Be a Data Scientist, In Just 90 days.

Starting from programming basics with Python to being a Data Scientist. Everything is taught with real world applications in mind.

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Why Learn With Us?

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World Class Training Methods

We follow standards and we don’t want our students to face the regular skill gap between academics and industry.


Top Class Educators

We provide industrial level technological training in Vijayawada by real time industry experts to solve the problem of to skill gap between students and software industry.


Over 15 Courses

We provide training in C, C++, Java, Python, Web Technologies, PHP, Bootstrap, Data Analysis, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing.


Located in the Heart of Vijayawada

Located less than a kilometer from M.G Road with just 20 minutes away from Bus-station and Railway-Station.


What we offer

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Classroom Training

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Faculty Development Program

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Online Training

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Certificate Course Program

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Workshops for students


Popular Technologies we cover

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Data Science Training

12 week classes

Data science is an interdisciplinary area that uses scientific techniques, methods, algorithms and operations to obtain information and insights from data in several forms, both structured and unstructured, related to data mining. It operates routines and theories represented in several fields.

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Java Training

6 week classes

Java is an object-oriented language that allows learners to build real-world applications. You can master every theory and its implementations. We support you to build a strong base to experience the real-time problems which will assist you to stand out.

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Machine Learning

6 week classes

Machine learning is a sub-branch of AI that provides computers, the skill to learn without being hard coded. Machine learning concentrates on the development and evolution of computer applications that can teach themselves to expand and develop when provided with real/new data.

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C Programmming

6 week classes

C is the most general language used extensively in many applications and even operating systems. This course will include all the concepts from the basic to the dynamic level. Fundamental dynamic data structures, including trees, queues, linear lists,..

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Python Training

3 week classes

Python is a high-level programming language for general purpose programming. It is the perfect language for someone trying to learn computer programming for the first time. Guido van Rossum created Python programming in 1991. Python is a high-level programming language..

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R Programming

3 week classes

R is not only a language but also an environment for statistical computing and design. It was initially developed in 1993 by Ross Ihaka and Robert Gentleman, but since then it has come a long way in terms of improved efficiency and ease of use. 

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CodeGnan in Students words,

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Learning Java

I’ve tried other training institutes and all I did is quit in the middle. I got nurtured with the basics, they took really good care and even arranged extra classes on personal requests. I get to work in the Real-Time environments and I have successfully deployed 3 projects in Real-Time while I’m still in the middle of the training. The best part is I never thought of quitting.

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Learning Python

I fell in love with the pattern of teaching here. We get to start with hello world all the time but here, nothing is classic and since while training I was working on Real-Time servers, I was a ready to go engineer on the way out of here. They took personal care of me, I got mentors who are happy to answer my calls and finally they gave me a map of what more I can learn by myself and other technologies that I can adapt with my current skillset.

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