Why do you need to learn Python in 2020?

Python is said to be a versatile and flexible programming language. The demand for Python is growing huge among various programmers and it’s really fun to be a part of. If you are a reader of technology on Google, then you might be aware of the keywords like Data Science or Python. Why you should consider learning Python in 2020 is because of the 17.6% in its growth as compared to the last five years, and I have three primary reasons to state that:

1.        The choicest language for new programmers

Concerning the readability of various programming languages, Python is the easiest one! If you are teaching someone how to write a “Hello World” program in Java, he will write the following code-

   class Hello {

   public static void main(String args[]) {

   System.out.println (“Hello World!”);




If you are a new programmer, understanding class, public, static, void, args, etc. stuff does not seem easy to understand. You need to learn the syntax first. But that is not in the case of Python. If you want to write the same “Hello World” program in Python, you just need to write the following code-


print(“Hello World!”);


That’s it! Just a single line of code! Python is easy to teach and easy to learn programming language. Almost 22% of the programmers in Python are the new comers having less than a year of experience. But they earn really good!


2.        Demand of companies

Another reason to choose Python is the high demand for it! As you have seen the size of code snippet of Python, companies working in Data Science, Data Analytics or AI industries require small code snippets instead of longer ones. Data Science is said to be the main driver behind the growth of Python. Should I learn Python or Java? I will say both!


3.        Great career growth with great career options

Employers use Python in many different fields. If you choose Python as your career option, you will have the below-mentioned options to work-


Python – a successful and easy adaption

When we talk about the IT industry, the liveliest thing is that the growth of technology that never stops! Due to the advancement of technology, Python is also upgrading insanely. Below are the few facts:

·              Python has become one of the most searched programming languages on search engines as per the stats of 2019.

·              As per the report given by Forbes, Python has shown 456% growth last year.

·              The most famous websites like Netflix, IBM, Dropbox, and almost hundreds of other websites use Python. And yes, we can’t forget our favourite websites like Facebook, Instagram, Uber, Amazon, etc. as these are also built using Python.

·              According to the study of Full Stack Python, Python is said to be the steadiest programming language that is used not only by developers but by the many other professionals.

Python – a helping hand of programming languages

Based upon the above-mentioned facts, you can blindly believe that even in 2020 and in the upcoming years, this versatile programming language will be at the summit for the development of web and IT technologies.

(Source: Daxx)

If you take a glance at the above-mentioned stats, Python is at the top of most wanted or most demanding programming languages. You can also integrate Python with other programming languages like Java or .Net or you can just invoke C/C++ libraries through it. Apart from this, operating systems like Windows, Linux, Macintosh, Solaris, etc. also support Python. As Python is easily adaptable to other programming languages, it becomes the summit choice for every industry to adopt Python.

Python – a multi-functional language

Coding based technologies are growing in the industry and becoming rich day by day. To deal with such a scenario, Python functionality of being multi-functional language is acting as a boon. Following points show how developers can use Python in various aspects: -

·    As a combination of frontend and backend development

·    To create both mobile and web applications

·    In the lead of Data Science

·    As the chief in Artificial Intelligence

·    Get it automated with Machine Learning and Automation

Python – a collection of an extensive library

Python comes up with the choicest collection of libraries that comes in handy for the creation of development or Data Science related projects. The collection of libraries like NumPy, SciPy, Scikit-Learn, Matplotlib, StatsModels, Pandas, and many more libraries are the capabilities that have significantly multiplied over the years.

To resolve high-level mathematical functions and operations on arrays and matrices, Python has the easiest library for this named NumPy. If you are into scientific computing, SciPy is for you that deals with numerical integration and analysis of scientific data. Or if you want to explore Python for data analysis, Python has Pandas library for you that was built on NumPy.

Web development related libraries can’t be ignored here! Python has a wide range of web development frameworks libraries such as Django, Flask, Pyramid, TurboGears, Web2Py, Bottle, CherryPy, Hug, Falcon, Sanic, and FastAPI.

If you into Data Visualization then Python has Matplotlib (the foundation library based on which Pandas Plotting, Seaborn, and ggplot were developed), Plotly, Altair, Seaborn, Bokeh, Pygal, Geoplotlib, Gleam, and Missingno.

How about testing? You got right, Python supports cross-platform and cross-browser testing related frameworks like PyTest and Robot.

In short, every name you read, Python has the library for it!

Python for Enterprises

Where Python is a fantastic choice for beginners, at the same time, Enterprises can also make use of this functional programming language for Enterprise Application Integration (EAI). Python can be easily embedded in applications or applications written in other languages. Python language has a strong integration bonding with OOPS languages like Java, C, and C++ because of which we call it a perfect application scripting language. The cherry on the cake is Python is also used for the development of GUI and desktop applications.

Fatty paychecks with Python

If you are thinking to make your career in Python or thinking to switch your career in IT, let me clear you that you are going to prepare yourself for the prominent growth with huge salary prospects. As per the research performed by Daxx, Python Engineers, Python Developers, and Python Programmers get the highest salary in developed countries like the US which is around #110,021, and in the major cities of the US like New York and California, you will get $122,135 and $121,443 respectively.

Final Words

After reading the whole content, a question must have popped up into your mind that will the growth of Python continue in the coming years? As per the current indications, the answer is yes. Python will maximize your chances of success. Well, this write up has given you a reason to learn Python in 2020. As of now, Python has emerged as the number one programming language in the industry, thus, this is the right time to take advantage of this! If you are figuring out how much time it will take to learn Python then let me lit a ray of hope that you can start building fun programs in Python in a matter of weeks. Just figure out the paths from where to start! All the best!



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