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Coding Bootcamps: Why it is important for Every Technology Seeker?

Last updated on March 2, 2021, 9:47 a.m. 6575 Views

Kirandeep Kaur

Kirandeep Kaur |

3+ Technical Content Writer. and who is passionate about his career

Coding Bootcamps: Why it is important for Every Technology Seeker?

Last updated on March 2, 2021, 9:47 a.m. 6575 Views

Kirandeep Kaur

The real final assignment in any coding boot camp isn't a capstone project or an app for your portfolio—it's your job search. –

You could be one who is an undergraduate or in the midway of your career, learning the basics of programming is already becoming essential for every technology aspirant. And the best thing is that a person of any age can learn to code. Don’t believe it? Here’s proof. In general, there are a lot of common languages that are taught at coding schools like Python, Java, R programming, etc. So, participating in such coding bootcamps or technology bootcamps, you’ll be able to learn solid basics regardless of the language.

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    if atPresent=="Studying" or atPresent=="Bootcamps" or atPresent=="Training":

        print("You are on the right path.")

    elif atPresent=="Interviews":

        print("You are near your first goal.")

    elif atPresent=="Job":

        print("Keep it up! Don't stop learning.")


        print("Need to start learning till it’s too late.")

What are Coding Bootcamps?

Coding bootcamps are classes that are for a shorter period of time that usually last for a few days. In coding bootcamps, students or young minds or technology aspirants can learn the fundamentals of coding to focus on the important aspects of coding and make themselves future-ready. Students are provided with the flexibility to choose which programming language they want to choose. 

The resilience of coding bootcamps students to create a balance in their studies with personal and professional responsibilities.

There are several bootcamps that have partnership programs for job placement for recent graduates or the Bootcamp participants or winners. Companies many times don’t always advertise whether or not they hire technology Bootcamp participants as per their policy. Because of this, you can waste days sending applications to companies that are rejecting you without thought. To provide transparency in this matter, we went through Codegnan’s data attained throughout this period of the Covid-10 pandemic and we have performed a comparison of before and during the pandemic. There are a number of jobs that you can apply with confidence after attending technology bootcamps. So, if you’re on the hunt for your first job after successfully attending Bootcamp, you first need to skill up yourself, and next? Read on!

How important is it to attend coding bootcamps?

We experience a reality where technology is proceeding. Technology is definitely changing how we do everything in our lives. It's more typical to get around utilizing Uber or Lyft, technology-driven transportation organizations. Organizations like Apple, Square, and PayPal are changing how we pay for things. It seems like every industry is by and large fundamentally affected by how technology is forming the world around us. Programming is assuming control over the world. This move changes how we carry on with our lives, yet additionally requires representatives with software development skills equipped for building the technology that we as a whole use. Going to a coding boot camp is a reasonable way to progress into a profession as another option (or supplement) to graduating with a multi-year degree in Computer Science to help fill the need of talented software engineers in the industry.

What work pattern do coding bootcamps follow?

Coding bootcamps last somewhere in the range of about a month and a half to almost two years, however with programs commonly spreading over a range from 12-40 weeks. Given the consolidated time span of training, it is important that these kinds of education programs are planned around two center columns: speed and high impact learning. We should take a gander at why both of these are basically significant. 


Most software engineering students go through 4 years of finishing their degree. Software engineering degrees remember classes for a wide scope of themes pertinent to figuring. Most students will take classes on programming and programming advancement. Moreover, when taking a multi-year degree, there are numerous classes on points like networking, operating systems, and computing theory that are useful for understanding the theme in academics. However, that is separated from the day-by-day life of a software engineer in reality. Coding bootcamps confine the most applicable skills from a multi-year degree and imbue them with pertinent industry aptitudes to overcome any issues between the theoretical universe of the academic world and this present reality that meets the current needs of the business. 

High impact learning 

Coding bootcamps center on high-impact learning and show just the abilities that will end up being generally important in reality. These programs concentrate seriously to expertise their individuals up with precisely what they should be fruitful coding in the expert world. The time period that individuals go to a coding boot camp is generally short when contrasted with customary preparing with a four-year degree from college. To make this work, all non-essential are savagely cut from the coding Bootcamp curriculum. This implies coding bootcamps are perfect for individuals who need to get the technical skills that will assist them with turning out to be employable but to likewise do in an exceptionally brief timeframe. Coding bootcamps center to give a quickened pace of high-impact learning, these training programs are not for everybody. Rather, these projects are planned explicitly for individuals who need to amplify the skills they get in a short measure of time during an escalated training experience.

Why coding bootcamps matter?

There are almost 1.8 million-plus job postings that require programming skills.

  • The high demand for programmers

The period of novel Coronavirus has profited the demand of tech experts. Especially the fields like Data Science, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence are growing drastically. And that’s just the beginning! The demands of programmers are also increasing due to this and it is only continuing to increase. Job opportunities for various tech professionals and coders are also increasing.

(Secret key – Python is the most demanding profession in the current era of technology)

  • Fatty paychecks

Though money is not everything it is essential for living. But in case if you are also looking for high income (of course, who isn’t?) learning code will help you get fatty paychecks. The highest paying jobs in the world require familiarity with coding. Top job vendors like Glassdoor add a stamp on it!

