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Are you looking for a Java training institute in Bangalore that can help you learn the basics of Java in the shortest time? Then search no more, as codegnan has curated the perfect course for you. In this one-month course, get hands-on training on fundamental topics of Java and learn how to build apps. 

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Become a JAVA developer

Talk to our expert JAVA mentors and learn how our training programs in Bangalore can help you become a  JAVA developer and get a high-paying job.

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Core Java Course Overview


This all-inclusive one-month Java-basics course by codegnan is suitable for anyone who wants to start their coding journey. In this course, you learn from the basics of Java to concepts like navigating Eclipse IDE and more advanced topics like Object-Oriented Programming through hands-on projects.

Here are some exciting features of our course:

All this and more at an incredibly affordable price of just ₹7,999!

Java Developer Career Opportunities in Bangalore


Getting Java training can open doors for some lucrative career opportunities, such as Java developer. Java developers earn some of the highest salaries, even as a fresher. 

For example, the average annual salary of a Java developer in Bangalore is around ₹6.5 LPA, with an estimated take-home salary of ₹ 31,138 – ₹ 32,435/month. 

But if you want to know about the other benefits of taking a Java training, here they are.

1. Super Simple to Learn

Java is known for its simplicity and readability, making it an excellent choice for beginners. Its syntax closely resembles English, ensuring an accessible and straightforward learning journey for a seamless experience.


2. Use Java Free of Cost

ava is an open-source programming language, so you need not worry about financial constraints. Once you understand how to use it, there are no additional costs involved, making it an economical choice for beginners. 


3. Adaptability

From crafting mobile apps to handling enterprise-level projects, Java's versatility opens doors to a broad spectrum of applications. Learning Java skills enhances your adaptability in the ever-evolving software development industry.


4. Java is Universal

Java’s USP is that it is a "write once, run anywhere" programming language. This allows you to create applications compatible with any device, regardless of the operating system. This cross-platform capability becomes a valuable asset in your skill set.

5. Join one of the Largest Communities:

As one of the world's most popular programming languages, Java connects you to a huge community of developers. You can utilise their knowledge and support within this dynamic network.


Java Training Course Curriculum In Bangalore

  • History
  • Features
  • Post Install Configuration
  • Writing a simple program
  • compiling and executing
  • Data types
  • Variables and Arrays
  • Using Eclipse
  • Create packaged classes
  • Eclipse shortcuts
  • Arithmetic Operators
  • Boolean Operators
  • Logical Operators
  • Binary Operators
  • Branching Statements
  • Iterative Statements
  • Break & Continue with enhancements
  • While
  • For
  • Do..While
  • Break and Continue Statement
  • Basics of OOPs
  • Fundamentals of class & object
  • new keyword
  • Reference variables
  • Member methods of a class
  • Constructors
  • Finalize method
  • Overloading member methods
  • Overloading constructors
  • Passing and returning objects with methods
  • Access Control
  • Static Methods
  • Static Variables
  • Static Block
  • Using final keyword
  • Unit Testing using Junit-5
  • Basics of Inheritance
  • Members accessibility in inheritance
  • Using super keyword
  • The sequence of execution of constructors in inheritance
  • Method Overriding
  • Dynamic Method Dispatch
  • Abstract classes
  • Preventing overriding
  • Preventing inheritance
  • Fundamentals of Exceptions
  • Types of exceptions
  • Using try and catch keywords
  • Multiple catches
  • Nesting of try blocks
  • Using throw keyword
  • Using throws keyword
  • Finally block
  • Some predefined exceptions and their usage
  • User defined exceptions
  • Purpose of Interface
  • Defining an interface
  • Implementing interfaces
  • Interface reference variables
  • Interface with variables
  • Extending interfaces
  • Basics of threads
  • Java threaded model
  • Defining threads using Runnable interface
  • Defining threads using Thread superclass
  • Multiple threads
  • Thread Priority values
  • Thread Synchronization using synchronized methods

    Thread Synchronization using synchronized blocks
  • Using String class
  • Using java.lang package
  • Working with Data & Time
  • Utility framework
  • Collection framework
  • I/O framework

Java Programming Skills Covered

Wondering if this course can help you master Java basics? Don’t trust our words; simply have a look at the skills covered and be the judge.

Learn to do object-oriented designs: You will learn the skills required to do object-oriented design principles in Java. This will enhance your proficiency in developing modern desktop and web applications.

Control statements: Learn how to use control statements that can help you break into advanced concepts like break, continue, and goto for effective control flow in your programs.

Create object-oriented programs: Not only designing but also work on object-oriented programs by learning concepts like class fundamentals, constructors, and method overloading.

Exception handling: Learn the essentials of exception handling, covering various types of exceptions, try-catch blocks, and throwing exceptions. This is a must for you to write reliable and error-free Java code.

Multi-thread programming: Get insights into basic threads, Java’s threaded model, and techniques for thread synchronization. This will help you develop efficient and responsive applications.

