HTML & CSS Projects Based Bootcamp

Be a part of HTML & CSS Bootcamp and learn from the fundamentals, a kick start for your career as a Web Developer. By the end, you’ll be able to build your own web pages.

Entry Fees(Limited Offer) :  INR 500 4,999 /-

After you’ve registered with us, we will assign a batch to you and send the Bootcamp live link daily to your registered email address.

All you need is a computer and a stable Internet connection to master HTML & CSS in 15 days.

Bootcamp Details


06th January – 25th January, 2022



02:00 PM – 04:00 PM

Learn at your own pace and convenience

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24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Regular checks on how far you’ve reached!

Each session will be followed by practical assignments.

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24*7 support via email, Whatsapp, and phone.
Our instructors will monitor the discussion platforms to answer questions specific to the exercises and topics covered in the course.

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Bootcamp Objectives & Outcomes

Day 1

Introduction to HTML, DOCTYPE declaration, head, body, proper syntax, including closing tags and commonly used symbols

Day 2

HTML elements like table tags; h1-h6; p, br, hr, div, span, ul, ol, li, header, nav, section, article, aside, footer

Day 3

image links, a tag, target, links, navigating from one page to another page, video, audio

Day 4

Comments, script; noscript; style; link; meta tags, including encoding, keywords,valid syntax for the CSS rule set; selectors, including class, id, elements and pseudo-class

Day 5

Attribute selectors,when to use inline styles; when to use internal style sheets; when to use external style sheets; precedence when using a combination of inline styles and style sheets

Day 6

web safe fonts,font-family; color; font-style; font-size; font-weight, text formatting, including text alignment, text decoration, and indentation

Day 7

border-color; border-style; border-width; backgrounds, colors, responsive effects with CSS, including viewport and media query, percentages versus pixels

Day 8

positioning, including float, relative, absolute, max-width, overflow, height, width, and align; inline versus block, visibility, box model, including margins and padding, link colors

Day 9

Advanced topics Flexbox,flex container, flex responsive, Grid, grid containers

Day 10

Project on using all these tasks with responsiveness by taking a template


  1. Building a registration page

          In this we are going to use input fields, change the size and look of the tags. Adding new stylings to text content. And builds a Google Search operation. Finally going to push the code into github.

  1. Creating a responsive blog.

          In this we are going to use images, background properties, media queries. How to create a responsive page easily by using CSS. Placing an image at the background when we scroll the content changes but the background will remain the same. Finally going to push the code into github.

  1. Building our own Portfolio.

                    In this final project we are going to integrate all the topics we     learned in HTML and CSS into a single page web page. So we can find the conflicts, issues that are going to generate while connecting different elements. Finally going to push the code into github. It will help the recruiters to find what you learned and how strong you are looking into these technologies.

Why Codegnan?


At Codegnan, we believe that everyone has the right to equality of education and this is the reason we encourage the young minds to participate in such programs and explore the technology so that the world’s most innovative minds come together to get the hands-on training to inspire, excite, and motivate themselves for the latest trends in the technology.


Codegnan provides students an open choice to choose the technology as per their interests. We follow education standards and we don’t want our students to face the regular skill gap between academics and industry. We are the technology partners of Microsoft and HP.  Students can nourish themselves in the best way possible in order to increase their “CodeGnan”.

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What Our Students Say

I got to know codegnan through online.I attended python course . The team helped me to overcome the problems I face while programing in python language. I learned much here so that I am pretty good with my core python.

Udanya Korupolu
Student, KL University

Got to know about Codegnan through google and joined in it after going through their reviews.It been a very encouraging and postivie experience right from getting details,joining and completing my microsoft certification exam.The staff here is very helpful in every possible way especially sai ram sir has been really good in helping through out the course.i highly recommend Codegnan..

Sasanc Reddy
Employee, Mc Afee

Came to know about Codegnan through web and the faculty was really good with practical knowledge on problems and projects

Priya Nagothi
Student, Vignan University

It was an wonderful training center.I have learnt a lot in Codegnan it solutions. thank you.

T.B.K. Parameswar
Student, Sri CSVMV College of Engineering

Flexible timings ,friendly environment and good staff!! good initiative for programme beginners in various computer languages ,overall i love this experience.

Srikanth Marni
Student, Saveetha Engineering College

I have learned PYTHON course here.The teaching environment is very friendly here.they clear the doubts immediatly. I am very happy as i trained here and gained MTA badge.The best part is they focus on practical training.I suggest who are willing get train in python this is best place.

Sree Kavya Kondaveeti
Student, Bapatla Engineering College

Those people who want learn python for data science and artifical intelligence,It is right place.For me it helps a lot.Faculty is very good and cooperative.

Satyam G
Student, Malla Reddy Engineering College

Those people who want learn python for data science and artifical intelligence,It is right place.For me it helps a lot.Faculty is very good and cooperative.

Soumya Vema
Student, PB Siddhartha Arts and Science College

Codegnan is a platform to improve your programming skills and I improved a lot of knowledge by completing python course @CODEGNAN.

Anil Pathi
Student, Andhra Loyola College

Codegnan is a wonderful place if you wanna start your career in computers and don’t know where to start, the faculty is really well experienced and good care is been taken on everyone.

Chandha Pothumarth
Student, Sastra University


How to enroll in HTML & CSS Projects Based Bootcamp?

To enroll yourself in HTML & CSS Projects Based Bootcamp, you first need to register and spare your seat and then sit back patiently as we’ll then send you the Bootcamp live link daily. Additionally, you need access to your computer and a stable internet connection.

What is the level of Bootcamp - beginner or advanced?

The HTML & CSS MTA Bootcamp level will be from beginner to advanced.

How much time will this Bootcamp require?

Learners should plan to spend 2 hours daily for 10 days on this Bootcamp. In total, it will be 20 hours of Bootcamp.

What benefits will I get after earning MTA certification?

After passing the MTA certification exam, you will gain direct recognition from Microsoft and a badge that you can showcase on your social media platforms, get your resume noticed, and differentiate yourself from competitors. Leverage the power of the Microsoft brand with MTA certification!

Is there any expiry of MTA certification?

No, MTA certifications do not expire.

Do I need to pay again for MTA certification other than the registration fee?

No, there is no need to pay extra fee for MTA certification. There is no additional cost rather than the registration fee for the Bootcamp. Although, the actual cost of MTA certification is 4200 INR.

What is the format of the MTA certification exam?

The MTA certification exam is based on multiple-choice questions. The questions format will be like re-arranging of code or drag-and-drop options.

Exam duration: 45 minutes

Minimum Passing Percentage: 70%

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