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New Technology Innovations brought by Covid-19

Last updated on March 1, 2021, 5:43 p.m. 4878 Views

Kirandeep Kaur

Kirandeep Kaur |

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New Technology Innovations brought by Covid-19

Last updated on March 1, 2021, 5:43 p.m. 4878 Views

Kirandeep Kaur

New Technology Innovations brought by Covid-19

COVID-19 has become a catalyst for change which means a defining moment for all of us to reimagine innovation and technology. Professionals of all industries are combating COVID-19 with an unwavering commitment to using the latest technology. This pandemic is a turning point for digital transformation in all industries especially in the fields of innovation and technology. It seems difficult to predict where the current situation is leading humans and technology, but what is assured is that it has already hampered organizations with executive orders to temporary shutter operations. It has led many high-level manufacturers to seriously rethink their operations. In this pandemic, technology has been aggressively utilized to ease pain points affecting people. The following blog will overview what innovation and technology are working to help in key areas mainly in remote work, employee safety with expanded and effective communications.

Did you think about how we can calculate the digital economy and its contributions to the growth and pertinent social indicators? Let’s try answering such questions.

Twinkling new technology innovation

The reality is sure to spark new innovations and as a result, the requirement for technology in the industries (Industry 4.0) enables technologies. Companies do well when they grow. They do have a hard time when they contract. In such cases, additive manufacturing is a good example. The 3D printer that is used to produce airplane parts can be similarly used to produce respiratory ventilators. In the case of robotics, instead of fixed conveyor belts, factories and warehouses can utilize Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) or Adaptive Multi-Rate (AMR) as an automated storage and retrieval system (AS/AS).

According to Martin, "Manufacturers need to connect and automate as much of operations as possible. Employing margin-maximizing technologies to optimize efficiency and minimize downtime is key. COVID-19 simply amplifies the first-mover advantage."

Analyzing technology at this phase provides a useful but incomplete picture of the sub-divisions or sub-industries that are critical to its growth. Data processing, internet publishing, and other information services are the fastest-growing segments of service-producing industries. This is how automation is reshaping the future of the industry. Automated processes and digital or virtual assistants facilitate employee productivity, bringing substantial benefits to the macro-economy. Such developments are promising for productivity but their impact on employees will be going to remain visible.

As the organization is working with fewer employees in-house, the new jobs will undoubtedly create a virtual scenario and the demand for data science, coding, digital platforms, and e-commerce will progress more. But if delivery jobs are considered then it will affect workers to develop the skills required in such areas. The mismatch between skills required and workers’ capabilities will necessitate the expansion of worker retraining programs.

Cloud-based technologies represent an another-level game-changing opportunity for small businesses that offer new access to the job market and are going to bring (already bringing) unexpected benefits of digital technologies in the ecosystem of small businesses for global trade patterns.

The significance of automation during the coronavirus emergency

Automation is set to be one of the greatest codewords for revamping the post-COVID world. A few divisions like medicinal services, retail, coordinations, conveyance, and assembling are utilizing advanced apparatuses to give a face-to-face human association and comprehend patterns that will affect them later on. Over the most recent couple of months, automation has helped a few ventures recover financially. In the human services segment, mechanization isn't just assisting with making crisis arrangements yet additionally long-haul key changes to smoothen activities in a post-pandemic world. Medical clinics are executing new innovations to help well-being workforces and pull together vitality and time. Automation is additionally helping governments over the world smooth out their administrations with the goal that they can give a better mind to residents. In the banking sectors, automation that was at that point a trendy expression is increasing more noteworthy significance. The accessibility of dependable and impartial information can go far to assist organizations with building up their vision load up at a time this way. Also, with the move towards digitization of items and administrations, it is inescapable that these organizations will depend incredibly on data experts, data engineers, and data scientists for taking basic choices.

Increased investments in innovation talent

Innovation requires seriously innovative and tireless collaborations even with frequent mishaps. Therefore, it didn't come as an unexpected commitment to putting resources into ability best-clarified growth leadership. Senior officials of the quickest developing firms give attention to nurturing the team leaders, project managers, and program managers who champion and lead innovation activities.

Growth leaders are extending their lead by keeping up their momentum as their more slow-developing adversaries are compelled to conserve. They are better ready to contribute for the since a long time ago. Their best investment is their innovation talent, beginning withholding their "high possibilities" and top ability to be prepared to scale quickly when the recuperation gives early indications of beginning. They are additionally observing a chance to extend their seat, fill openings in their organization, and fortify core innovation abilities by pulling inability from weaker organizations. They are recruiting – without fierce competition – the best individuals working for their more vulnerable opponents who have needed to freeze hiring, leave of absence staff, and cut salary rates. They are increasing a further edge by purchasing distressed adversaries to get their top talent alongside a protected pipeline of innovation projects.

