Machine learning with Python bootcamp

Well, I am sure you know that Machine Learning with Python is an application of Artificial Intelligence that ensures computer systems to automatically learn and improve from experience without being explicitly programmed by humans.

But here’s a thing

Are you willing to hold the foundation of this technology revolution in the times to come?
Are you prepared to enter the league of high-paying Machine Learning enthusiasts?

If the answers to the above questions are a YES, here’s some great news for you!

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Machine Learning with Python can be a rewarding career for you. This field offers a promising career path with lucrative salaries, especially for wizards who are good in mathematics, statistics and have sharp programming skills.

Many high tech companies are looking for high tech Machine Learning Engineers who can build Machine Learning Algorithms. According to, the average machine learning engineer salary is $142,000.An experienced machine learning engineer can earn up to $195,752.

How will Machine Learning benefit you?

Despite what you may have heard, let me break it to you,

  1. Machine Learning allows software applications to become precise with predicting outcomes. As humans become more addicted to machines, it is bound to become the future of technology.
  2. The future of Machine Learning involves advanced cognitive systems which will intelligently and fluently interact with human experts, providing them with articulate explanations and answers, even at the edge of the network or in robotic devices.
  3. Machine Learning is the idea that there are generic algorithms that can tell you something interesting about a set of data without you having to write any custom code specific to the problem. Instead of writing code, you feed data to the generic algorithm and it builds its own logic based on the data.
  4. Machine Learning has been used in multiple fields and industries. For example, medical diagnosis, image processing, prediction, classification, learning association, regression etc.

For all these reasons, the future of Machine Learning will encounter developments in the way algorithms are treated, such as artificial intelligence deployments that can recognize, alter, and improve upon their own internal architecture with minimal human supervision.

Who can join the Bootcamp?

Candidates just starting off their career but not sure where to begin

In an established role but need to dive deep

Willing to brush up your skills & master the art of training your machines

Aspirants who are aiming to get better at their current job roles or planning to explore more options

What Our Students Say

I got to know codegnan through online.I attended python course . The team helped me to overcome the problems I face while programing in python language. I learned much here so that I am pretty good with my core python.

Udanya Korupolu
Student, KL University

Got to know about Codegnan through google and joined in it after going through their reviews.It been a very encouraging and postivie experience right from getting details,joining and completing my microsoft certification exam.The staff here is very helpful in every possible way especially sai ram sir has been really good in helping through out the course.i highly recommend Codegnan..

Sasanc Reddy
Employee, Mc Afee

Came to know about Codegnan through web and the faculty was really good with practical knowledge on problems and projects

Priya Nagothi
Student, Vignan University

It was an wonderful training center.I have learnt a lot in Codegnan it solutions. thank you.

T.B.K. Parameswar
Student, Sri CSVMV College of Engineering

Flexible timings ,friendly environment and good staff!! good initiative for programme beginners in various computer languages ,overall i love this experience.

Srikanth Marni
Student, Saveetha Engineering College

I have learned PYTHON course here.The teaching environment is very friendly here.they clear the doubts immediatly. I am very happy as i trained here and gained MTA badge.The best part is they focus on practical training.I suggest who are willing get train in python this is best place.

Sree Kavya Kondaveeti
Student, Bapatla Engineering College

Those people who want learn python for data science and artifical intelligence,It is right place.For me it helps a lot.Faculty is very good and cooperative.

Satyam G
Student, Malla Reddy Engineering College

Those people who want learn python for data science and artifical intelligence,It is right place.For me it helps a lot.Faculty is very good and cooperative.

Soumya Vema
Student, PB Siddhartha Arts and Science College

Codegnan is a platform to improve your programming skills and I improved a lot of knowledge by completing python course @CODEGNAN.

Anil Pathi
Student, Andhra Loyola College

Codegnan is a wonderful place if you wanna start your career in computers and don’t know where to start, the faculty is really well experienced and good care is been taken on everyone.

