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What is the Role of Augmented reality in E-Commerce? AR Uses Cases

Last updated on March 1, 2021, 5:10 p.m. 6543 Views

Kirandeep Kaur

Kirandeep Kaur |

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What is the Role of Augmented reality in E-Commerce? AR Uses Cases

Last updated on March 1, 2021, 5:10 p.m. 6543 Views

Kirandeep Kaur

What is the Role of Augmented reality in E-Commerce? AR Uses Cases

In the next two years, 63% of the top brands are considering using Augmented Reality. AR in retail allows customers to engage with merchant products. The more clients collaborate with products, the better merchants can customize the client's understanding and improve proposals for increased conversions.

Augmented Reality.

What is Augmented Reality (AR)?

Augmented Reality is an interactive experience of a real-world environment. In layman’s terms, Augmented Reality is a kind of simulation and when the simulation is provided a computer environment, it is known as Virtual Reality. This is the reason Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are the terms that come together. AR can be displayed on multiple screens, glasses, handheld devices, smartphones, and head-mounted displays. AR involves technologies like S.L.A.M. (Simultaneous Localization and Mapping), depth tracking (sensor data calculating the distance to the objects), cameras and sensors, processing, projection, reflection, etc. The app named Star Walk app developed by Vito Technology, for instance, allows a user to point the camera in their tablet or phone at the sky and see the names of stars and planets superimposed on the image.

Augmented Reality in E-commerce

Augmented reality is the great amalgam of electronic commerce. Advancements made using this technology can be applied to business to profit sales or help in building brands by enhancing the human perception of reality in this application through the contextualization of singleton objects that we deal with in the real world. As per the research of and Redfin respectively, listings with AR technology in retail or AR technology in e-commerce walkthrough has seen 49% more leads and sell on average 10 days faster and close to $50,000 higher than comparable homes in the same market. And this is all because of 3D augmented reality-based camera technology.

The stats related to AR and E-commerce

  • By 2020 there should be 1 billion augmented reality users (TechJury)
  • By 2022 there should be 3.5 billion augmented reality users (CitrusBits)
  • 100 Million users will shop with AR in-store and online by 2020 (Gartner)
  • Over 61% of online buyers choose an e-commerce platform with the feature of augmented reality technology.
  • As per the feedback of online shoppers, around 63% of users mention that they get a better online shopping experience with AR. 
  • 40% of buyers show consent to paying more money if they can access AR features and get a proper product review. 
  • 45% of buyers admit that AR features are useful in saving lots of time. 
  • The preference of the buyers now starts shifting from videos to augmented reality previews. 78% of users admit such change. 
  • 73% of mobile users admitted that they get highly satisfied with the AR experiences.

Real-time examples of Augmented Reality in E-commerce

  1. An Augmented Reality Makeover

L’Oreal is the greatest name in the cosmetic industry and it has been recently taken over by AR/VR Company Modiface in 2018. Modiface mobile apps allow users to try-on makeup online and they can do so by pointing their phone camera towards them. Other than this, WeChat mini program provides advanced features like e-commerce, task management, and coupon offerings to the users. The L’Oreal-owned Giorgio Armani make-up brand was the first luxury line to use ModiFace. The customer engagement time on the website or app and conversion rates were noticed tripled by L’Oreal. This is how AR beauty mirrors help customers try the lipstick and other makeup items without actually applying them. Currently, many other beauty brands are also making use of AR and Lakme is also on the list now.

An Augmented Reality Makeover

  1. Eliminating Furniture Returns 

Probably the trickiest territory to explore in retail is that of items being returned. UK retailer Argos went to augmented reality to decrease the 30% return rate for online requests. The application empowered clients to put furniture things like couches in their own homes to perceive how they would look and fit. With COVID-19 this methodology is currently significantly increasingly important.

  1. Let’s have a test drive with AR

What if you want to have a test drive of Mercedes's latest model or Audi on your phone! Yes, that’s what AR can do! Instead of tricking "this is what this car looks like on my drive", AR additionally serves substantially more of a utilitarian reason. The construction of such applications is performed with the help of things like hotspots to feature more data.

Let’s have a test drive with AR

Virtual test drives are now the latest trend in the automobile sector! Augmented Reality can put your customer into the driving seat to experience real-time driving. Many AR/VR companies are now working to enhance customer driving or vehicle experience with the help of augmented reality. AR in automobiles have features like-

  • Virtual test drives
  • Color & trim configurator
  • Fuel consumption visualizer
  • AR manual
  • Drive awareness
  • Explain dashboard symbols via an overlay
  • Enhanced info & reviews
  1. Does the shoe fit?

Numerous organizations have coordinated augmented reality into their in-store experiences. Lacoste permits you to take a stab at shoes virtually, which is a success with the more youthful generation. Timberland has likewise consolidated augmented reality into its system by furnishing its clients with a large screen where they can take a stab at various items virtually before entering the store. Gucci is also in the list of AR try-on apps. 

Adidas is another brand to utilizes AR for 'try on' purposes. In 2018, it joined forces with Snapchat to make an AR focal point for clients for all intents and purposes see its new Ultraboost 19 running shoes. Gotten to by means of focal points in the Snapchat application, clients essentially needed to tap on the Adidas logo to dispatch the initiation, which included a brief unpacking before the alternative to become familiar with the shoes or view them in AR. This model was the first run through Snapchat that let clients basically try on a shoe with virtual AR. Since, nonetheless, Snapchat has kept on consolidating AR and online business highlights, propelling a 'Shoppable AR' highlight to permit promoters to include catches onto any AR focal point running on click. Once more, Adidas was one of the brands to engage with this, making an AR selfie lens to advance its new Deerupt running shoe.

