Embedded Robotics 1


8 Weeks 10 Hours/Week


Basic Electrical Knowledge, C Programming, Logical Thinking


2 or more real time applications.  

Course Syllabus


Module – 1: Getting Started

Session – 1: Robotics

  • Introduction to Robotics
  • Complete Big Outline of Robotics
  • Laws of Robots
  • Use Cases

Session – 2: Robotic Platform

  • Introduction to Robotics Platform
  • Architecture and Specifications
  • Basic Information about the platform
  • Use Cases

Module – 2: Codegnan - ORL Robotics Platform

Session – 3: madBlocks

  • madBlocks Platform
  • Why madBlocks platform preferable in IoT?
  • Basic Syntaxes
  • Examples and Exercises

Session – 4: Basic Building Robot

  • Getting Started with Robot
  • Configuring Robot
  • Assembling Robot
  • Make Robot Ready for Programming

Module – 3: Sensor Connectivity

Session – 5: Basic Electronics

  • Interfacing Basic I/O with Robotics Platform
  • Interfacing Sensors with Robotics Platform
  • Examples
  • Use Cases

Session – 6: Wireless Robot

  • Wireless Technology
  • Radio Frequency
  • Design and Implementation of Wireless Robot
  • Getting Started

Module – 4: Robot Connectivity

Session – 7: Robot Cloud

  • Creating a Channel
  • Generating unique API Requests
  • Programming the Robotic motes
  • Controlling Robot from Dashboard

Session – 8: Google Assistant Controlled Robot

  • Adding a Skill
  • Generating unique API Requests
  • Programming the Robot
  • Making Robot Live

Module – 5: Types of Robots

Session – 9: Types of Robots

  • Mine Controlled Robot
  • Autonomous Robot
  • Gas Controlled Robot
  • Gesture Controlled Robot
  • Google Assistant Controlled Robot
  • Spider Robot
  • Bipedal Robot
  • Amazon Alexa Controlled Robot
  • Swarm Robots

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CodeGnan in Students words,

Embedded Robotics 2


Learning Java

I’ve tried other training institutes and all I did is quit in the middle. I got nurtured with the basics, they took really good care and even arranged extra classes on personal requests. I get to work in the Real-Time environments and I have successfully deployed 3 projects in Real-Time while I’m still in the middle of the training. The best part is I never thought of quitting.

Embedded Robotics 3


Learning Python

I fell in love with the pattern of teaching here. We get to start with hello world all the time but here, nothing is classic and since while training I was working on Real-Time servers, I was a ready to go engineer on the way out of here. They took personal care of me, I got mentors who are happy to answer my calls and finally they gave me a map of what more I can learn by myself and other technologies that I can adapt with my current skillset.

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