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Duration: 4 weeks

Python is a high-level programming language for general purpose programming. It is the perfect language for someone trying... Learn More

Data Science

Duration: 16 weeks

Data is treated as the new currency in the world. Every day there are more than 2.5 quintillion bytes of data generated which...Learn More

Machine Learning

Duration: 4 weeks

Machine Learning is a set of algorithms that help the machines, that is the computers, devices, and every bit of technology that...Learn More

Data Analysis

Duration: 7 weeks

This program delivers you from the basics of Python to exploring several kinds of data. You will discover how to adjust data for analysis... Learn More

Computer Vision

Duration: 4 weeks

Computer Vision is a popular interdisciplinary approach in the field of Artificial intelligence and Computer Science. It depicts... Learn More


Duration: 4 weeks

Chatbots are the intelligent conversational systems which are used to talk and interact with its users with Artificial intelligence... Learn More


Duration: 8 weeks

The Python-based Django is an easy programming language which was released in the year 2005, and it is popularly used by many web...Learn More

R Programming

Duration: 4 weeks

During the last two decades, the size of data has increased exponentially worldwide and it continues to do so. This has led to...Learn More

Java Programming

Duration: 12 weeks

Sun Microsystems developed Java programming language and is released in 1995 as a core component of Sun Microsystems’ Java platform.Learn More



Who are Data Analysts? How Codegnan helps you to become one? What is the average salary of Data Analyst?

Data analysts are those analysts whose work is to translate figures from complex English to normal English. Every trade, business, company or organization gathers data and information that would include sales, profits, losses, liabilities, assets or any data dealing with figures.

Who are Data Scientists? How Codegnan helps you to become one?

Data scientists are trained professionals who are responsible for collating, analyzing and scanning through huge amounts of data or information to find ways to assist any business or organization so as to develop their operations and earn a competitive profit when compared to their rivals.

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