Future Scope of Data Science

“The future of Data Science is brilliant until humans stop producing any type of data!”

Every one of you must be aware of the epidemic of Coronavirus that has been a pandemic at the beginning of 2020. From the tracing of COVID-19 patients to monitoring and getting them treated Data Science acted like a boon. Many medical tools were designed using Data Science’s Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence fields.

Let us take another example. Who had not used Google’s tool – Google Maps? Obviously, whom not! If you remember when Google Maps was first launched it was only able to show various locations using GPS. But later, as per the advancement of technology, it introduced many real-time features like ski vacation, quick orientation, easiest vehicle route, sightseeing, satellite view, and much more…. You are even able to visit inside popular sites using its 3D view. Thriller, right! Who knows when Google will integrate future traveling using Google Maps! Let me tell you, all these features are because of our superhero of technology, that is- Data Science.


What is the driving force behind the glorious future of Data Science?

  1. Companies need someone to take care of data

Companies are running to gather data from clients for business transactions. They are utilizing various means for this like collecting data from website interactions, social media campaigns and so on. As per the stats gained from the Data Security Confidence Index from Gemalto in 2018, 65% of the organizations said they couldn't investigate or classify all the data they had stored. Additionally, 89% realized that if they could analyze data appropriately, they would have a competitive edge. This is because some organizations collect data in advance and use the gathered information later. As a data scientist, you can assist organizations with making progress with the data they accumulate and make it pay off when required.


2.           The great demand for Data Science skills

The choice of career without any growth is said to be a stagnant career. In your childhood, you might have learnt this quote that “a bird without wings is called no bird!” As a rule, occupations should definitely change to stay pertinent. Data science seems to have abundant opportunities to develop throughout the following decade. Since it gives no indications of easing back down, that is uplifting news for individuals needing to enter the field. Are you the one?

As per one analysis, no person with Data Science proficiency is seen idle or without a job. The career in Data Science is said to be the most lucrative one and is the best suited for future IT jobs. The online job search platform Indeed shows a steady increase in the number of jobs related to data science and data analytics. But, everyone cannot become a data scientist, right? The skills required to become a data scientist are the exceptional ones. Enlisting skills required to become a Data Scientist:

·        Programming skills

·        Statistics

·        Mathematics

·        Data Wrangling

·        Data Visualization

·        Strong logical skills

·        Software engineering, etc.


3.           An astounding amount of the growth of Data

The amount of data is already at its peak. Individuals are insanely generating data. One analysis says that the amount of data will increase by 6 billion people in 2025, speaking to 75% of the total population. Means, roughly, the measure of data on the planet in 2018 was totaled 33 zettabytes, yet projections demonstrate an ascent to 133 zettabytes by 2025. Data creation is on the ascent, and data scientists will be at the cutting edge of helping organizations use it viably.


4.           Increasing career opportunities

If you take a glance at LinkedIn, the leading professional network, Data Science was the most promising career in 2019. If you look for promotions, you are likely to get a really good pay rise. LinkedIn has also given advancement scores to Data Science related jobs as 9 out of 10.

Let us take a glance at the earnings of a Data Scientist based upon their experience.

With Data Science as your career, you can become any of the below:

·        Data Scientist

·        Data Researcher

·        Data Developer

·        Data Creator

·        Data Business person

·        Data Architect

·        Data Analyst

·        Data Engineer

·        Data Analytics Engineer

·        Database Administrators

·        Data Operations Specialist

much more to go!


5.           Awesome and advantageous algorithms

    • Massive Scale Graph
    • Geospatial Temporal Predictive Analysis
    • Hyperfast Analytics
    • Embedded Deep Learning
    • Natural Language Processing
    • Structured Database Generation
    • Cognitive Machine and Federated Learning
    • Completely Automated Machine Learning


6.           Remarkable applications of Data Science

    • Cyber security
    • Internet of Things (IoT)
    • Customer Engagement and Experience
    • Human Capital
    • Data for Social Good
    • Everything Smart!

Scope of Data Science in various industries

Data Science is already influencing various industries at different levels. Every field is intertwined and is used by practitioners of Data Science to make it very exciting for the enterprises. Let’s discuss the scope of Data Science at the industrial level.


