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Chatbots are the intelligent conversational systems which are used to talk and interact with its users with Artificial intelligence in-built in them. They stimulate the behavior of humans and makes the conversations through the chatbot technology quite enjoyable, and natural too. The Chatbots understand the language through typed text through a keyboard and they carry out the simple tasks.
Some popularly used Chatbots are Facebook Chatbots and Amazon Alexa. They are also used on other social media platforms. Most businesses have in-built chatbot in their websites too. This popular demand for chats has made Chatbots training in Vijayawada such a rage. The Chatbots training course is the most in-demand and is a popular course today in the world of technology. Most businesses have their own Chatbots. If you too want to learn chatbot which is a rapidly emerging technology then you should consider Chatbots training in Vijayawada. The Chatbots training course introduces you to the practical world of how to build up a chatbot with a virtual assistant. You get to learn how to build, analyze, test and deploy the chatbot. Chatbots training in Vijayawada is rapidly gaining a lot of popularity and more and more students are enrolling for the Chatbots training course today
The Chatbots play an essential role in today’s technological world. Chatbot training in Vijayawada gives personalized learning experiences, and the bots are well-collaborated with Alexa training, IBS Watson assistant training and virtual assistant training for a comprehensive learning experience to excel as a professional chatbot developer.


By leveraging the AI power of the Watson assistant, you can build your chatbot without complicated programming. The Watson assistant is the leading conversational AI technology which is used to power the Chatbots. This essential function of Watson AI places a lot of importance on IBM Watson training in Vijayawada. The IBM Watson training in Vijayawada helps you to learn how to make money by applying the AI to the Chatbots and serve your clients better. It is essential to obtain IBM Watson Training in Vijayawada for Chatbot if you wnte to make this, a profession.

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For enhanced functioning of the Chatbots, a Virtual assistant training in Vijayawada is also essential. The virtual assistant training in Vijayawada will be quite helpful in your profession as a chatbot developer. The virtual assistant training in Vijayawada will master your concepts to use virtual assistants in collaboration with Chatbots. The virtual assistants can be used with Chatbots for better handling of conversations. The virtual assistants use a Natural language capability (NLC) and, manages the workflow more smoothly than the Chatbots without virtual assistant features.


The new trending Amazon Alexa also uses the chatbot technology for conversational features. Hence, it is recommended to take Alexa Training in Vijayawada along with chatbot training to be ready comprehensively for the professional world. Alexa Training in Vijayawada has become quite essential for all chatbot developers. Alexa training in Vijayawada prepares the chatbot learners for advanced chatbot features which are in high demand today.


This is the most popular chatbot in use today. Chatbots are added to the Facebook messenger. The Facebook Chatbots are much more than mere chats. The real deal English Chatbots ask you various questions on the kind of English you want to study and the lessons are short and once you finish it the podcast directs you to the chatbot for practice and drill. The chatbot talks in a similar way as a conversation.

    Some popular Facebook messenger Chatbots which you should try out are:
  • Woebot: The woebot is a counseling chatbot which is based on cognitive behavioral therapy.
  • Sanaca- This chatbot is used to build new habits which help you reach the goals.
  • Cleo- An intelligent assistant helps you to budget and manage the money.
  • Health. Ai- The health quires are answered in this chatbot


We as a team of real-time industrial experience with a lot of knowledge in developing applications in Chatbot(7+ years) will ensure that we will deliver our best in Chatbot Training in Vijayawada, and we believe that no one matches us in this context.

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  • Definition of Chatbots
  • The messenger and AI for Chatbots
  • Purpose of Chatbots
  • The different kinds of Chatbots
  • The components of Watson Virtual assistant
  • Entities of the virtual assistant
  • Intents of chatbot virtual
  • Dialogs of chatbot virtual assistant
  • Creation of a workspace
  • Chit chat intents definition
  • Domain Specific Intents
  • Entities definition
  • The welcome default and other nodes
  • The chit chat dialog
  • Complex flow of dialogs
  • Exporting the Chatbots
  • Deployment of the chatbot on the WordPress platform
  • Installation and configuration of the plugin
  • Finding and fixing of the problems during designing of chatbot in the WordPress platform
  • Advanced chatbot concepts
  • Analysis of the chatbot conversations

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