R Programming 1


4 Weeks

10 Hours/Week



Basics of Programming Language

  • Concepts of OOP
  • Basics of scripting Language

Good understanding of Java Programming Language

  • Core Java

Good understanding of basic SQL statements



2 or more real time applications.



R Programming Training

During the last two decades, the size of data has increased exponentially worldwide and it continues to do so. This has led to an increasing demand for a data scientist to analyze and interpret this data as well as tools to help the data scientist in their analysis. R programming is one of the most influential languages and tool for statistical analysis of data which is used by data scientists, analysts as well as business professionals and non-software engineers who want to interpret data. CodeGnan is a leading R programming training in Vijayawada which helps individuals to learn this language.

What is the R Programming?

R is not only a language but also an environment for statistical computing and design. It was initially developed in 1993 by Ross Ihaka and Robert Gentleman, but since then it has come a long way in terms of improved efficiency and ease of use. It contains an extensive list of statistical and graphical methods to analyze, represent, and report data. R language training offers you a chance to learn a well-developed, simple, and effective programming language which includes conditionals, loops, user defined recursive functions, and input-output facilities. An R language training institute such as CodeGnan also teaches you effective data handling and storage facility.

Using R Programming

Some other things that you would learn in an R programming training on Vijayawada are:

  • A suite of operators for mathematical calculations on matrices, vectors, lists, and arrays;
  • R course training would also enable you to use large, coherent, and integrated collection of tools for data analysis;
  • R training Institute also teaches you graphical facilities in R for data analysis and display by printing or on a computer.

Steps in R Language

R programming training in Vijayawda by CodeGnan teaches data analysis with R as a series of steps, which are:

  • Program: R is an accessible and clear programming tool;
  • Transform: R contains a collection of libraries which are designed specifically for data science;
  • Discover: This is the stage in R language training which enables you to investigate the data, refine your hypothesis, and analyze them.
  • Model: R provides a wide range of tools for you to capture the right model for the sample data;
  • Communicate: At this stage of R programming training, you will be able to integrate codes, graphs, and output to a report.

Why should you choose to learn R Language?

Admittedly, there are other languages as well which can help you to analyze data. So why should you choose to learn R instead of those?

  • R is the best platform for statistics, data analysis, and machine learning. R course training will teach you more than just a statistical package; rather you will be able to create your own objects, functions, and packages.
  • R can quickly try several ideas and factual issues by explicitly recording the actions of analysis and making it easy to reproduce and update report.
  • R can be used anywhere as it is platform independent and can be applied to any operating system. Because it is a free platform, you can implement it in any organization without having to purchase a license.
  • In addition to being a free programming language, it is also open source. This means that after completing your course from an R training institute, you will be able to examine the source code to check its functions. It also means that you will be able to fix bugs and add features rather than waiting for the vendor to do so in a future release.
  • R programming also allows you to integrate with other languages such as C/C++, Python, Java, and enables you to communicate with various data sources such as Excel, access, and statistical packages such as Stata, Minitab, etc.
  • R Language also serves as glue for piecing together various data sets, tools, and software packages.
  • An R language training institute would also teach you to create reproducible, excessive quality analysis by R programming as it has much flexibility and power which is required while dealing with big data.
  • Moreover, it is utilized in nearly all industries. It is used the most in academic and Healthcare industries. Followed by Government agencies, consulting, insurance, energy, finance, retail, and many other industries.
  • Finally, tech giants such as Google are utilizing R programming.

Why CodeGnan to be chosen to learn R Programming training in Vijayawada?

CodeGnan provides many hours of top-notch R programming training in Vijayawada. This course is divided into several parts to ensure that you understand each step of the R language effectively before moving onto the next step. We are the best R programming training in Vijayawada as we have the best faculty and resources to provide you classroom and hands-on training. By the end of the course, you will have extensive knowledge of using R language to analyze, represent, and report big data.


Course Syllabus


Chapter 1 - Introduction to Business Analytics

  • Introduction to Business Analytics & it’s Features
  • Types of Business Analytics
  • Business Analytics Case Studies
  • Business Decisions
  • Business Intelligence
  • Data Science and it’s importance

Chapter 2 - Introduction to R

  • Introduction to R
  • Understanding R
  • Using R to illustrate the basic concepts
  • Installing R and RStudio
  • Integrated Development Environments (IDEs) for R
  • Using R Console
  • Scripting in R
  • R Workplace and Packages
  • Distributed R
    • Introduction
    • Installation
    • Programming Concepts

Chapter 3 - R Programming

  • Introduction
  • Operators in R(Arithmetic, Relational, Logical, Assignment)
  • Basic and Advance Data Types
  • Loops and Conditional Statement in R
  • Commands to Run an R Script and a Batch Script
  • Functions in R
  • String Manipulation in R
  • Dplyr Package – An Overview
  • Installing Dplyr
  • Functions of the Dplyr package

Chapter 4 - R Data Structure

  • Types of Data Structures in R
  • Vectors
  • Scalars
  • Matrices
  • Arrays
  • Data Frames
  • Factors
  • Lists
  • Elements of the Different Data Structures in R
  • Acceptable Formats to Import and Export Data in R

Chapter 5 - Data Visualisation

  • Graphics in R
  • Types of Graphics
  • Basic elements of graph
  • Methods to Save Graphics as Files
  • Procedure to Export Graphs in RStudio

Chapter 6 - R Connection with Database

  • Introduction to RDBMS
  • Introduction to MySql
  • R packages to connect to database
  • Data analysis of data from database

Chapter 7 - Debugging in R

  • Introduction to Debugging
  • Important function to Debug

Chapter 8 - Statistics in R

  • Introduction to Statistics
  • Types of Data
  • Qualitative vs Quantitative Analysis
  • Hypothesis Testing in R
  • Need of Hypothesis Testing in Business
  • Test of mean
  • Test of variance
  • Chi-square Test
  • Non-parametric Test
  • Linear Regression
  • Basics of Classification
  • Basics of Clustering

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CodeGnan in Students words,

R Programming 2


Learning Java

I’ve tried other training institutes and all I did is quit in the middle. I got nurtured with the basics, they took really good care and even arranged extra classes on personal requests. I get to work in the Real-Time environments and I have successfully deployed 3 projects in Real-Time while I’m still in the middle of the training. The best part is I never thought of quitting.

R Programming 3


Learning Python

I fell in love with the pattern of teaching here. We get to start with hello world all the time but here, nothing is classic and since while training I was working on Real-Time servers, I was a ready to go engineer on the way out of here. They took personal care of me, I got mentors who are happy to answer my calls and finally they gave me a map of what more I can learn by myself and other technologies that I can adapt with my current skillset.

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