to-understand language that uses English syntax that you can read, understand, and implement easily. It is a beginner-friendly coding language, so even a new coder can learn Python and start their programming journey.

The Python course duration is 1 month, where you can learn from industry experts and experience working on 3 live projects that make you job-ready and are a great addition to your resume.

Yes, Codegnan offers both classroom training (offline classes) and online classes in Hyderabad that include interactive sessions, real-time doubt clearance, and hands-on learning. You can apply for either of these options; however, students away from Hyderabad can choose one-on-one online classes.


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