C Programming 1


6 Weeks

10 Hours/Week



Basic Computer knowledge.



2 or more real time applications.



C LanguageTraining Course

Without knowledge in C Programming, there is never enough Programming experience to learn other programming languages. A Fresher will never have an interview without C language. To learn Java, Net, Databases the list continues only C Language internally programmes so many we require “C” Knowledge for a student finally to tell many languages. With CodeGnan’s C Language Training in Vijayawada, we will assure you that you leave with full-fledged knowledge.

C language Training Course vijayawada – Objective

C Language Training main objective for the student to develop primary programming skills up to the higher end to solve the different programming logic. The student can able to write a different type of philosophy at the end of the sessions. After learning the C programming language course, the student can able to get all the fundamental knowledge in all the languages. After Completion our students can attend any the interviews of any MNC Company and will be able to solve rounds both theoretically and practically. We Provide a lot of relevant examples to make the course as good and as comfortable as possible.

Why C Language training is required?

 C Language is always a good start for learning how to code. With the knowledge of C, we can learn Java, Python and other courses easily with the prior knowledge of this language. With CodeGnan’s C Language Training in Vijayawada, we will assure you that you leave with full-fledged knowledge.

Advantages of C Language training in Vijayawada

  • C language is considered as building blocks of all other languages that we are working on today. C language has a large set of data-types and operators. Hence programmes written in C are more efficient, faster and easier to understand.
  • C Language is highly portable. Once a program is written in C in one computer, the same code can seamlessly work on other computers.
  • Several standard features are available which can be used for developing programs.
    Another critical advantage of C is its ability to extend itself.
  • A program written in C is a collection of functions that are supported by the libraries in C. This makes us more accessible to add services to C library.
  • With a large number of features available, the programming becomes easier. This helps users to think of a problem regarding functional modules or blocks.
  • Collection of these modules makes a complete program. This modular structure makes program debugging, testing and maintenance are easier.

Job Proscpects with C Programming Language

Kernel for Linux is developed in C, a lot of drivers are written in C, many compilers, interpreters and VMs are implemented in C, and the list goes on. C is almost used anywhere, where performance is the primary concern. You get an opportunity to work on system level programming or application programming. You may get work in Embedded Systems which will involve the work-related, to develop the software for different products. Different Roles Involves for the person who works in the Software Industry on C Language based Development: Development Engineer, Firmware Engineer, Application Engineer, Test Engineer, Integration Engineer and Validation Engineer.

Why CodeGnan to be chosen to learn C Language in Vijayawada?

We as a team of real time subject experts with lot of C training experience(19 + years) will ensure that we will deliver our best in C language training in Vijayawada, and we believe that no one matches us in this context.


Course Syllabus


Part 1

  • Introduction to ‘C’ language
  • Overview, History, Configuring C on Windows/Linux/Mac
  • Character set, Identifiers, Tokens, Data Types, Variables
  • Structure/form of a typical C-program

Part 2

  • Program flow control by control statements,. selection. iteration. jump
  • Introducing Pointers, Arrays with pointers, Functions with pointers
  • Exploring C’s standard Library -<string.h> -<ctype.h> -<math.h> -<graphics.h>- etc..

Part 3

  • Console I/O , managing standard input/output devices in C
  • Program development, compilation, building, debugging, executing
  • Sub programs/ Functions in C, Recursion

Part 4

  • Storage class specifiers / Type modifiers
  • File management in C-language
  • Dynamic Memory Allocation with <alloc.h>

Part 5

  • Expressions, Operators, Operands
  • Introducing Arrays, need of arrays, Strings, multi-dimentional arrays
  • Introducing user defined data types / abstract data types . structures . enums . unions . typedef . pointers with structures

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CodeGnan in Students words,

C Programming 2


Learning Java

I’ve tried other training institutes and all I did is quit in the middle. I got nurtured with the basics, they took really good care and even arranged extra classes on personal requests. I get to work in the Real-Time environments and I have successfully deployed 3 projects in Real-Time while I’m still in the middle of the training. The best part is I never thought of quitting.

C Programming 3


Learning Python

I fell in love with the pattern of teaching here. We get to start with hello world all the time but here, nothing is classic and since while training I was working on Real-Time servers, I was a ready to go engineer on the way out of here. They took personal care of me, I got mentors who are happy to answer my calls and finally they gave me a map of what more I can learn by myself and other technologies that I can adapt with my current skillset.

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