  • Freedom to choose the career of your choice

Ahh! This is the best thing about programming! Learning code doesn’t every time mean that you can only become a programmer or a coder, but you can make your career in anything. Coding allows you to become location-independent. You have the flexibility to go anywhere in the world. Alternatively, how about designing your career to work for yourself or as a freelance programmer? Make sense, right? Following are the career options for coding connoisseurs:

  • Software developer
  • Computer systems engineer
  • Programmer
  • Educator
  • Subject matter expert
  • Data journalist
  • Technical blogger
  • Data analyst
  • Web developer

So, which coding job is catching your attention?

  • High impact on the tech industry

The tech industry is expected to grow by 4-8% reaching $3 trillion in the coming years. Whether it is artificial intelligence, virtual reality, machine learning, or data science, it is important to understand and pick up tech skills relevant to the profession.

  • Inside-out benefits of coding

Either you are learning front-end or back-end, you can build foundation-level skills to jump into inside or outside fields of tech. This is the reason the learning code is beneficial for software developers and software engineers.

A coding expert badge – because it’s judged!

Study like your future job depends on it! 

Focus on your love for programming. Focus on what you have learned and built your projects/portfolio using those earned skills. In the tech industry, there are two assets of coding bootcamps – Faceless Bootcamp and face Bootcamp. Faceless bootcamps are attended online and face Bootcamp is when you go in person or attend training face to face. Whatever mode you opt for technology bootcamps, the primary thing is that your coding badge beautifies your social media profile especially Linkedin. Codegnan currently provides Microsoft (MTA) and HP certifications. After earning a coding badge, what elements do you need? Here’s a checklist of things you should include:

  • Captivating headline
  • Downloadable resume with proper formatting (font size, font color, etc.)
  • Relevant social media profiles including LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook
  • An eye-catching bio or about section
  • Projects with source code on GitHub (ideally deployed)
  • Easy to find contact information

How worth is to invest in coding bootcamps?

Statistics show the exponential growth of technology bootcamps in the ICT sector. In order to sustain this growth, the hunger of the technology sector has expanded accordingly. 

Let us see what overall impressions interpret.

The average rating of coding bootcamps as per job title.

 average rating of coding bootcamps as per job title

The most and least satisfied graduates.

The most and least satisfied graduates

As per the analysis performed on the basis of the number of boot camps conducted by Codegnan, the average online Bootcamp cost is very less, that is, you can learn or get a foundational knowledge in any of the programming skills through low-cost online bootcamps in just less than $4. Yes, you read right! Along with this, Codegnan also provides certification of participation. The cherry on the cake is Microsoft and HP certifications for a few of the courses. Click here to learn more about our MTA specialized courses.

Top trending coding bootcamps

Besides speeding high-impact learning, coding bootcamps prepare students for the latest hard-core technical skills that companies require the most. Here’s a curated list of technologies for which you can enroll for the coding bootcamps:

Python programming language has become very popular in various fields from web development to artificial intelligence and data science. Python is everywhere! You can imagine its ease of learning that now a 6th-grade student is also learning Python. Python libraries and web frameworks of Python like Django and Pylons make Python a versatile language. Top companies utilizing Python programming are Google, Yahoo!, Facebook, Mozilla, IBM, etc.

Javascript If you look at the current web ecosystem, the user interface is majorly dependent upon Javascript. It is common for developers to build a front-end user experience with the collaboration of different languages. Javascript is most commonly utilized by top companies like Netflix, Airbnb, eBay, Uber, etc. If you have proficiency in Javascript programming language, then you will become a Polyglot programmer who is skilled in multiple programming languages. The capability to draw flexibility and experience with different programming languages will make you attractive to employers.

Django is a web framework that follows the approach of the Model View Controller (MVC). It is one of the popular Python web frameworks that are heroic with many web developers. It uses Python programming language for its work. Django offers a well-defined structure to the applications than other frameworks like Pylons and Flask.

Amazon Web Services or AWS AWS allows a collection of solutions to the web developer’s problems they face on a daily basis. Think about image uploading, server management, database hosting, etc.

Other programming languages like C, C++, Java, .Net, etc., and technologies like AWS, Android, DevOps, etc. are also in a trend.

Why do you need to enroll in coding bootcamps?

  1. not satisfied with your current job or personal life
  2. not happy with how much you make
  3. assuming you will find a job shortly after the program ends
  4. somewhat curious/interested/intrigued about what tech is like

There’s a lot to learn!

Now you are aware of various paths from where you can capitalize on your programming skills. Now is the time to start preparing for the job by building foundation-level skills through bootcamps and give your foot in the door of your tech career. Let us understand how a bunch of letters, numbers, and symbols are combined together in the perfect order and empowers the software system. If you believe that can sit back and relax or waiting for an employer to call you for the interview, the truth is that this kind of thinking will only disappoint you. Enrolling yourself in different technologies training or boot camps, the time and money you’ve invested will surely pay off. Are you still confused about which way to follow with your technical education? What is your road to code? Allow us to help you determine the best and right direction of your career so that we’ll map out your path to success.



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