Training and enrolment in data-related sectors: is it significant? 

In the domain of this change, data-driven areas like Machine Learning, Big Data, Data Engineering, Business Intelligence, and Business Analytics are encountering an immense priority. Through these fields, both little scope and large organizations can reexamine their working and track the way of automation. Collecting, understanding, and analyzing immense amounts of information can permit the early understanding of problems and quick methods of settling them. Through big data and data engineering tools, experts across different areas can consistently adjust to the new typical while additionally, helping organizations accomplish tremendous cost reserve funds and more prominent efficiency. So also, as an ever-increasing number of activities move on the web, Business Intelligence and Business Analytics are basic to help organizations understand changes and business opportunities during this strife.

Owing to this trend, enrolments in data science-related courses have expanded by an enormous edge over the most recent couple of months. Building one's Data Science competency has become critical on the grounds that it is sought after like no other area and can go far in helping one's association explore the current emergency all the more adequately. While there have been enormous pay cuts and lay-offs in numerous different parts during the pandemic, the Data Science area conversely encountered an ascent in the creation of jobs. This is the reason that this is an ideal opportunity to procure universally perceived knowledge in Data Science or its related areas. Taking into account these needs, Codegnan has commenced various training and boot camps related to Python, Data Science, AR, and much more. These programs are for absolute beginners who want to begin their career in Data Science, or for middle-level coders, or experienced ones who want to advance their careers in data science or automation, or related fields.

What innovations are coming into light during the age of COVID-19?

Let us proceed further to understand digital engagement tools that are rising to uplift innovation and technology and helping people to collaborate virtually with the dear ones and the organizations.

  • Sanitization techniques: An initiative by the Indian Govt., Agni has developed COVID-19 sanitization techniques to counter rapid transmission of the novel coronavirus. This innovation could be a boon for smaller organizations or vendors with small office space.

Sanitization techniques

There is another innovation by Agni in collaboration with an AI company that is a screening and monitoring tool that uses Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and concepts of Spirometry.

  • Healthcare innovations: As per the utilization of automation, people of all ages that is, from students to working professionals are tightening their nuts and bolts in technology. Times on news states in its article regarding the top innovations initiated by Indians at the national level pitching into the ideal use of technology.
  • Alone due to lockdown? Well, this Covid-19 pandemic has left many of the people helpless to live alone or far from their nears and dears. There is an innovation of the app that uses artificial intelligence. The app named “Replica” can become your AI friend to whom you can talk through phone calls or chat. Sounds interesting, right?

Alone due to lockdown

  • Remote working and online class tools: Remote working has now been called a “new normal” and to make this effective, small as well as large organizations are giving their best to provide such remote working tools to ease the work of their employees. Video conferencing tools such as Slack, Zoom meetings, Google meet, Microsoft meet, etc. are just the names of a few such vendors. Similar tools are being utilized for online classes of the kids or students to let the children go with the flow in their academics without any interruption. According to an estimate by Bernstein, Zoom Video Communications Inc., a US-listed video communication provider, added 2.22 million monthly active users in the first three months of 2020, compared to an addition of 1.99 million throughout the entire 2019. Its fourth-quarter earnings announced on 4 March 2020 topped market analysts’ estimates and its share price hit an all-time high on 5 March 2020.  

Well, this curated list of innovations is just a demo! There are far more innovations that companies are working upon with the use of technologies like data science, artificial intelligence, augmented reality/virtual reality, etc.

Future after Covid-19

In the post-COVID world, it is just data that can open markets carefully and assist organizations with settling on better choices with quantifiable, explanatory proof. While the pandemic is affecting most different spaces contrarily, the interest for data experts is expanding each day with fewer job cuts and greater open doors hanging tight for students. To place this into point of view, we can take the case of the medicinal services industry that is battling the infection viably through Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence tools. Being the leader of a data science platform with real-time experience and Microsoft and HP certifications, Codegnan is pushing students to reskill themselves for the new world via preparing them across different capacities like Machine Learning, Big Data, Data Engineering, Business Intelligence, and Business Analytics. Are you also in the queue?

Data science is the skill and technology that every industry is craving. Having a data science skillset in the current era means having a great demanding career option in your pocket. If you are also dreaming of becoming a data scientist then check Data Science training at Codegnan. We have trained hundreds of data scientists until now. 

The salary of a data scientist in India ranges from INR 365k per annum to 500k per annum.

Our data science training will help you master data science analytics skills through real-world projects in multiple domains like Big Data, Data Science, and Machine Learning.  The trending word of data science is waiting for you to be skilled.



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