Why is Django a highly used framework?

If you are a passionate programmer who loves to play on the coding playground then the term framework should not be new to you. Being a programmer, you don’t need to design any program from scratch, rather there are several tools developed by expert developers to help you with your projects. These tools are known as frameworks. Utilizing frameworks to create software applications help programmers to focus on the high-level functionality of the application. With a framework, programmers just have to focus on coding parts including syntax, declarations, garbage collection, statements, exceptions, and much more.

What we’ll be discussing in this blog?

1.    What is Django?

2.    Is there any difference between Python and Django?

3.    Why you should us Django?

4.    Reason behind the popularity of Django

5.    Django’s REST framework for building web APIs

6.    Top trusted companies using Django

7.    What all you can do with Django?

8.    An Advice for using Django Framework

Let’s discuss the past, present, and future of the Django framework.

What is Django?

Django is a high-level Python web framework that encourages pragmatic, quick development, and clean design. A web application framework has a toolkit of components based upon the requirement of web applications. The objective here is to permit engineers to, as opposed to executing similar arrangements again and again, center around the pieces of their application that are new and special to their task. Indeed, Django is substantially more completely highlighted than numerous different structures out there. It deals with a great deal of the issues of Web advancement, letting you center around composing your application with no compelling reason to rehash an already solved problem. It's free and open source.

The best part of using Django is that whatever operating system you are using (Windows, Unix, Linux, Mac) or whatever RAM you have in your system, it really doesn’t matter! Believe me, Django is capable of building any application.

Is there any difference between Python and Django?

Django is fundamentally a full-stack web framework based on Python. Django is mostly used for web-based backend applications and APIs. In less complex words Django is a framework that utilizes python programming language which incorporates database management; views application rationale behind the application is executed. 

Python is an interactive, interpreted, object-oriented, and high-level programming language which works on the compiler level. Python comprises its own syntax, data types, and own principles of object-oriented programming. Core Python is utilized in building Desktop based applications, Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning, and so on.

Why should you use Django?

Django was created to encourage the quick development of web apps. Django works on the basis of MVT architecture, that is, Model View Template, where the codes for various tasks in a project can be easily separated. It makes it easier for a new web developer or a full stack developer to start and speed up the work.

Source: Hacker.io

MVT architecture states-

A user requests for a resource to the Django, Django works as a controller and checks to the available resource in the URL.

If URL maps, a view is called that interacts with the model and template, it renders a template.

Django responds back to the user and sends a template as a response.

Following diagram explains Django’s MVT architecture in an easy manner:

(Source: javatpoint)


Django can be used to build any type of website with the help of its frameworks like content management, Wikipedia pages, social networking applications, chat applications, and many other websites (read below). Django can work with any client-server applications and is capable of delivering content in any form (HTML, Text, JSON, XML, RSS, etc.)

Thus, Django should be considered because of the following reasons:

  • Extraordinary Speed: Django framework by the python programming language helps Django designers complete the undertaking at first start from the requirement to deployment with excellent speed. In this manner, without settling on project quality the applications can be conveyed within the least time.


  • Stable and demonstrated: Django is an astoundingly steady and dependable web framework. Notable associations like Instagram, Disqus, Pinterest, and Mozilla have been utilizing the Django framework for the past many years.


  • Python Based: Python is a strong high- level general-purpose programming language. Its syntax underpins straightforwardness and readability. Python's straightforward and transparent code makes the programming process quicker so the customers spare a great deal of time and money by choosing this platform. 


  • Wonderful Speed: Django web framework helps Django developers to complete the project at first start from prerequisite to organization with extraordinary speed. Consequently, without settling on venture quality the applications can be conveyed within the least time. 


  • Rich in Features: Django Web Framework consists of many add-ons that can be utilized to grow large structural features to a mobile or web application. 


  • Extremely Scalable: The organizations grow with time thus need the structure for their application and site which is exceptionally hearty and versatile. Utilizing this web system, very adaptable yields can be conveyed which can legitimize future business demands.


  • Highly Secure: Firstly, Django has been tweaked as high security as a top priority because of its comprehensive list of security features. Besides, the sites and applications assembled utilizing Django incorporate content Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), SQL injection prevention, cross-site demand producing assurance, session security, and some more. For this reason, the websites made using Django are destined to be secure.


  • Open Source: Django is a totally free and open-source web framework. The Django supports bunches of open-source libraries that have prepared to create elements and long-term support for significant releases.


  • Batteries of Django: Django framework has everything to build a robust framework with main features as below:
  • Template layers,
  • Forms, development process,
  • Views layers, security,
  • Model layers, python compatibility,
  • Localization, performance, and optimization
  • A geographic framework, common tools for web application development
  • Other core functionalities required for websites.

The reason behind the popularity of Django

When you know the features of utilizing Django, the best thing is to play with the strengths of the framework.

