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Kickstart your career as a Python Full Stack Specialist with Codegnan’s highly rated Python full stack development training in Bangalore. We are one of the leading Python training centers in Bangalore offering state-of-the-art guidance to beginners and professionals alike who want to specialize in front-end, middleware, and back-end Python development technologies.

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Become a Python Full Stack developer

Talk to our expert Python mentors and learn how our training programs in Bangalore can help you become a Python Full Stack  developer and get a high-paying job.

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Python Full Stack Development Course Overview


Our 100 days Python full stack developer course is meant for those who want to excel in their career as a full stack developer with hands-on experience in Python, MySQL, Flask, CSS, AWS Deployment and so much more. The program is designed in collaboration with industry experts to help you build strong Python web development and critical thinking skills. Some of the key highlights of the training are:

Career Opportunities in Python Full Stack Web Development in Bangalore


The thriving industrial hub of Bangalore has been especially rewarding for enthusiasts and professionals in the technology sector. As the demand for web applications continues to rise, the career opportunities for full stack and web development are at an all time high. Here is a sneak peek into the professional prospects of Python full stack development in Bangalore:

1. Massive Demand for Full Stack Developers

As of now, the Silicon city of India hosts 32,000+ job openings in Python full stack development in a wide range of sectors from IT and e-commerce to healthcare and management. Top companies need Python developers to work on their projects.


2. High Salary for Python Full Stack Developers in Bangalore

The average Python full stack developer salary in Bangalore is estimated at ₹ 6.7 LPA, which is the highest in any Indian metropolitan including Mumbai, Pune, Gurugram and Chennai. A Python full stack developer in the city with 1-4 years of experience usually earns an annual salary between ₹ 1.0 Lakhs to ₹ 8.8 Lakhs.


3. Increasing Demand in MNCs and Startups

There is a strikingly high demand for full-stack Python developers in both multinationals and startups as most of the companies, regardless of their size, use Python frameworks in any form. Bangalore, in particular, hosts a variety of tech firms which creates the perfect environment for innovation. 

4. Networking Opportunities

Bangalore as a city known for innovation and development has been welcoming for different kinds of tech meetups, networking events and conferences. As Python full stack development is one of the most trending skills, acquiring it can enable you to interact with other talented professionals and even employers, thus, expanding your professional network to a greater extent.


5. Wide Range of Jobs Available

Python full stack development is a domain that offers enthusiasts the opportunity to become eligible for a variety of jobs including Python Developer, Full Stack Web Developer, Full Stack Python Developer, UI Developer, Front-End Developer, Web Developer, Back-End Developer and Web Designer.


6. Training and Skill Enhancement

The city of Bangalore offers a myriad of training opportunities to those interested in Python full stack development. Codegnan is one such institute that offers best-in-class Python full stack classes for anyone interested in staying up-to-date with the latest technologies and frameworks.

Python Full Stack course curriculum in Bangalore

• Introduction to programming
• R or Python?
• Why Python for Data Science?
• Different job roles with Python
• Different Python IDEs
• Downloading and setting up python environment
Hands-On – Installing Python – IDLE

• Python input and output operations.
• Comments
• Variables, rules for naming variables
• Basic Data Types in Python
• Typecasting in python
Hands-On – Using comments, variables, data types, and typecasting in python program

● Arithmetic operators
● Assignment operators
● Comparison operators
● Logical operators
● Identity operators
● Membership Operators
● Bitwise Operators
Hands-On – Working with different data types in a program

• Creating strings
• String formatting
• Indexing
• Slicing
• String methods
Hands-On – Performing string operations

● Creating lists
● Properties of lists
● List indexing
● List slicing
● List of lists
● List Methods
● Adding, Updating & removing elements from lists
Hands-On – Slicing, Indexing, and using methods on lists

• Syntax to create tuples
• Tuple properties
• Indexing on tuples
• Slicing on tuples
• Tuple methods
Hands-On – Working with tuples

• Syntax for creating sets
• Updating sets
• Set operations and methods
• Difference between sets, lists and tuples
Hands-On – Performing set operations in a program

• Syntax for creating Dictionaries
• Storing data in dictionaries
• Dictionaries keys and values
• Accessing the elements of dictionaries
• Dictionary methods
Hands-On – Creating dictionaries and using dictionaries methods

• Setting logic with conditional statements
• If statements
• If -else statements
• If-elif-else statements
Hands-On – Setting logic in programs using conditional statements

• Iterating with python loops
• while loop
• for loop
• range
• break
• continue
• pass
• enumerate
• zip
• assert
Hands-On – Iterating with loops in python

● Solving Level by Level Challenges
● Assignments to acquire Bronze and Silver Level badges

• Why List comprehension
• Syntax for list comprehension
• Syntax for dict comprehension
Hands-On – Using List and Dictionary comprehension

• What are Functions
• Modularity and code reusability
• Creating functions
• Calling functions
• Passing Arguments
• Positional Arguments
• Keyword Arguments
• Variable length arguments (*args)
• Variable Keyword length arguments (**kargs)
• Return keyword in python
• Passing function as argument
• Passing function in return
• Global and local variables
• Recursion
Hands-On – Creating our own functions,passing arguments and performing operations