Become a Java Developer

Talk to our expert Java mentors and learn how our training programs in Bangalore can help you become a Full Stack Java developer and get a high-paying job.

Java Developer Projects you will work on


In this Java training by codegnan, our aim is to teach you through practical learning. Therefore, you are to work on multiple projects throughout the course. 

Here are some project topics covered in the course. 

Who is this Java Training Classes for?


Knowledge of programming language is becoming more of a mainstream skill as we speak, making this training ideal for most. But here are some people who are highly likely to benefit from this training.

1. College Graduates

If you are a fresh college graduate in any discipline, this training can be a stepping stone for you to enter the world of coding. 

It provides hands-on experience with Java development and covers essential concepts, from basic syntax to advanced topics like multithreading and exception handling. 

This will help you prepare for entry-level positions like Java developer, web developer, mobile app developer, QA engineer, etc. 


2. Beginners in Java

If you’re already into programming but want to switch to Java because of the scope it has, this comprehensive training will be the best for you. 

It covers the fundamentals of Java programming in a well-structured manner. Starting with the basics and progressing to advanced OOPs concepts and multithreading. 


3. IT Professionals Planning a Career Switch

For IT professionals, learning Java can help get the upper hand and open the door to new opportunities. 

With topics like object-oriented programming, multithreading, and exception handling, you will be able to manage a lot more diverse projects. This will help you progress your ranking and career. 


4. Anyone Interested in Automation

Java certification is one of the most valued credentials you can have if you are planning to become an automation tester or any other role in the field. 

In this certified training, you learn all the necessary components required for scripting, testing, or process automation.


Java Course Certification In Bangalore


There are ample free courses that you can find online on Java, but if you are looking for something that is comprehensive, live and comes with certification, codegnan will be the right fit for you. 

Upon completing this one-month Java training with us, you’ll receive a certification to prove your credibility. Along with that, we often arrange hackathons and give our students our Hackerrank platform to participate in different challenges and earn badges. 


Meet Your Full Stack Java Course Trainers



A Tech-enthusiast and orator with 6+years of experience in Java Full Stack and also scenarist, designed various Technical courses related to Web Technologies & Networks. Trained over 10000+ students on JFS , and provided corporate Training as per the project requirements in DXC and NCS for Singapore candidates. Impart skill oriented short duration training for rural youths to help them in developing their technical and professional skills.

Java Course Fees in Bangalore


Programming is such a popular niche that you can expect to pay a hefty amount for a certified course from a reputed institution. However, codegnan’s ideology is to provide the best education at an affordable price. 

Therefore the regular price of our one-month Java training (both online and offline) is only ₹24,999. However, if you enrol on time, you can get it at a discounted price of only ₹20,000 (for limited slots only).

Our other Java training location(s)

codegnan's other training courses in Bangalore

Phone Number

+91 98887 38888


#951, 16th Main, BTM 2nd Stage, Bengaluru, Karnataka - 560076.

Core Java Training Options


Codegnan’s Java training is conducted in both in-classroom and online modes, giving you the flexibility to choose. Our classroom locations are in Bangalore, Vijayawada and Hyderabad.


Java Classroom Training in Bangalore (offline)

Our classrooms are well equipped with all the gadgets and Java development equipment you would need. 

Our Bangalore branch location: #951, 16th Main, BTM 2nd Stage, Bengaluru, Karnataka- 560076.


Online Java Development Course Training

If you live far from our three classroom locations, worry not; you can avail of our online training mode. Unlike others, our online classes are live and instructor-led. 

There are plenty of time slots for you to choose from. You are also provided with every resource required for you to complete the training remotely.


Java Course Certification in Bangalore FAQs


Java is a popular programming language as it is easy to learn and works cross-platform. If someone plans to work on object-orineted projects, Java would be their prime choice. Plus, it has one of the largest communities to connect with, giving you the support to grow. 

To enrol in this course, you need to have a minimum 60% grade in your B.Tech/, 60% or above in Intermediate and 60% or above in the 10th class.  

The Java course fee offered by codegnan is only ₹10,000. But with an offer, you can get for even cheaper at just ₹7,999.

Upon completing the training, you will receive a codegnan-accredited certification to prove your credibility. Apart from that, we also let our students use our Coding and Hackerrank platform to participate in different challenges and collect badges. 

This one-month Java training does not come with a job placement or internship program. However, you can check out our job assistance program, which is solely designed to help candidates get high-paying jobs.

Yes, learning Java can increase your salary, especially if you are switching from a non-IT trade to this. 

No, Java is one of the easiest languages to learn due to its syntax. It is easy to read; in fact, if you can read English, you can easily read Java syntax. Therefore, it is comparatively easier than learning other programming languages.

The duration of this Java course by codegnan is one month (30 days).

Yes, codegnan does have both online and offline Java classes in Bangalore. It is located at #951, 16th Main, BTM 2nd Stage, Bengaluru, Karnataka- 560076. For more details, you can call: 6364 668 548.


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