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What is the Role of Virtual Reality in Gaming? | VR Uses Cases

Last updated on March 1, 2021, 5:21 p.m. 2541 Views

Kirandeep Kaur

Kirandeep Kaur |

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What is the Role of Virtual Reality in Gaming? | VR Uses Cases

Last updated on March 1, 2021, 5:21 p.m. 2541 Views

Kirandeep Kaur

What is the Role of Virtual Reality in Gaming  VR Uses Cases

If you ask me, I want to love a virtual reality for a long time! Virtual reality is acting as a game-changer in the gaming industry and it has become the hottest topic in the gaming trends. VR is the most exciting experience given by technology. If we look into the past statistics, Global revenues of VR in the gaming industry were $4.3 billion in 2015.” VR gaming is the application of three-dimensional artificial environments to computer games. In virtual reality gaming, a person can experience and interact with the environment during a game. For VR gaming, a virtual reality environment has been created with VR software and presented to the user in such a manner that they supersede the real environment by creating a suspension of disbelief and helping the user experience the VR environment. VR games challenge players either alone or with players to solve problems, move objects, or explore new places.

Virtual reality in gaming

Virtual Reality (VR) is the utilization of computer technology to create a simulated situation. In contrast to customary UIs, VR places the client inside an encounter. Rather than review a screen before them, clients are submerged and ready to collaborate with 3D universes. By simulating however many faculties as could be expected under the circumstances, for example, vision, hearing, contact, even smell, the computer is changed into a guard to this artificial world. As far as possible to approach genuine VR encounters are the accessibility of content and cheap computing power.

virtual reality gaming market revenue in the United States from 2014 to 2025. In 2017

(Statistics taken from

The above statistics show the virtual reality gaming market revenue in the United States from 2014 to 2025. In 2017, the VR gaming market in the United States is forecast to generate some 3.8 billion U.S. dollars.

As per the progression in technology, virtual reality gaming hardware has also been matured. Several VR headsets on the market include HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Microsoft Hololens, Samsung VR, PlayStation VR, and Google Cardboard. VR games are used in various types of training and for virtual reality therapy.

Five senses in Virtual Reality gaming

  1. Visual
  2. Sound
  3. Tactile feedback
  4. Smell
  5.  Taste

An essential part of Virtual Reality gaming

When getting started with VR gaming, you need components like:

  • An idea
  • Storyboarding
  • Prototyping
  • Testing
  • Implementation


vr gaming


One method of recognizing an individual's quality in a game is bio-sensing. These are little sensors that are appended to a data glove, suit, or even the body and record movements made by that individual in a 3D space. Those movements are deciphered by a computer and trigger a type of reaction inside that space. For instance: you are wearing a data glove that has sensors appended to it. You wear this as a component of a driving game. These sensors record the manner in which your hand moves as a major aspect of this game, say when turning the steering wheel in a specific way. These movements are recorded to a PC which at that point analyzes the data and uses this to change your activities into suitable reactions on the screen. It sounds somewhat specialized yet it is a clever method of identifying the movements of a player during a game and utilizing these to impact what goes on in that game. This implies you, the player, become a crucial piece of the game. 

This is known as an 'immersive experience'. If you have watched movies like, 'The Lawnmower Man’ then you will be acquainted with the possibility of an individual investigating and communicating with objects in a virtual world. Technology has proceeded onward from that point forward so the experience is probably going to be far and away superior to that appeared in the film.

3D internet

The Internet just cannot be forgotten. There are game developers who like the idea of a three-dimensional web wherein you can investigate sites in a unique manner. Rather than clicking on a link and scanning the data on a webpage, you will have the option to physically touch that page and control it. Think about a webpage as an area which you can investigate at your leisure. This sort of communication is seen in virtual universes, for example, Second Life which permits you to associate with others in a 3D domain.

Benefits of virtual reality in gaming

  • Gives gamers engaging virtual objects
  • Offer a capability to bring players into the game in a real-time
  • Bleeding-edge abilities that enhance the game environment
  • Digitally broadened reality anywhere and anytime
  • Lift a lot of fascination and maintenance among gaming players
  • Looks more engaging for eager players and periodic gamers
  • Massively improve user engagement with a vivid experience

Virtual Reality languages

For the hardcore techies, below are various languages that are used in virtual reality:

  • VRML (Virtual Reality Modelling Language): this is the earliest VR language for the internet
  • X3D: this has since replaced VRML
  • 3DML: this enables someone to visit a website via a plugin
  • COLLADA (Collaborative Design Activity): this allows file exchanges within 3D programs

Where can you play Virtual Reality games?