• Lambda
• Lambda with filter
• Lambda with map
• Lambda with reduce
Hands-On – Working with lambda, filter,map and reduce in python

● Creating and using generators
Hands-On – Creating and using generators

• Creating modules
• Importing functions from different module
• Importing Variables from different modules
• Python builtin modules
Hands-On – Creating and importing Modules

• Creating packages
• Importing modules from package
• Different ways of importing modules and packages
• Working on Numpy,Pandas and Matplotlib
Hands-On – Creating and importing packages

• Syntax errors
• Logical errors
• Handling errors using try,except and finally
Hands-On – Handling Errors with try and except

• Creating classes & Objects
• Attributes and methods
• Understanding __init__ constructor method
• Class and instance attributes
• Different types of of methods
• Instance methods
• Class methods
• Static methods
• Inheritance
• Creating child and parent class
• Overriding parent methods
• The super() function
• Understanding Types of inheritance
• Single inheritance
• Multiple inheritance
• Multilevel inheritance
• Polymorphism
• Operator overloading
Hands-On – Creating classes, objects. Creating methods and attributes. Working with different methods. Using inheritance and polymorphism.

• date module
• time module
• datetime module
• time delta
• formatting date and time
• strftime()
• striptime()
Hands-On – working with date and time

• Understanding the use of regex
• re.search()
• re.compile()
• re.find()
• re.split()
• re.sub()
• Meta characters and their use
Hands-On – using a regular expression to search patterns

• Opening file
• Opening different file types
• Read,write,close files
• Opening files in different modes
Hands-On – Reading, Writing, Appending, opening and closing files.

• Installing BeautifulSoup
• Understanding web structures
• Chrome devtools
• request
• Scraping data from web using beautifulsoup
• scraping static websites
• Scraping dynamic websites using beautiful soup.
Hands-On – Scraping static and dynamic websites using beautifulsoup and selenium

● Accessing Database using sqlite3 and MySql
● Creating tables
● Insert Values
● Commit changes
● Query
● Update and Delete
Hands-on – Connecting and Querying the database

● Introduction to APIs
● Accessing Public APIs
Hands-on – Accessing Public Weather APIs and People in Space API

● Introduction to Python Web Framework Flask
● Installing Flask
● Working on GET, POST, PUT, METHODS using Python FlaskFramework
● Working on Templates, render_template function

Python Full Stack Development Skills Covered in Bangalore

After completing our Python full stack development, you will gain a better understanding of how to create an end-to-end application, cloud based deployment and debugging among others. Some of the top core competencies you will be equipped with include:

Expertise in programming languages including Python, MySQL, HTML, CSS3 and Javascript, alongside Flask, Jinja and Amazon Web Services (AWS)

All around understanding of front-end, back-end software as well as Python web development processes

Strong knowledge of APIs, operators, tuples, sets, classes, objects, server-side development, databases, Python frameworks and many more

Ability to design fully responsive and dynamic web applications

Becoming familiarized with building interactive web user interfaces (UI)

Become a Python Full Stack developer

Talk to our expert Python mentors and learn how our training programs in Bangalore can help you become a Python developer and get a high-paying job.

Python Projects You Will Work On


Our full stack Python classes in Bangalore offer you the opportunity to work on 4 enriching live projects that will not only test your knowledge but also become valuable additions to your portfolio. Not just that, you will be able to deploy every project in AWS. The Python projects that you will be working on are:

1. Fully Functional Ecommerce Application

With this hands-on project, you will learn how to create a robust application that includes functionalities such as admin dashboard, user dashboard, payment gateway, invoice generation and orders section. You will be diving into Javascript controls & functions, HTML, CSS, Flask, and much more.


2. Custom DevBlog Application

You will get the chance to build a dynamic and responsive DevBlog based web application where users can sign up, sign in, sign out and change passwords of their accounts, while getting the option to create, update, search and delete their blog. The application will be integrated with social media handles so that people are able to share their work. 


3. Discussion Board Application

With this discussion board application, you will be creating your own web forum where users can connect with each other and have discussions on the topics of their interests. Users will be able to create, update, delete and share discussions, and add their comments and replies to any point that intrigues them.


4. Personal Records Manager

You will learn the practical applications of file retrieval, manipulation and database access among others while building your own personal records manager. Other than this, you will design a full-fledged web app for uploading, deleting, viewing and downloading notes in Excel.


Who is this Python Full Stack Course Training For?


Our comprehensive Python full stack course requires very little understanding of coding. The training is ideal for the following candidates:

1.College Students or Fresher Graduates

If you are a recent graduate or completing your B.Tech, BSc, BCA or MCA degrees, you are eligible to enroll in our full stack Python course. All you need are sharp analytical and critical thinking skills with a strong desire to stand apart from the competition.


2. Beginners Who Want to Become Python Expert

If you just started learning Python or any other coding language and want to become an expert developer, our training is just what you are looking for. The curriculum of our full stack Python training is easy to understand, thus making it suitable for amateur developers.  