  • Django is considered to develop:
  • Algorithm-based generators
  • Emailing solutions
  • Verification systems
  • Filtering systems with dynamically changing rules and advanced parameters
  • Data analysis solutions and complicated calculations
  • Machine learning


  • Django is used to develop multiple applications
  • Client relationship management (CRM) systems
  • Content management systems (CMS) for internal and commercial use
  • Communication platforms
  • Booking engines
  • Document administration platforms


  • Django helps in creating rich, dynamic database-access APIs
  • Django is used for authentication. Django handles user accounts, groups, permissions, and cookie-based user sessions. It comes with a full-featured and secure authentication system.
  • Django is used for security. Django helps developers avoid many common security errors. It provides multiple protections against:
  • Clickjacking
  • Cross-site scripting
  • Cross Site Request Forgery (CSRF)
  • SQL injection
  • Remote code execution

Django’s REST framework for building web APIs

Django REST framework is a powerful and adaptable toolbox for building Web APIs. The Django REST Framework is utilized to coordinate a REST API into existing Django.

There are a few reasons to consider REST structure for your project:

  • Developers love to utilize the REST system as it’s a web-browsable API
  • Official Django REST Framework Tutorial is easily accessible on GitHub (Alt/Title Tag: The Django REST system instructional exercise accessible in GitHub)
  • Django's REST framework gives a lot of authentication strategies and permits developers to include custom schemes.
  • The serialization changes over complex model occurrences to local python data types. It bolsters both non-ORM and ORM information sources.
  • Community support in Python Django is large and the developer can utilize detailed documentation.
  • REST system utilized by trusted organizations including Red Hat, Mozilla, Eventbrite, and Heroku.

Top trusted companies using Django

Django is considered as the framework for perfectionists with tight deadlines, as it helps quickly build web applications with less code. Django is a high-end Python framework that aids in rapid development and developing clean and intuitive design. The efficiency of this framework is proven by the fact that it is used by some of the busiest applications on the web. Django provides services for various industries such as Media, Travel, Social Networking, E-commerce, Healthcare Music, E-learning, Education, Job portals, and Real Estate. Mozilla utilizes Django for a number of websites and it is also used by websites like BitBucket, Coursera, Sentry, Udemy, MIT, Onion, National Geographic, and Pinterest. 

Let us now discuss which top company is utilizing a Django framework and for what reason.

  • Netflix is a spilling giant utilizing Django to build up the backend of their site and utilize a few suggestion calculations to build up the website.
  • Youtube is utilizing the Django framework for various purposes to make a quality web application.
  • Instagram is a social networking platform that is the greatest client for the Django web structure. The Instagram team likes to utilize Django for its effortlessness and practicality.
  • Facebook utilizes the Django python structure for a significant number of backend tools. As indicated by a report, 21% of the backend codebase is written in Python programming language at Facebook.
  • Instacart is a retail giant that significantly utilizes Python to create backend services and the Django framework is a decent decision for e-commerce site development.
  • Uber is a standout amongst other travel organizations created utilizing the Django framework and it supports surge pricing, predictions, and analysis.
  • AiCure is a healthcare new business dedicatedly builds up its site backend utilizing Django.
  • Roam Analytics is a platform concentrating on human health utilizing machine learning with the assistance of web advancement through Django.
  • Content-driven websites like The Washington Post, New York Times, The Guardian, and a lot of other websites use Django to handle the huge traffic that comes to their websites and maintain its high-level performance.
  • Dropbox is the cloud storage platform that primarily utilizes Django for storage, synchronization, and sharing options.
  • Mozilla is one of the most mainstream internet browsers and another web application that changed from PHP to Python, and in this way to Django. Presently, it is better ready to deal with gigantic traffic and API hits. 
  • NASA uses Django for a portion of the functional elements that require the most unwavering quality. Their site isn't as famous as Instagram, for instance, yet it handles high-resolution images and a normal of 2 million perspectives for each month. 
  • Pinterest This platform has well more than 250 million dynamic clients for each month, handles colossal volumes of media data, but manages how to continue its easy to use interface. On account of its open-source structure, the makers had the option to adjust it to suit their necessities. 
  • Reddit When there is a need for social news and conversations some individuals prefer Reddit. It is a web content platform where individuals pose inquiries, share opinions, and where posts are advanced dependent on a rating system. Reddit depends on Django for a large number of its functional capacities, such as servicing heavy user traffic.

What all can you do with Django?

Django is a full-stack web development framework is used in the custom development of Python Services like:

An advice for using Django framework

Python in a combination with the Django framework sets out the preparation for making a solid and exceptionally secure platform to take a shot at the web development project. With the new functionalities and highlights presented, it is getting easier for web developers to work with Django and get their venture propelled at the earliest opportunity. What is vital is finding a group that can execute your thought in the most ideal manner conceivable and in the briefest measure of time. We at Codegnan encourage you to explore our more projects in Python and Django and recreate your coding skills by wetting your hands in the Django project. Are you also considering learning the Django framework? Share your views in the comment section.



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