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A software testing training course in Bangalore helps learners gain essential skills to test the software before deploying it into the market. It includes finding errors in software and reporting results to the development team, which helps in creating quality products. We have designed a thorough syllabus on software testing with live projects for everyone from beginners to IT professionals.

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Software testing training overview


Software testing course gives the basic overview of how to give a final check to the software before you make it go live. It ensures your software performs smoothly and doesn’t have any kind of errors. Testers need to learn multiple skills like manual testing, white-box and black-box testing, knowledge of Selenium, and more.

A software testing training course will teach learners on how to analyze, examine, observe, and evaluate different sections of a software. The primary goal is to equip the development team with software testing skills so that they can create high-quality error-free products that meet company requirements. 

Here are a few key features of our software testing course in Bangalore.

Software testing course curriculum for Bangalore

  • History
  • Features
  • Post Install Configuration
  • Writing a simple program
  • compiling and executing
  • Data types
  • Variables and Arrays
  • Using Eclipse
  • Create packaged classes
  • Eclipse shortcuts
  • Arithmetic Operators
  • Boolean Operators
  • Logical Operators
  • Binary Operators
  • Branching Statements
  • Iterative Statements
  • Break & Continue with enhancements
  • While
  • For
  • Do..While
  • Break and Continue Statement
  • Basics of OOPs
  • Fundamentals of class & object
  • new keyword
  • Reference variables
  • Member methods of a class
  • Constructors
  • Finalize method
  • Overloading member methods
  • Overloading constructors
  • Passing and returning objects with methods
  • Access Control
  • Static Methods
  • Static Variables
  • Static Block
  • Using final keyword
  • Unit Testing using Junit-5
  • Basics of Inheritance
  • Members accessibility in inheritance
  • Using super keyword
  • The sequence of execution of constructors in inheritance
  • Method Overriding
  • Dynamic Method Dispatch
  • Abstract classes
  • Preventing overriding
  • Preventing inheritance
  • Fundamentals of Exceptions
  • Types of exceptions
  • Using try and catch keywords
  • Multiple catches
  • Nesting of try blocks
  • Using throw keyword
  • Using throws keyword
  • Finally block
  • Some predefined exceptions and their usage
  • User defined exceptions
  • Purpose of Interface
  • Defining an interface
  • Implementing interfaces
  • Interface reference variables
  • Interface with variables
  • Extending interfaces
  • Basics of threads
  • Java threaded model
  • Defining threads using Runnable interface
  • Defining threads using Thread superclass
  • Multiple threads
  • Thread Priority values
  • Thread Synchronization using synchronized methods

    Thread Synchronization using synchronized blocks
  • Using String class
  • Using java.lang package
  • Working with Data & Time
  • Utility framework
  • Collection framework
  • I/O framework

Software testing projects you will be working on

Instagram Database Clone: One of the essential parts of a software testing course is learning about MySQL. This Instagram Database Clone project gives learners a brief overview of building different schemas, which is a list of logical data structures by cloning the Instagram Database. It includes cloning of Users Schema, Followers Schema, Photos Schema, Likes Schema, and Hashtags Schema. Learners will also be introduced to Instagram Clone challenges and how to resolve them in real-time.

Building your favorite blog with HTML:This project teaches you to build a basic blog website using HTML. It shows how the code you write in HTML translates into a functioning webpage. Software testers can use this HTML knowledge to identify and inspect the underlying web page codes to determine different elements used on the page. Software testers can verify whether the page structure matches with client design specifications.

Resume building with HTML: This project will help learners create online resumes using HTML codes to showcase their skills and experience in a more interactive format and stand out from the crowd. It will help students gain in-depth knowledge of implementing HTML tags and hyperlinking.

Building registration and login page of a website with HTML: Learners will learn how to build a basic registration and login page of any website. It won’t involve actual user authentication but focuses on building an attractive user interface. This project gives you the concepts of HTML forms and their attributes, which are the basis of building dynamic websites.