  • VR Games on Pcs and Laptops: Games played on very good quality computers give the most point-by-point virtual situations and game alternatives. Well-known VR headsets for PCs and workstations in late 2018 incorporate Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Lenovo VR headset, and Lenovo Explorer.
  • VR Games on Game Consoles: These games are like those played on PCs however work just with game consoles from explicit manufacturers. The main model is the PlayStation VR headset/platform.
  • VR Games on Smartphones: For mobile VR gaming, cell phone makers are presenting their own headsets, controllers and games (VR, AR, and MR). One such headset/platform is the Gear VR.

Accessories used in virtual reality gaming

The excitement of VR gaming originates from its first-individual perspective and every player's capacity to control the virtual environment. Unlike regular computer games where the point of view is regularly from behind and marginally over the player's character, VR gamers frequently feel like they're seeing the activity legitimately from their character's eyes. This one-of-a-kind point of view and playability is fundamentally accomplished utilizing the advanced VR headsets or goggles that are a part of each VR gaming experience. For extra info and control, a variety of add-on devices might be utilized to interpret the player's real-life developments into on-screen activity.

  • VR Gaming Headsets and Goggles: 

The most significant VR gaming extra is the one you wear on your head to drench yourself in the game. The headsets/goggles classification is growing quickly. Items run from top-of-the-line, movement control VR headsets that catch and transmit your full head and eye developments, to increasingly basic VR goggles that just showcase the mimicked 3D game condition. 

  • VR Game Controllers: 

A VR controller makes an interpretation of your physical activities into game execution. Like conventional computer games, most VR games use a hand-based controller (joystick, gamepad, or even gloves) for pointing, terminating, and sending commands. Further developed VR games additionally utilize a movement locator/controller to detect your genuine exercises (strolling, tossing, etc.) and recreate them inside the game. 

  • VR Gaming Gloves: 

Sensor-equipped VR gaming gloves have empowered a new degree of detail in today's most up-to-date VR games. While VR motion identifiers can detect expansive, entire body developments, VR gloves empower the location of moment hand and finger developments, permitting engineers to make another age of VR games that request that players pick up little things, handle and convey objects, etc.

  • Mobile VR headsets: 

Virtual reality headsets for smartphones had the option to handle two issues: cost and mobility. However, Samsung Gear or Google Cardboard is a decent decision for simple games with not so much visualization but rather more of moving in space. 

  • Standalone headsets: 

Oculus Go and Daydream, as of now debuted in 2018, start the new pattern of independent headsets, which don't require computer connection or smartphones. The advanced movement tracking system and fresh-out-of-the-box new controllers will improve the gaming process. Additionally, an all-in-one VR headset is comparable in speed and nature of showing substance to versatile HMDs. 

  • VR haptic feedback suits: 

A few engineers are concentrating on bringing smell, taste, and tactile senses into VR, nearby hearing, and sight. If successful, it will without a doubt flip around all. A full-body suit, as Teslasuit, would in all likelihood offer tactile and weight simulation, temperature changing senses, and a new track motion system. For VR arcade games or VR shooters, it would be so magnificent.

The positive effect of Virtual Reality gaming and digital gaming

Heading into the future, VR will become more immersive in the digital experience. Several netizens might be talking negatively about computer games or call it game addiction; I emphasize the positive aspects of virtual reality. Technology is changing the relationship of the internet and users in every manner and technology is helping the users to provide visual and auditory stimuli that are variants in real-life settings. Additionally, playing games for health means a change in the sense of self-actualization as well as in the sense of treating disorders with many additional possibilities real life cannot offer. Who knows what will be next in VR gaming. What’s clear is, the future seems interesting!

We're only starting to recognize the massive advantages of augmented reality. We did not scrap the floor, in truth! The options are limitless from AR rewards to digitalize yourself. Teachers are able to gain the attention of their students with incredible graphics, and students witness circumstances that go way beyond a philosophy of bone-dry paper. Isn’t it interesting? That’s what AR has in store for you!

In the Augmented Reality training at Codegnan, we have bagged everything you need to know in order to proceed with AR career options, including what is AR, how it works, creativity with AR, the advantages and drawbacks, and much more. AR training at Codegnan will help you learn new skills. So now is the time to inquire. Is the truth increased for you right?




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