JavaScript is a popular programming language that web developers mostly prefer to use. This course gives you a comprehensive knowledge of JavaScript and hands-on training in building websites and applications.

What this JavaScript course is about

Learning JavaScript can open doors to various tech careers, and web development comes to the top. This is somewhere a beginner-friendly language and can be a great starting point for anyone willing to start their career in coding. For career changers, acquiring JavaScript skills can help you get better opportunities. This JavaScript course is designed for beginners as well as professionals and includes interesting projects at the end of the program. 

You will learn the basics of JavaScript, including its variables, data types, conditional statements, loops, functions, and how to write JavaScript programs. At the advanced level, learners will know inheritance, class & objects, and server operations of JavaScript. Additionally, you will learn about HTML elements, DOM, ES6 concepts, and more. 

There are multiple tests and quizzes throughout the program that give you an opportunity to check your knowledge base. Finally at the end of the course you can work on two real-time projects under the mentorship of Codegnan professionals. Additionally, this course will give learners an opportunity to crack Microsoft Technology Associate Certification in JavaScript programming.

What you'll learn

  • Basic understanding of JavaScript, how to set the environment and create your first program
  • Knowledge of JavaScript variables, keywords, data types, and objects
  • Use of operators, control statements, and loops in JavaScript
  • Work on exception-handling techniques in JavaScript
  • Knowledge of multiple javascript functions, math functions, string functions
  • Understanding of HTML elements
  • Idea of ES6 Concepts (module, import & export, map & set, spread operator)
  • Hands-on training on multiple projects

What’s covered in this online JavaScript course

  1. Course Introduction, 2 Lessons, 1 Quiz
  2. Introduction to JavaScript, 2 Lessons, 0 Quizzes
  3. Variables, 1 Lesson, 1 Quiz
  4. Keywords, 1 Lesson, 1 Quiz
  5. Things to Know, 10 Lessons, 1 Quiz
  6. Scripts, 3 Lessons, 1 Quiz
  7. Data types, 8 Lessons, 1 Quiz
  8. Object, 6 Lessons, 1 Quiz
  9. Operators in JavaScript, 9 Lessons, 1 Quiz
  10. Control Statements, 4 Lessons, 1 Quiz
  11. Looping Statements, 3 Lessons, 1 Quiz
  12. Exception Handling, 1 Lesson, 1 Quiz
  13. Browser Object Model (BOM), 3 Lessons, 1 Quiz
  14. Functions, 4 Lessons, 1 Quiz
  15. Arrays, 6 Lessons, 1 Quiz
  16. Math Functions, 1 Lesson, 1 Quiz
  17. String Functions, 3 Lessons, 1 Quiz
  18. Understanding Date, 3 Lessons, 1 Quiz
  19. Understanding DOM, 3 Lessons, 1 Quiz
  20. Understanding HTML Elements, 4 Lessons, 1 Quiz
  21. Understanding HTML Events, 6 Lessons, 1 Quiz
  22. Understanding Regular Expressions, 7 Lessons, 1 Quiz
  23. for of, for in & for each loops in JavaScript, 1 Lesson, 1 Quiz
  24. ES6 Concepts, 10 Lessons, 1 Quiz
  25. Understanding this keyword, 1 Lesson, 1 Quiz
  26. Class & Object in JavaScript, 1 Lesson, 1 Quiz
  27. Inheritance in JavaScript, 1 Lesson, 1 Quiz
  28. Server Operations, 4 Lessons, 1 Quiz
  29. Create a Random Password using JavaScript, 2 Lessons, 0 Quizzes
  30. Project on creating a Character counter, 0 Lessons, 0 Quizzes
  31. Project on Building Weather Analysis, 4 Lessons, 1 Quiz

About the Trainer


Saketh Kallepu

Saketh Kallepu is the Co-founder and Chief Management Officer of Codegnan with a background of masters in computational intelligence from KL University. With 7+ years of experience in educating students and assisting seasoned employees in the software industry, Saketh is the right choice for the best JavaScript mentors. He has worked as a data science consultant in Andhra Pradesh State Skill Development Corporation and as a data engineer and Chief Operating Officer in SuBrains solutions Pvt. Ltd. before joining Codegnan.


There are no mandatory prerequisites for a Javascript programming language; having basic computer knowledge will do.  This course is specifically designed for all levels of learners. Therefore, even if you don’t have basic knowledge of JavaScript or any programming language, you can join the course. 

It takes 30+ days to complete this JavaScript course. However, it is a self-paced course so if you  can discipline yourself with daily learning and practice, you can finish up early. By devoting 1 hour every day into different modules of the program, you will be able to finish the course in perfect 30 days.

Yes, you will get a digital certificate after completing this online Javascript course. These certificates are shareable on social media platforms and professional networks that prove your abilities and knowledge of JavaScript.

This JavaScript course is designed for all learners at different skill levels. If you are a beginner or someone who wants to change career, you can enrol for the course and learn a basic introduction to core JavaScript that will help you land a job or take up an advanced JavaScript program.

Yes, there are 28 tests and quizzes throughout the program to test your knowledge improvement with JavaScript training. This is a self-guided course, so you won’t take any exams but finish the course, complete all quizzes, and work on the projects to win certificates.

Yes, this JavaScript learning will help you land a job for fresher roles, but the program doesn’t promise you 100% job placement. However, you can join the 100-days Job Accelerator Program of Codegnan that guarantees you job placements immediately after completing the course.

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