Building Portfolio Page with CSS: Learners will get a better concept of styling their Portfolio Page using CSS and make it look visually appealing. It includes CSS elements like selectors, properties, and values, and the use of layouts like Box models, Floats, Margin and page layout, and more.

Building a Paytm clone Page with CSS:This project aims at cloning the visual style of Paytm using CSS along with existing HTML knowledge. It implements advanced CSS selectors and positioning techniques like float, position, flexbox, and grid layout.

Become a software training

Talk to our expert software training  mentors and learn how our training programs in Bangalore can help you become a software training  and get a high-paying job.

Who are these software training classes for?


College pass-outs and freshers

Any college pass-outs and freshers from tech or non-tech backgrounds can enrol for the course to learn software testing and be a part of any top MNC’s software development lifecycle.


Software developers

Software developers can learn testing as an additional skill to launch a high-paying job. These developers with software testing skills are more demanded today as companies get advantage in paying a good salary to a single professional who can launch a high-quality error-free product.


Quality assurance engineers

Quality assurance engineers are responsible to ensure the quality of software is top class for that they must acquire software testing skills. Such professionals can enroll for this course. It will not only help you get clear theoretical concepts of software testing but have hands-on training under top industry mentors.

Any IT professionals

Any IT professionals having little technical knowledge can join a software training course in Bangalore to upskill themselves and launch better jobs.


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A Tech-enthusiast and orator with 6+years of experience in Java Full Stack and also scenarist, designed various Technical courses related to Web Technologies & Networks. Trained over 10000+ students on JFS , and provided corporate Training as per the project requirements in DXC and NCS for Singapore candidates. Impart skill oriented short duration training for rural youths to help them in developing their technical and professional skills.

What is the software testing course fee in Bangalore?


Our software testing course fee in Bangalore is ₹50,000 which comes with full placement support. The course fees in various institutions vary due to multiple reasons like the course duration, syllabus, training mode, trainers’ experience, add-on features and facilities, etc. The best software training course in Bangalore is the one that offers you practical-based training and hands-on practice on live projects, along with offering lifetime access to course materials and placement assistance.

Moreover, the demand for software testers is on the rise. On LinkedIn, we have found 10,000+ software testing jobs in Bengaluru and over 30,000 jobs all over India. The average salary of a software tester in Bangalore is around ₹5.4L per year, with early-stage testers earning around ₹2.0LPA to senior testers earning ₹8.0LPA.

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Software testing course certification in Bangalore FAQs


Software testing is important to learn for tech professionals to identify defects and failures within a software before launching them into the market. It reduces the risk related to quality, security and performance of the product.

There is no eligibility criteria to enroll in software testing training in Bangalore for professionals, but for college students, there are some, like

  • If you are a BTech (CSE, IT, ECE, EEE) or an MCA student, you must acquire at least 60% in graduation, 60% in intermediate, and 60% in 10th class
  • If you are from B.SC & BCA, you must have at least 60% in graduation, 60% in intermediate, and 60% in 10th class

You will receive an industry-accredited certificate upon completion of the software testing course. Additionally, Codegnan offers a Coding Platform and HackerRank Platform to show your skills and bag multiple badges by solving challenges. This increases your opportunity to get placed in top companies in Bangalore.

Yes, Codegnan offers 100% assistance in securing jobs and internships in software testing immediately after completing the course. They promise a minimum of 150 drives in a year.

Yes, software testing can potentially increase your salary as it is an essential skill required during the software development lifecycle that ensures the product launched by the company is of high quality and free from defects.

No, it isn’t difficult to learn software testing if you have enrolled for our course. We have designed the syllabus keeping in mind different requirements of beginners to professionals. You can learn software testing from scratch and have hands-on practice on live projects for different modules of the course. The more you practice your skills with real world projects the better you can become a software tester and land good jobs.

The course duration of software testing training in Bangalore is 100 days.  However, this duration can vary according to the class duration and length of the syllabus. While some courses only introduce you to software testing, we offer a comprehensive course that prepares you for a job immediately after its completion.


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