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Chatbots and the business world are considered a perfect duo and bots have provided a significant change in the 21st century. Today, messenger like apps and bots are utilized much more than phone calls because the reply is immediate and the interface is also user-friendly. Chatbot development with Codegnan will help you learn everything data to human-to-human dialog. Learning the development of chatbots is essential to know how bots communicate with humans and to understand the conversational interfaces and agents. Codegnan is affiliated to Microsoft and Hewlett-Packard. The chatbot training at Codegnan will be delivered online.

At Codegnan, 500+ learners have successfully completed training in chatbot development, and these are just the numbers. With Codegnan, we ensure you for the great command in practicals and we will also clear your theoretical concepts. So, get leveled up in the development of chatbot in less investment! Allow bots to communicate for you!

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Chatbot Course Overview

 Get your hands dirty with AI concepts like virtual assistance training, Alexa training, facebook chatbot, etc. The virtual assistant training will master your concepts to use virtual assistants in collaboration with Chatbots. The virtual assistants can be used with Chatbots for better handling of conversations. The virtual assistants use a Natural language capability (NLC) and manage the workflow more smoothly than the Chatbots without virtual assistant features. Some popular Facebook messenger Chatbots which you should try out are:

Woebot -  The woebot is a counseling chatbot which is based on cognitive behavioral therapy.

Sanaca - This chatbot is used to build new habits which help you reach your goals.

Cleo - An intelligent assistant helps you to budget and manage the money.

Health.AI - The health queries are answered in this chatbot

Your chatbot training with us will be the first step towards your dream job. We promise to give you step by step guidance in the completion of the entire course with confidence.

Programming Langugaes and tools covered by us

Chatbot Training Key Features


The Average Salary

The salary of a chatbot developer is estimated as approximately $70,000 to $90,000 per year in the United States

Top brands making use of Chatbots

 Following are the top brands using Chatbots:

  • Spotify

  • Sephora

  • Mastercard

  • Staples

And the list goes on...

Which certification will you get after Chatbots?

 When you enroll yourself in chatbots certification training, you will become CodeGnan’s certified.

About Chatbot Certification COurse

Following aspirants can opt for Chatbots Certification Course: 1.Programming Enthusiasts 2.Project Managers 3.Software developers 4.Software engineers 5.Technical leads Architects 6.Artificial Intelligence experts
Some preferable knowledge of Javascript and Node.js are required.
The future of chatbots is that businesses will automate simple payments and allow users to pay directly over live chat or Facebook Messenger apps. The instant process makes the customer happy and improves customer satisfaction.The growth of chatbot development can be successfully seen in industries like Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Statistics and Analysis, Big Data. Networking, and so on.
After the successful completion of your Chatbot Certification Course, you will be a chatbot developer in a real manner and a quick job is what you need the most.
Chatbot Certification Course will provide you detailed understanding of the building of chatbots or virtual assistants. The Chatbot certification course will help you attain proficiency in the creation of real-time chatbots.
1.The most demanding job 2.Multiple job titles 3.High standard application process 4.Daily refreshing projects 5.Versatile use of Data Science 6.A prestigious job 7.Trending field of Artificial Intelligence 8.Make smarter products And much more... Education at CodeGnan will assure you the ability to code application by the end of the Chatboot development training.
You will get 24*7 support and lifetime access to the LMS where course material like presentations, installation guides & class recordings are available.
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Training Options (OR) MODES OF TRAINING

The training in Python and Image Processing provided by CodeGnan has the best-in-class content is headed as per the industry standards in the form of videos, projects, and assignments. Going digital is the only way you can meet the requirements of the modern learner, who wants fast, personalized, bite-sized information, wherever they are. According to IOMA, “companies save between 50% and 70% when they replace instructor-based training with e-learning”.

