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Career path to become a data scientist

Last updated on March 1, 2021, 2:28 p.m. 3245 Views

Kirandeep Kaur

Kirandeep Kaur |

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Career path to become a data scientist

Last updated on March 1, 2021, 2:28 p.m. 3245 Views

Kirandeep Kaur

Career path to become a data scientist

Channelize your career path as a data scientist

The current ecosystem runs on technology, but also on data. Imagine – you want to prove the right amount of nutrition, exercise, and commitment so that you may reach your health goals. For this, we track on our steps walked, rope skips, planks, crunches, and so on. What gadgets do we use to track these activities? Are you thinking about smart bracelets/watches/bands? Yes, you’re right! But why do you use such smart gadgets? It’s because recording such bulk activities are tough to record manually; obviously, step tracking cannot be noted manually. At the end of a week of the month, you analyze your data recorded on smart devices and later analyze it to keep a check on your activities to reach your health goals. Did you realize now how we are dependent upon data? Data is analyzed to make sound decisions that solve problems and enhance positive growth.

This blog is written for the perspective to make young minds learn what the data science industry consists of so that you can think about the career as a data scientist. Though we are surrounded by trillions of data, the data scientist career path is filled with many opportunities. 

Read on!

Who is a data scientist?

Data scientists are data wranglers who gather and analyze large sets of structured and unstructured data. They rely upon creative insights by using Big data, the huge amount of information collected through different processes of data collection (eg. Data mining). The concept of a data scientist is derived from some of the most important major technological modern fields, including science, math, statistics, chemometrics, and computer science. The mix of personality traits, experience, and analytics skills required for this role are rare, so the demand for qualified data scientists is in an upward swing. (source – tech target)

The below image explains the traits of a data scientist.

traits of a data scientist.

(Image credits – tech target)

What does the job of a data scientist look like?

A work routine of a Data Scientist spins around data. They help the organization settle on solid choices and improve business processes in the competitive market contingent on data analysis. They pull the data, combine it, and break down the patterns in the information utilizing various tools, for example, Python, MATLAB, R, Tableau, Hadoop, SQL, or potentially Excel. They compose new algorithms based on the investigation and test them in real-time. 

After the activity is done, Data Scientist will direct significant gatherings with the customers and clarify the data analysis and the science behind it to the non-technical individuals of various divisions, for example, Sales, Marketing, and Planning, and so forth. The activity of a Data Scientist is an indoor-based one. The workload may develop when the code didn't function in the way it should be or when the code turns out badly. The job of a data scientist can be just as team-oriented work based on the size of the organization, nature of the business, and so on. A normal work hour for a data scientist is as long as 60 hours out of every week. There can be extensions in the work duration based on the nature of the business. In an ever-developing industry of Data Science, the interest in the business is exceptionally high. This pattern has been expanding in recent years. The most pinned for jobs in Data Science is Data Analyst, Business Analyst, Data Scientist, Business Analytics Manager, Data Engineer, Big Data Specialist, and MIS Consultant/Data Visualization Consultant. 

The compensation of an entry-level data scientist in India is around 5-6 lakh p.a. As the experience and skills increase, an individual can anticipate from 30-50 lakh p.a. as the average pay. The compensation can likewise rely on the idea of the organization you have been utilized, the business, and so on. The various sorts of specialization in Data Science are Data Mining, Statistical Analysis, Cloud and Distributed Computing, Data Engineering, Business Intelligence, Data Visualization and Presentation, and Artificial Intelligence. These are a few territories where individuals can get their aptitude and be feasible to the ever-changing necessities of the business. Each job in Data Science offers the best development. No job in Data Science is stale. Being a data scientist is the icing on the cake to increase the knowledge and skills that the industry is looking for. Data scientists will remain in constant demand by the majority of the companies.


Average salary (at 2-5 years of work experience)

Top recruiting companies

Data Analyst/Business Analyst

4 lakh PA

Small and medium-sized companies

Entry-level Data Scientist

5 to 6 lakh PA

Small and medium-sized companies

Data Engineer

8 Lakh PA

BitCasa, Quora, Udemy, Shopkick, WePay, etc

Big Data and Hadoop Developer

8.5 Lakh PA

Microsoft, Amazon, Facebook, Google

Big Data Manager

16 Lakh PA

Microsoft, Flipkart, Google

Machine Learning Engineer

7 Lakh PA

Google, Apple, Facebook

Senior Data Scientist

17 Lakh PA



What skills do I need to become a data scientist?

After reading smart salaries, you should be planning to become a data scientist! Isn’t it? Well, hold on to your horses, here is a list of skills that you need to become a data scientist.

list of skills that you need to become a data scientist

  • Expertise in programming languages such as R Programming, Python, Hadoop, MATLAB, SQL Database.
  • Interest in making new discoveries and learning new things
  • Ingenuity to solve hard problems and clarity of thinking
  • Good critical thinking using numerical skill
  • Good communication and presentation skills
  • Immense intellectual curiosity
  • Algorithmic thinker
  • Passion for problem-solving
  • Strategic business intuition
  • Expertise in concepts of statistics such as Probability, Skewness, percentiles, and other fundamentals of Statistics.