Chandha Pothumarth
Student, Sastra University

Giants of Machine Learning in 2021-

We all know that Machine Learning is creating new opportunities in every sector be it healthcare or travel. So, companies all around the world are enchasing on such opportunities to offer much-improved products or services to consumers through mergers and acquisitions.

Chatbot Army

Neural Networks and ‘Machines That Dream’

Curated Timelines

Improved Content Discovery

I can’t stress this enough but have you ever dreamt of working in any of these giants? I believe everyone aspires to work in the Fortune-500, and don’t worry!

Your dream is about to come true with the magic mantra of keeping up with the trends in technology.

Why Codegnan?

Our primary goal is to support our students to take an unbiased decision as per their interests around their choice of technology.

Together, we’ll be building up and reinforcing skills in ways that will be rewarding in the long run.

And that’s why we keep up to the education industry standards but don’t want our students to fall in the trap of skill gap between academics and industry.

Believe it or not, but, an uncluttered mind can absorb knowledge and put it into practice in a much effective way, hence enhancing their “CodeGnan”.

Our Objective


Layout a complete understanding of Machine Learning with Python from basics to advanced


Explain the end to end process of investigating data through Machine Learning with Python


Give an overview to Machine Learning with Python, Data Mining and Statistical Pattern Recognition


Escort you to the league of high-paying Machine Learning professions faster by mastering the fundamentals and complex concepts of Machine Learning

No matter if you are a beginner with minuscule knowledge of programming, already acquainted with the basics flow, or plan to learn advanced Machine Learning with Python, there can be nothing better than this 20-day boot camp. Here we will guide you through Machine Learning with Python in the most simplified manner.

By spending 2 hours daily for 20 days in the boot camp, you will learn-

For course curriculum and outcomes. please check this link

After you’ve registered with us, we will assign a batch to you and send the boot camp live link daily to your registered email address.

All you need is a computer and active internet connection to master Machine Learning with Python in just 20 days.

Don’t worry if you are not able to join the LIVE for unavoidable reasons, the recordings of the sessions will be shared with all the registered users.

Bootcamp Details


18th January – 09th February 2022.



02:00 PM – 04:00 PM

Learn at your own pace and convenience

Access Anytime, Anywhere

Learn what you want, when you want!

24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Regular checks on how far you’ve reached!

Each session will be followed by practical assignments.

Doubt Clarification

We walk with you throughout your journey!

24*7 support via email, whatsapp and phone.

Our instructors will monitor the discussion platforms to answer questions specific to the exercises and topics covered in the course.

Lifetime Access

All content is yours to keep forever + study whenever!

Claim lifetime access to the minute details of programming so you can refer as and when needed.


Successfully complete your Machine Learning with Python training!

Grab your Machine Learning with Python Boot Camp participation certificate.

So what are you waiting for?

Learn Machine Learning with Python in a way that will advance your career and increase your knowledge, all in a fun and practical way!


When will the Machine Learning with Python Bootcamp begin?

The Machine Learning with Python Bootcamp will last for 20 days starting from 18th January 2022 and will go on till 09th February 2022.

How much time will I spend per day?

You will be spending a short span of 2 hours daily (10 am to 12 pm IST).

I have a full-time job, not sure if I’ll be able to make it. Will you share the recordings?

Yes! the recordings of the sessions will be shared with the registered users.

What is the level of the Machine Learning with Python Bootcamp - beginner or advanced?

The Machine Learning with Python Bootcamp level will be from beginner to advanced.

Shall I get any certificate upon completion of the 20-days Machine Learning with Python Bootcamp?

After the successful completion of your 20-days Machine Learning with Python Bootcamp, you will be rewarded with a certificate of participation.

What do I need to enroll in the Machine Learning with Python Bootcamp?

To enrol yourself in the Machine Learning with Python Bootcamp, you first need to register and spare your seat and then sit back patiently as we’ll then send you the Bootcamp live link daily. Additionally, you need access to your computer and a stable internet connection.

Who can join Machine Learning with Python Bootcamp?
  • Just starting off & aren’t sure where to start from.
  • In an established role but need to dive deep.
  • Looking to brush up your skills & master the technology.
  • Willing to get better in your current or new job.

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