Batch-Wise Online Training
  • Get a human touch in your training to increase your throughout with classroom training
  • Enhance learning with group interactions so that you may learn from one another as well
  • Efficient learning in small-sized groups
  • Learn at your time and at your convenience
  • Doubt-clearing via email
  • A flexible LMS for e-learning
  • 24*7 customer support

Offline Training
  • Instructor-led training or blended e-learning is the training method where classroom learning is utilized to conduct interactions and exercises.
  • Peers learning is implemented in this training mode.
  • Learn at your time and at your convenience
  • Doubt-clearing via email
  • A flexible LMS for e-learning
  • 24*7 customer support

Corporate Training
  • Avail new learning methods to existing employees wherever they are and whenever they need to increase their balance in skills-bank.
  • Keep your employees updated on the latest developments in the industry
  • Get employees feedback, provide guidance and monitor their progress.
  • Get the independence to choose the specific module (Personalization)
  • A flexible LMS for e-learning
  • 24*7 customer support

Self-Paced Training
  • When you’re running on time or want to explore your learning along with your job, then self-paced online training can be utilized.
  • Due to the time-constraint and busy schedule, self-learning is the demand of current time
  • Depending upon your pace, monitor your own learning
  • Learn at your time and at your convenience
  • Doubt-clearing via email
  • A flexible LMS for e-learning
  • 24*7 customer support

Chatbot COurse COntent

Chatbot Projects

For getting started with Chatbot development, you need the following: 1.A system with an Intel i3 processor or above 2.A minimum of 3GB RAM (4GB or above recommended for faster processing) 3.Operating system: 32 bit or 64 bits
You need a code editor like Notepad++ that allows you to create, customize, and share your code, equations, narrative text, and illustrations. In case of any questions, while performing the practicals, you will have a 24*7 Support Team to promptly assist you.

Chatbot Certificaions

Training on different technologies provided by CodeGnan is a set of Blended Learning model that brings classroom learning experience with its world-class LMS. We understand the effort of students, thus, as a token of motivation, our training is honored by top leading industries like Microsoft and HP.

When you enroll for Deep Learning training with CodeGnan, you take your step forward for HPE certification. Plus point is, you will not be charged for HPE certification. It will be free of cost.
Chatbots training is rapidly gaining a lot of popularity and more and more students are enrolling for the Chatbots training course today. Chatbots play an essential role in today’s technological world. Chatbot training gives personalized learning experiences, and the bots are well-collaborated with Alexa training, IBS Watson assistant training and virtual assistant training for a comprehensive learning experience to excel as a professional chatbot developer. With Natural Language Processing, you can become a Data Scientist, Natural Language Journalist, Machine Learning Consultant, Artificial Intelligence expert, Software Engineer, Business intelligence Professional, or much more.
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Chatbot Training Course [FAQs]
Chatbot TRainers

Our trainers are industry experts with real-time corporate experience with at least 20+ years. Every one of them has experienced a thorough meticulous procedure that incorporates profile screening, technical assessment, and a training demo before they are certified to train for us. We additionally guarantee solitary mentors with a high alumni class rating stay on our workforce.

Sairam Uppugundla

Python Trainer

He is a tech-expert with 7 years of industrial experience in Python, Data Analysis, Big Data, Machine Learning and NLP. He has 360 degrees of expertise in all these subjects.
He is known for his practical approach to different real-time industrial problems. He is known for his great interest in helping students reach their true potential and scale greater heights.
Believing in Problem-based teaching pedagogies, he left his job in Malaysia as a data engineer and came back to the newly born state to fill the void between students and the industry.

Kiran Kumar

Java Trainer

He has invested 19 years in technical training. He is known for mastering C, C++, Java, Data Structures, HTML, CSS and JavaScript. He is an expert in teaching functionalities to the core. He ensures that every student gets to know how and where each byte flows.
He has been one of the best support systems in the entire journey of CodeGnan. He is focused on his vision to take forward his legacy of guiding the students to reach their career goals. He is a prodigy with varied interest in many industrial verticals including Software development and training.

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