Benefits and detriments for being a data scientist

Benefits of being a data scientist

  • Highly rewarding career
  • Abundant opportunities
  • Unique and Challenging work nature
  • Exposure to many industries and domains
  • Job security

Detriments of being a data scientist

  • Ever-changing job prospects
  • Data Privacy is not ensured
  • Extensive Domain Knowledge required
  • A large amount of data cannot be manageable every time

The career path of a data scientist

Data science career path after 10th

  • Can opt for science stream in higher secondary
  • Concentrate on learning Python programming language along with Statistics and MySQL
  • Develop an interest in Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML)
  • Keep track of recent developments in AI and ML. Follow the companies depending upon AI on Social media.
  • Expose yourself to the world of AI. Keep writing the sample code

Data science career path after 12th

  • Many colleges are providing a Bachelor’s degree in Data Science and Analytics. Students can opt to study it or can take a degree with computer science as the main subject.
  • Strong statistical and mathematical skills will help you shine in the data science field. Practice them thoroughly
  • A degree in Statistics or Mathematics can also help you along with programming skills

Data science career path after graduation or a graduate degree in data science

  • Can choose masters science and analytics
  • Can choose a master’s degree in Mathematics/Statistics along with an online course in Python for Data Science or an online course in Hadoop or Big data.
  • Join the community of Data Scientists in Social media and be up to date with all the recent developments in the industry.
  • Know R Programming, its uses in data science. Study about managing Big Data with R Programming.
  • Learn about Data Visualization tools such as Tableau, Kibana, Qlikview, etc.
  • Go for some sample data science projects from to get hands-on experience.
  • Take up online certifications in Data Science

Students who complete Post graduation can go for Ph.D. programs in Data Science along with the courses mentioned above to be done after graduation. Students should be aware of the developments in the Data Science field and never stop learning even after their education is complete. To get promoted to the next level in this field, one should keep track of every small change in Data Science and its related fields.

Thus, the key to becoming one is with the equation:

Passion + knowledge + portfolio + luck + connections = a job in data science

Industries hiring data scientists

Since data drives the world as we know it, you can discover the data science profession in every industry. From deals to tech to advertising to new companies, analyzing patterns in data is the thing that keeps organizations afloat. Since organizations need to confront market trends and competitors, they should concentrate on the investigation to make steady upgrades. If you need a lifelong way with extreme employment development, data science is an ideal decision due to the appeal for the ability in various industry settings. The top occupation ventures that keep an open rotating employing entryway for data scientists include:

Finance/Sales/Business Consulting

Top consulting firms that deal with the finance, operations, and business development procedures of organizations and have an extraordinary requirement for data science ability. To give task proposals, management experts must survey the realities and make key bits of knowledge based on data. 


Tech mammoths like Google, Amazon, and Microsoft all have solid data analysis teams that are pivotal to the business. Each organization has over $85 billion in income, and they arrived with attention to data and customer analysis to consistently make enhancements. Clients keep running back, and tech organizations continue developing since they use data to make enormous business gains. 

Marketing or Communications

Marketing and communications firms all need to stay aware of traffic, customer engagement, and shopper patterns so as to best serve their customers. Data science is at the core of every marketing plan. Furthermore, to turn to the necessities of your particular crowd, you should keep a heartbeat on client information to assist settle on with stinging choices about what you're communicating. 


Regardless of whether it's life insurance, vehicle insurance, and home insurance – and so on data science experts are required. With the proper data analysis on your financial profile and market interest rates, you can advance on securing the best insurance plan. Without data analysis, we'd have no rules on how different shoppers would get the insurance they need. 

New businesses 

New businesses are popping up in each industry from Consumer Packaged Groups (CPG) to beauty, to healthcare, to fashion, auto, and much more. Each time a business visionary (or entrepreneur) chooses to bring new developments into a market, they need data to analyze competitors, customer trends, and business operations. Anybody can carry new plans to the world, yet fruitful and productive organizations flourish as a result of strategy and data.

Future growth of a data scientist

If you are the person who can deal with large data with the help of multiple subjects at the same time and can give output contingent upon data analysis, then a data scientist job is for you. According to LinkedIn, the biggest professional networking site, data science is the most prominent and promising career of the 4th industrial revolution. On average, a person may take seven years or more years to get established in the field of Data Science. This period can be shortened if the person has the required skills and is keen on learning new methods and technologies the job demands. When you are figuring out your career path, it's consistently a smart thought to find a way to understand what you're getting into. Here are a few hints while considering a profession in data science:  

  • Reach out to your network or search your LinkedIn contacts to check whether you know a data scientist. Ask them how they like their activity. Do they appreciate the everyday existence of data scientists? (CEO of Codegnan is himself an experienced data scientist! He has all the answers to all your queries. Keep it a secret!)
  • Do a Google scan for the most widely recognized data science work titles recorded previously. Do the job responsibility depictions make you need to apply? Would you be able to see yourself carrying out the responsibilities recorded? Look at work promotions in various enterprises and observe which ones you like. 
  • Request a call with Codegnan counsel. Lead an enlightening meeting to discover how our course is and if you'd be the correct fit. 

Data Science is a career path that will consistently exist. Why? Since up to an organization is running, they'll have to know why certain procedures are working and why some are most certainly not. Each time you think about a brand or organization, realize that data science was utilized somehow or another for them to keep activities running. If you need job stability, job development, and job satisfaction, it's a good thought to consider a career in data science. Allow us to help you find the right career path for you and let us give food to content your hunger for the right career in information technology.

Data science is the skill and technology that every industry is craving. Having a data science skillset in the current era means having a great demanding career option in your pocket. If you are also dreaming of becoming a data scientist then check Data Science training at Codegnan. We have trained hundreds of data scientists until now. 

The salary of a data scientist in India ranges from INR 365k per annum to 500k per annum.

Our data science training will help you master data science analytics skills through real-world projects in multiple domains like Big Data, Data Science, and Machine Learning.  The trending word of data science is waiting for you to be skilled.



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