Data Science in Recruitment

A recruiter needs to experience a great number of resumes at some random time, particularly in the season of recruitment. Probably the greatest challenge of recruiters is to locate the right candidate dependent on the resumes and that resembles finding the correct needle in the needle stack. But this difficult activity has been made exceptionally simple with the help of data science. 

Data Scientists utilize the information from each road open to them, including social media platforms and recruitment websites to locate the correct contender for the position. With the help of data mining and processing of resumes, any organization can assist its recruiters with finding the right candidates for the job. Expertise to compose an incredible resume so your resume will be chosen even stringent channels is applied with data science. This will assist you with getting enrolled and also do the enlisting. Are you utilizing data science for recruitment? Comment below!

Data Science in Healthcare

Data Science is an umbrella term for anything identified with medication and patients and diseases. Beginning from progressively proficient conclusions to clinical research, data science has begun assuming a vital job right now. It furnishes help with Image investigation and research for medicines or drugs. It is likewise discovered powerful to utilize data science to improve client service and assistance. What ways are you following for utilizing Data Science in Healthcare?

Data Science in Banking and Insurance

Various profiles of customers, past applications and expenses and any other facets of individual data are gathered by banks, especially for loans and insurance agencies. This data if used appropriately can decrease fraud and can be utilized for risk assessment for granting loans and other different purposes. This is the place data science comes in the play and makes this procedure simpler and distinguishes great risk and high-risks. In view of these forecasts, brokers can undoubtedly choose a candidate to give the loans. Furthermore, insurance agencies can take the prevention of being defrauded of money.

Data Science in Advertising and Marketing

With data science, advertising and marketing are at your fingertips. You can examine and discover what your target audience is looking for and work on the effective selling of that product. The data is utilized to give socioeconomic and interest dependent on which target marketing campaigns can be propelled to convert your potential leads into customers.

Data Science in Airlines

The airline business utilizes data science to get the path of flight and to analyze the route. Intending to decrease operational expenses and improve benefits and inhabitants rates, airlines are making use of data science to foresee and assess any expected delays to the flight timings and drive client reliability programs. Indeed, even the halts in the middle of goals and what planes to purchase for higher ROI is something that is chosen utilizing the consequences of the data science algorithms. For instance, there are several apps like “FlightRadar” or “FlightStats” that provides real-time monitoring of the status of flights, halts, or delays. With the help of these apps, you will get real-time status of the flight in which you dear ones are traveling. Who ever dreamed of such tracking?

Data Science in Automobiles

The Automobile industry is presently making progress in developing driverless vehicles. Google’s driverless car is there now. A couple of organizations have tried the technology and it is still at the stage of refinement. This is an advanced undertaking where data science alongside Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence plays a significant role. 

Just with all the information on where’s, what’s and how’s, it is how the information is caused open to the technology and who knows this would lead to triumph. With its success, there is an extension in the auto segment where information is utilized for driving loyalty programs, servicing of vehicles and the customer experience in technical support and numerous more data science calculations.

Data Science in Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR)

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality are the most emerging technologies of the 21st century. As of now, VR has a cozy relationship with data science, especially in the gaming segment. VR technology requires information and investigation to make an arrangement that reflects reality but then you can work, up to a level, inside the virtual world. You might have tried Google Images new features of 3D images where you can view 3D images of various animals and at the same time, you can place those images anywhere with the help of your phone camera. This feature is utilized by augmented reality. Give it a try!


A journey towards career advancement

All the factors stated above clearly showcase the future scope of Data Science. As there are many options available in Data Science, it can be said that this technology contains a lucrative and stable career. Many students and professionals in the IT industry are now exploring different paths in Data Science for their bright future. But remember to bag yourself with skills like Data Analytics to get the first step in this technology. A person who beholds logical thinking can better understand the figures and can turn them into actionable insights that are said to be the number one choice in this lucrative career among Fortune-500 companies. Data Science is a technology that requires learning, dedication, and practicums at the same time. Remember, higher demand means higher paychecks and great efforts in this competitive world. Happy Learning!



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