3. IT Professionals

IT professionals who want to upscale their careers can take full benefit of our Python full stack course as it comes integrated with 4 live projects. Not only will these hands-on experiences add immense value to your profile, but will also take your technical skill sets to the next level.


4. Anyone Interested in Automation

People who are interested in learning automation to boost their professional prospects will gain a thorough understanding of automating critical workflows and processes along with file management. Our training is carefully drafted to suit the needs of all developer and coding enthusiasts profiles.


Python Full Stack Development Course Certification in Bangalore


Codegnan’s Python full stack development training offers an industry recognized certification to help you secure some of the most bankable positions in the market. You will learn all the levels of Python based full stack development from basics to advanced. Other than this, you will be working on assignments to secure bronze and silver level badges in HackerRack, making sure you lie amongst the top 1 lakh candidates.


Meet your Full Stack Python course trainers


Sairam Uppugundla

Sairam Uppugundla is the CEO and founder of Codegnan IT Solutions. With a strong background in Computer Science and over 10 years of experience, he is committed to bridging the gap between academia and industry.

Sairam Uppugundla is a dedicated IT professional with a Bachelor’s in Technology and Computer science with 10+ years of experience in this field.

To achieve his mission, Sairam Uppugundla decided to leave his position as a Data Engineer in Malaysia, returned to Andhra Pradesh, and established Codegnan. 

In 2018, his deep-rooted interest in teaching led him to change his career, shifting his focus to bring up the next generation of engineers. 

Saketh Kallepu

Saketh Kallepu is a Data science professional in the IT field with a background in Computational Intelligence. Having 7+ years of experience in this field, he is an outstanding Data Science Mentor and trainer.

Saketh Kallepu believes, “Don’t work hard, just work with heart.” With this belief, he joined as Co-Founder, mentor, and trainer at Codegnan to change the education platform and build a new technical arena for passionate learners.

Codegnan Learners success

1250+ Companies Have Hired Codegnan Learners


Python Full Stack Developer Course Fees in Bangalore


Our full stack Python developer course is priced at ₹70,000. This includes intensive 100 days training by industry leaders, interesting use cases to help you learn what full stack web development is like in the real world and a plethora of challenging assignments and capstone projects. Not just that, you will be acquiring lifetime skills that will allow you to stay at the top of the job game for years to come. 

But there’s more! Only for a limited time, we are offering the course at just ₹50,000. So go grab your seat now!!!

Python Full Stack Web Development Training Options


Python Full Stack Development Classroom Training (Offline)

For all the Python fanatics who believe that one-on-one classroom learning is the best, we are offering our Python full stack training at BTM 2nd stage in Bangalore. If you live nearby or anywhere in the city, our classroom training offers everything full stack based that you are looking for.


Online Python Full Stack Development Course Training (Offline)

We understand that not everyone has the capacity to attend offline classes. So for all the busy bees, working professionals and people living outside Bangalore, we are offering dedicated live classes for Python full stack development. You will be getting the added advantage of learning with the same trainers and curriculum at your own comfort.


Our other full-stack Python training location(s)

codegnan's other training courses in Bangalore

Phone Number

+91 98887 38888


#951, 16th Main, BTM 2nd Stage, Bengaluru, Karnataka - 560076.

Python Full Stack Development Certification in Bangalore FAQs


Python is primarily important to learn because of the high job scope of the language. Python is a widely used language for web, front-end, back-end and middleware development across most of the MNCs and startups including top companies like Netflix, Google, Spotify and Amazon.

To be eligible for Codegnan’s python full stack development course, you need to be a pass out or a student of B.Tech (CSE, IT, ECE, EEE), MCA, B.Sc, BCA programs, having scored at least 60% grades in all your graduation, 10th and 12th grades. 

The fee of the 100 days Python full stack course offered by Codegnan is ₹ 70,000. However, just for a limited time, the program is available at a discounted rate of ₹50,000.

Upon completion of the full stack Python development course, you will not only be receiving Codegnan’s complete industry accredited certification but also Hackerrank’s prestigious certification.

No, Codegnan will not directly be helping you secure jobs and internships in Python. But with the help of the skills that you will gain and the projects you’ll work on, you will be able to bag high paying positions in the tech sector. You can also check Codegnan’s job assistance program for internships and full-time job opportunities.

Yes, learning Python can help you negotiate for better salaries as Python is in high demand across different industries. Becoming an expert in this language will undoubtedly open doors to new and lucrative job opportunities.

Yes, you can learn basic to intermediate levels of Python within a period of 4 weeks. With Codegnan’s Python full-stack training as your guide, you can learn not only the fundamentals of Python but also full-stack development in under 100 days.

Python is one of the easiest languages to learn because of its simple English syntax. That’s why a lot of beginners choose this programming language to start their software or web development careers.

Codegnan’s end-to-end Python full stack development classes in Bangalore have a duration of 100 days. In this duration, you will be getting hands-on training along with 4 real world projects, making it a great addition to your profile.

Yes, Codegnan offers both online and offline Python classes in Bangalore. The Python training center is located at a prime location in Bangalore, i.e., 16th main at BTM 2nd stage.


Download the Python Full Stack Curriculum

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