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What Augmented Reality bringing us in Future? | Future of AR

Last updated on Dec. 17, 2020, 1:07 p.m. 897 Views

Kirandeep Kaur

Kirandeep Kaur |

Kirandeep is a Technophile & Cybernaut who loves to learn and write on various emerging technologies like Data Science, Machine Learning, Cyber Security, Artificial Intelligence, Java, SQL, Digital Marketing, and so on. When she is not writing anything, you can find her playing mobile games, cooking, or surfing about technology trends. She is a music lover!

What Augmented Reality bringing us in Future? | Future of AR

Last updated on Dec. 17, 2020, 1:07 p.m. 897 Views

Kirandeep Kaur

What Augmented Reality bringing us in Future  Future of AR

In previous years, augmented reality has shown very innovative projects that have good commercial value and potential for the future. Businesses with a wide range are witnessing the growth of augmented reality and further development can be clearly seen for the upcoming projects using augmented reality. Top smartphone companies like Apple, Samsung, Oppo, etc. have already implemented augmented reality as the root feature of the phones to click or edit AR-based pictures and videos. Thanks to the games like Pokemon Go and Harry Potter that have made us realize the importance of augmented reality.

The Progressing Evolution of Augmented Reality technology

Augmented Reality was initiated by Sutherland in 1968 by using AR in the construction of head-mounted display systems. It then became popular for the usage of various industries like business, logistics, gaming, manufacturing, retail, and much more. AR is utilized as an activity that can help in the exponential growth of the business. As per the reports, about 90% of the rate of accuracy followed by a 30% decrease in time consumption is analyzed by building a basic AR project.

As per Hindy, Google Translate now uses AR to translate multiple languages on the fly, just by pointing a smartphone camera at a sign, page, or screen written in an unfamiliar letter set. Quiver takes the ongoing coloring book rage higher than ever by transforming hued pictures into three-dimensional characters through AR. What's more, AR can likewise be found in QR code scanners, star maps, texting applications, games, and online registries.

Check out the statistics by the exchange that shows the use of cases of augmented reality.

Future of Augmented Reality

Before AR innovation can arrive at its maximum potential, it must turn out to be in excess of a bit of hindsight on smartphones. "For AR to turn out to be genuinely helpful, someone should make a platform for it that could have a variety of applications and services," claims tech industry advisor Tim Bajarin in his 2017 Time article. "Why This Futuristic Tech Will Be The Future Of Computing." "It's most probable this platform will exist first in smartphones," he says, "at that point, then years later, stretch out to some sort of glasses or goggles, similar to a full-fledged acknowledged Google Glass." 

Hackernoon has nicely presented the future of augmented reality in the form of infographic.

When AR finds a convincing, full-featured platform and it turns out to be evident that countless buyers are turning out to be AR proficient, the capability of AR will start to be realized completely. Each industry from architecture to education, sports, military training, aircraft training, ship training, and retail commerce will profit by grasping AR.

Total Immersion™ itemizes the different industries that will see expanded AR activity sooner or later in its blog post titled "The Future of Augmented Reality." These industries include:

E-commerce :

Many organizations will integrate AR into their websites and portable applications. In retail, this will result in applications that flawlessly "dress" a client in sunglasses, jackets, footwear, and jewelry by means of the camera in the person’s smartphone. 

Digital Marketing :

AR innovations will keep on improving the manner in which clients draw in with brands. Showcasing AR will probably be found in packaging, on road signs, through gaming applications, and through interactions with different items. 

Geolocation : 

The capability of smartphones to advise us regarding our environmental factors will be extraordinarily improved after some time. AR could profit everything from constant tourism advisories to restaurant proposals. 

Educational Resources : 

 Researchers are now endeavoring to discover new and valuable approaches to utilize AR in training situations. The military and human services industries, specifically, are growing amazing AR training simulations.

AR-based meetings and events : 

Apple's ongoing dispatch of the next generation of phones, for example, the iPhone 11 Plus is an advanced step towards the reception of AR technology. Each set contains Apple's ARKit, a free iOS 11 programming that permits designers to make augmented reality applications that give a real-world understanding through digital objects. A comparative innovation called ARcore by Google has totally changed the manner in which we see AR, and it's set to turn out to be a piece of our lives also. On occasions AR can make a real-time experience and permit each client in the space to encounter the equivalent and see the comparable pictures, making it ideal for boosting customer engagement. The event business is grasping this trend-setting trend to shape and change the manner in which we collaborate, join in, and advertise our organizations on occasion.

Gamify Experiences :

 If you will ask a young teenager what gift he wants on his birthday, then he’ll ask you for the gadget with augmented reality enabled in it. With an expanded interest in technology, gamification has likewise become another core interest. You can make your lifestyle funnier by gamifying it with leaderboards, encouraging games, and networking opportunities. AR carries a totally different road to the interactive possibilities. Coordinators can take participants on digital scavenger hunts, or set up friendly competition stations for participants to face-off in an augmented reality gaming experience. The technology is out there already, it's simply a matter of making it adaptable for all the coordinators. 

Virtual Tours : 

Augmented Reality can provide an approach to give participants virtual tours, or set-up virtual local guides at their destination. It's an idea that has been created in different manners. However, we predict significantly more modernity and advancement developing here and in moderate manners. Rather than paying for directional signage, and staff to help manage crowds. Hopefully, soon we may see the rise in augmented reality to comprehend venue planning solutions.

Revolutionary product design : 

 The trend of augmented reality shows that technology is having the capacity to set the benchmark in product planning and development. Ford has embraced Augmented Reality to create vehicle models a year ago, to chip away on the clay models of the upcoming new vehicles, which can be created through AR in a more affordable way and will prompt to save a great deal of time and production cost while building up another vehicle or up-gradation of existing model structure and development. The augmented reality future is glancing in this vertical of business as this technology permits makers to chip away at the structure of the products in a noteworthy manner which leads to less labor planning and costs for the organization.

Inexpensive service and maintenance : 

 What happened if you scan your car engine and you will get to know the service status, oil condition, the part is not working properly, etc. It looks odd however that everything is possible through augmented reality, yes augmented reality can make the training, service, and maintenance plan more advantageous. Augmented reality permits a trainee, service engineer to work the correct way while amassing or de-gathering any hardware through AR. It will show the errors if there should arise an occurrence of anything that turns out badly in the machines and makes training and service modules more accurate and time savvy with less error probability. Trust me or not augmented reality future is brilliant in this vertical of training and support as a lot of top companies in the car industry attempting to improve their permeability towards the advancement of service and maintenance of a product.

Bidding Words Of Augmented Reality 

Augmented Reality has accomplished its notoriety in an exceptionally limited time, and in the coming time, we will discover numerous developments identified with it. Augmented reality isn't constrained to just entertainment, but its effect is being tested by many other organizations and they are attempting to strengthen their process so they can contend harder in the coming time with their competitors.

We're only starting to recognize the massive advantages of augmented reality. We did not scrap the floor, in truth! The options are limitless from AR rewards to digitalize yourself. Teachers are able to gain the attention of their students with incredible graphics, and students witness circumstances that go way beyond a philosophy of bone-dry paper. Isn’t it interesting? That’s what AR has in store for you!

In the Augmented Reality training at Codegnan, we have bagged everything you need to know in order to proceed with AR career options, including what is AR, how it works, creativity with AR, the advantages and drawbacks, and much more. AR training at Codegnan will help you learn new skills. So now is the time to inquire. Is the truth increased for you right?


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