  1. A virtual fitting room has recently launched a 3D virtual fitting room to try on clothes. In digital mirrors or showrooms, a simple tap on the screen may allow customers to see the effects of different make-up or clothes on themselves.

  1. Get your home painted with AR

Another home insides related application, Dulux Visualiser utilizes AR in a basic yet profoundly viable manner – to perceive what your dividers will resemble when painted an alternate shading. Like most AR applications, it works by utilizing your cell phone camera to identify divider edges and surfaces, letting clients select the particular territory that ought to be basically painted. The application itself has a lot of cool features, similar to the ability to match paint from furniture or fabric, and the collection of a wide range of colors has the genuine AR usefulness is somewhat of a letdown. As should be obvious from the picture below, when turning the white divider pink, the color converged into the frame. Niggles like this are justifiable given the innovation is still in its initial days; anyway, it is discovered to prevent color from leaking up the roof and somewhere else.

Get your home painted with AR

  1. Virtual Artist – Sephora

Makeup retailer Sephora'sVirtual Artist' tool has been accessible by means of its fundamental application since 2016, and it stays probably the slickest example of AR in beauty. Rather than furniture in homes, the AR innovation lets purchasers see what certain items, (for example, lipstick or eyeshadow) may look like on their own faces. To do as such, it utilizes Modiface innovation to scan lips and eyes, before overlaying distinctive lip colors, eye-shadows, false lashes, etc. The fundamental point of the application is to help e-commerce sales, with beauty customers ordinarily determined in-store because of questions about what items will resemble, in actuality.

Beauty try on with Youtube

Make-up tutorials stay a mainstream type of video content on YouTube. Presently, the stage is rejuvenating the thought, as YouTube presents its 'AR Beauty Try On' feature. Like Modiface, the feature will permit clients virtually to try-on on make-up through the YouTube application. In any case, it will likewise work as an interactive advertisement', with a split-screen permitting clients to watch a tutorial and try-on at the glance simultaneously. Macintosh has been one of the principal brands to try different things with the component. Also, as per YouTube, tests have been genuinely positive up until this point, with 30% of watchers enacting the AR involvement with the YouTube iOS application, and going through more than 80 seconds on normal taking a stab at lipstick essentially.

Beauty try on with Youtube

  1. Virtual Mannequins

VF – the proprietor of brands including Timberland and Vans – has opened another retail space (Axtell Soho) in London to exhibit how it is utilizing innovation to rejuvenate the accounts of its brands. One of the space's key highlights is symbol-based virtual mannequins, which grandstand different occasional looks in 3D. Guests can utilize touchscreen showcases to see items in various situations, just as change highlights, for example, lighting and setting.

  1. Augmented Reality in education

With augmented reality applications, the classrooms go beyond the walls and classes become progressively intelligent for students to more readily recall the data. Dinosaur 4D application causes you to study paleontology where you can see dinosaurs in real life, pivot them, and zoom in and out. 

Augmented Reality in education

Science turns into a game with Elements 4D application where children unite blocks to see whether elements respond and see the chemical reaction in augmented reality. Google Expeditions is another genuine case of utilizing augmented reality in education to assist students with history and science. Augmented reality instances of clinical instruction are Human Anatomy Atlas is an application that lets students investigate the human body. Touch Surgery is a simulator application where students can rehearse medical procedures on virtual patients. Life Anatomy 4D + is an application that shows the model of a human body and permits connecting with it. Augmented reality applications for kids are not short in numbers either. From MathAlive application assisting kids with the essential tallying abilities with learning letters with the assistance of Animal Alphabet AR Flashcards. From studying insects bugs with 3D Bugs application or creatures with ZooKazam application to investigating space and the Solar System with Amazing Space Journey or Star Walk applications – all fueled with augmented reality that transforms learning into fun.

Turning augmented into reality for e-commerce

It's insufficient to just utilize AR in an insignificant way. Retailers must make it a critical segment of marketing, sales and IT efforts to guarantee it resounds with customers. AR offers a valuable encounter to your customers with the help of e-commerce. It is easy to treat AR technology as a novelty or toy; however, the stage permits you to convey an incredible incentive to uncertain customers. While a few associations feel compelled to make their own one-of-a-kind interpretation of AR, they may discover it bodes well to put resources into littler organizations to accomplish the work for them. Virtual shopping offers the same novelty without the cost associated with shipping products to the customers. AR also has the potential to deliver personalized services to massive customers. With augmented reality, let’s learn, live, and communicate the world together.

We're only starting to recognize the massive advantages of augmented reality. We did not scrap the floor, in truth! The options are limitless from AR rewards to digitalize yourself. Teachers are able to gain the attention of their students with incredible graphics, and students witness circumstances that go way beyond a philosophy of bone-dry paper. Isn’t it interesting? That’s what AR has in store for you!

In the Augmented Reality training at Codegnan, we have bagged everything you need to know in order to proceed with AR career options, including what is AR, how it works, creativity with AR, the advantages and drawbacks, and much more. AR training at Codegnan will help you learn new skills. So now is the time to inquire. Is the truth increased for you right?



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